Watch_Dogs Comparison: Current Generation vs Next Generation Character Models

Watch_Dogs is going to be released soon. What about the comparison between current generation and next generation. We have got our hands on both versions footage so we decided to compare them both against each other.

During Sony’s Pre-TGS Presentation, we saw a new Watch_Dog trailer along with a cutscene at end. This trailer was definitely running on a PlayStation 3 as seen by the lower quality of the character models and the lower detail levels and lighting during that scene. Comparing it to PlayStation 4 version, there is a huge downgrade in quality.

There is another video from Gamespot, which shows the TGS 2013 gameplay demo of Watch_Dogs, but this time, it is running on PlayStation 4. So we have the oppurtunity to  analyze the same cutscene to have a general idea of the graphics downgrade from PS4 to PS3 version.

Keep in mind that the Gamespot footage seems to be off-camera and ceratainly not a direct capture. The contrast seems way off in the video. Still, it is a good measure to analyze the character models of current generation and next generation version. The current generation footage might be of lower quality but the difference in the character models is quite visible.

What do you think of this comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Sunzi_126746


  • CMB

    looks like they made the ps3 version look not as good as ps4 on purpose

    • Cliffton

      I’m sure it has nothing to do with running on seven year old hardware

      • CMB

        I have seen ps3 games that look way better than this. Old hardware or not watchdogs could look better on ps3

  • Dakan45

    You cant compare by offscreen footage but let me tell you something crysis 3 on cosnoles runs UNDER the lowest pc settings.

    Thats right crysis 3 on LOW looks better than the console version.

    Yet if you google a comparison of crysis 3 on low-medium-high-ultra, you gonna see very little details, thus dont expect to notice much of a diffirent when comparing one version to the other.

  • Kamille

    it can be darker because they are not limited by pre-baked lighting like current gen games. But this is not something you can appreciate through low quality pictures.

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    Xbox One number one!

    • Matt

      Number 3

      • Guest


        • Dakan45

          I love this guy, i dont know who you are but going around and saying sony lies and pauperstaion 4 is just awesome, indiestation 4 anyone?

  • Raffen Raffensen

    doesnt really matter as long as the game looks as fun as watching paint dry

  • TrustyPeasant

    Current is dusgusting quality

  • Jin

    both look like dog shit

    • mantas

      …then you must have a pretty decent looking dog.

  • Grirrn

    The future is dark…er

    • guest

      Just stupid to compare graphics on 7 year old current gen consoles PS3/X360 to the next gen PS4/XB1 consoles. Mind you, they have achieved miracles on current gen with the latest games such as Last of Us or GTA5.

  • bitchplease

    Shut the fuck up for the win.

  • Gabriel

    PC ftw