Watch_Dogs delay might greatly embarrass Ubisoft

Watch_Dogs was just delayed from November 2013 to Spring 2014. This Watch_Dogs delay might not be as embarrassing to Ubisoft had they not taken a shoot at Grand Theft Auto V in one of their official ad.

The official ad directly took a shoot at the fictional city of Los Santos from Grand Theft Auto V claiming that “_two months are enough to visit Lost Santos”. That was back when Watch_Dogs was supposed to be released in November. Now that it has hit with a delay, and a long one to boot, Ubisoft might be regretting putting up such an ad.


Watch_Dogs delay announcement was recently made in a official blog post by Ubisoft and is not limited to a single platform but almost all of them. This news is surprising since Ubisoft just released their Watch_Dogs PC specs, which were actually the final specs after the supposedly leaked ones. The specs recommended minimum 6 GB of RAM and a Quad Core CPU.

Maybe Ubisoft decided to focus on one AAA franchises at a time and hence they delayed Watch_Dogs to 2014 since Assassin’s Creed IV and Watch_Dogs were releasing dangerously close to each other and both were big AAA franchises for Ubisoft.

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  • smashbrolink

    I think the delay is a smart move.
    People keep yammering on about how its going to be “facing tough competition with the “big releases” of the PS4/XBone now that its delayed”, but you know what?
    I don’t think so.
    I mean, first off, what “big releases”?
    Kill Zone?
    Other sand-box/adventure and shooter games?
    Seriously, Watch Dogs looks to be one of the most unique games to have been conceptualized in a LONG while.
    I don’t care how pretty the graphics of those “next gen” games are; they’re being over-hyped.
    Watch Dogs has a unique gameplay style that makes it stand out among the crowd.
    None of the stuff coming to the early 2014 list for the PS4/XBone looks to even come close to matching its sheer, raw potential for new long-lasting and entertaining ways of playing.

    There’s a lot of gamers out there that think this game won’t be a contender by virtue of releasing alongside “next gen” titles.
    I think they’re being blinded by all the high-res sparkles they think they’re going to see during their system launches.
    Graphic whores need to take off the blinders and start caring less about specs.

  • John

    Might be? ANY delay is embarrassing, especially since they’ve been marketing this as ‘The Next Big Thing’!! I wasn’t convinced, and I still aren’t! I thought they were being FAR too ambitious with this game, and I turned out to be right!

    • I think it was more about releasing it on far too many platforms and then releasing it close to AC IV. It is kind of a combination of both.

      • john

        Yes Khurram – that’s called ‘being too ambitious’!

  • NL37

    Yeah, i didnt think about how close they were releasing, i can defenitly see the reasoning,
    but this begs the question, why did they go for that date at all, if they knew they were going to release one in this season anyway…? Oh well, more time for creed

  • Joe

    Yes, I’m sure that being ’embarrassed’ by an old ad is the greatest of their concerns at the moment.

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