The Witcher 3: Funny physics, bugs & glitches

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is finally out and in the hands of gamers, and early impressions suggest that the game comes packed with its fair share of bugs and glitches, some of which can be unexpectedly hilarious. What’s interesting to note is that these glitches persist even after the game is updated via the day 1 patch.

One particular glitch results in the game getting stuck on the loading screen right after the cinematic intro. Another one randomly boots you out of the game without any prior notice. You’d probably consider yourself lucky if you managed to make a save before something like this happens. Thankfully, The Witcher 3’s checkpoints are quite generous, and you shouldn’t have to cry over your lost progress.

Other issues include glitches that pop up during The Witcher 3’s in-game card game known as Gwent as well as a bug that hinders your progress during the tutorial section. Here’s a look at the latter in action:

Not all of the bugs are annoying, however. Some can be rather amusing, such as the cloth physics extravaganza seen below:

If that wasn’t entertaining enough, here’s one that sees Geralt knocking it out of the park, literally!

We’re certainly hopeful that some, if not all, of The Witcher 3’s technical hiccups can be sorted out as soon as possible, so that gamers can enjoy the game without any sort of compromise. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • Dazmundo

    It is clear that the console versions of this game were not properly considered. The text is tiny at normal TV viewing distance and there is red text on a black background that is totally illegible at a reasonable distance. Combat is extremely bad, especially with multiple mobs. Only one spell can be bound, which makes it very awkward to use another spell in the middle of combat. The difficulty on Death March is ludicrous. Mobs do not give experience if killed outside of a quest making it impossible to level up by farming. So far every single mission has been above my level but there are no missions to level up with. I’ve had numerous crashes and freezes. The lack of pronouns at the beginning of sentences is just amateur. Overall my experience has been extremely poor given the stellar reviews. Even the gamma calibration screen is broken.

    • Nick Fitz

      I have heard of a few crashing issues on PC, but your whole statement is just you whining that your not good enough at the game…. oh- and grammar and gamma issues…

      • Dazmundo

        Now who’s whining? Child!

        • Nick Fitz

          Well, clearly you are.

  • Greg Nahay

    How does a game with such high reviews be absolutely unplayable on release? Ive spent 6 hours trying to get past the infinite loading screen at the beginning on my ps4 to no avail. Reviewers should only give a game a final review score when they have the final product in their hand not some tweaked reviewers copy that bears no resemblance to the final product. This game is a 0 not a 10.

    • Gaikai

      People love it because it’s made by CDPR, at this point it wouldn’t matter even if the game disc would eject itself out of your console/pc right into your wall and shatter into hungreds of pieces because this isn’t EA or Ubisoft so it’s okay, gamers are hypocrites and sometimes I’m ashamed to call myself a gamer

      • Chiching

        You should be ashmed of yourself, utter these blasphemies about the best gaming company around…

      • Sharkattack111

        Gaikai hit the nail on it’s head. 10 our 10 in Gamespot? It’s an engaging and a beautiful game, no doubt about it, but the amount of hypocrisy here is astounding – an ‘Open World’ game with invisible walls that literally tell you that you’ve reached the end of the world and demand that you’ll go back? An ‘Open World’ made out of separate map sections (which aren’t even that big)? Even the Far Cry series is more open world than The Witcher 3. Then there are the bugs, oh the bugs – glitches, multiple crashes, game-breaking (Ciri just went into an endless loop of jumping over and over -_- ) and the game mechanics are not perfect either – the alternate signs are so bad, holding a button to cast something mid combat is a suicide in this game, and what’s with the amount of trash you have to pick up? The game doesn’t ask you specifically to do it like in Dragon Age: Inquisition, but you better be picking everything that isn’t bolted down or you’ll be sorry later on. The list goes on and on, and I’ve only so much time to rant about it.

        In short, this is NOT a 10 out of 10 game. Other companies would have been thoroughly thrashed, and rightfully so, if they would release something like this. Again, it’s a great game, the politics and intrigue are amazing and the dialogue choices are fun and actually matter, but milder stuff that Bethesda, Bioware, EA and Ubisoft were flogged for gets a full pass here, and that’s a very bad thing for the game-reviewing community. A game review is subjective, true, as is fans’ opinion, but this amount of bias negates many reviews and gamers’ opinion as moot, and that’s a dangerous slope.

    • the_subi

      your hdd or i dont even know what you are using in that ps4 is probably broken. i have no problem.

    • Matt Turner

      just unplug power from console leave for 2 mins then start again ive had it once same issue and ive still played around 18 hours of the game and that happened once to me great game deserves every 9/10 and score of 10 it gets

    • Popeye

      Should’ve bought an Xbox

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