The Witcher 3: How To Get Fool’s Gold Quest DLC And Ballad Heroes Gwent Card Set DLC

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt latest set of DLCs can now be downloaded on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This includes a new quest called “Fool’s Gold” and a new card set for the Gwent mini-game. If you have downloaded these DLCs and want to utilize them in the game, you can check out this guide covering both of them.

For more details about the DLC including their screenshots and download links, you can check out our article covering them from here.

Fool’s Gold DLC Quest:

This new quest can be triggered in the village of Lurtch in Velen east of Lindenvale. It is a Level 10 quest. You can check out its location in the map below.


Ballad Heroes Gwent Card Set:

While the DLC description might make it sound like they are a new card set, in reality, they are just a re-skin for some of the existing neutral card set. You can activate the alternative look for these cards from Options -> Downloadable Content, just like with the Alternative Look for Yennefer DLC.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Calummac1993

    Hey the games a masterpiece in my eyes

  • leonairxxx

    i’m at level 44. i haven’t found an armor set that scales at that level, except for armor pieces. I’m runnin out of ? to look for. Most of the side quests and treasure quests are done for me now. Guess i’ll be getting that expansion pass.

  • spideynut71

    All of the free DLC is pointless, if they don’t make it scale with your character level. The game has been out for 3 weeks….if you aren’t way past level 10, you likely hated the game, or just bought it yesterday. I’m level 37, and have completed the entire game, save the gwent-related stuff (which I have no interest in). The “Missing Miners” DLC quest wasn’t even worth the time it took to download. I already had a FT marker for the location of the quest, had already looted everything in that area, and I completed the quest in less than 5 minutes.

    • zach

      Im actually only level 12. I have only been able to play about 2 hours a day and am kind of a completionest. If you don’t want the dlc then fine. No one is making you play it, but why complain when its free.

    • Jenny Tull

      How did you get to level 37? Do you have any suggestions on how to get more xp? I am level 32 and am a little tapped out on any xp opportunities..

      • spideynut71

        By playing the game? I’ve literally done everything that is possible, aside from the gwent-related side missions. Every “?”, every “!”, located every weapon and armor diagram, won every stupid horse race….137 hrs played. I did defeat several monsters that were way above my level, so that might have helped…not sure. I know I defeated the first gargoyle I came across, in a hidden treasure room deep in a cave, and it was like level 32, and I was like level 20. Same for the first Cockatrice and Elementals I encountered. I never ran from a fight, unless I knew it was impossible. I’d just keep reloading my save until I killed the damn thing, lol.

        • Killjoy95590

          You people! You PEOPLE! your type …. youuuuuuu! Are the reason why game developers have skewed the real idea of what DLC was in the first place. DLC isn’t supposed to be HUGE and add new zones and hours of content, thats not a fucking DLC that’s an expansion to the game … DLC is supposed to be just a little addition to the game which is exactly what CDprojekt is doing! The expansion is coming and then you’ll get you extra 10-20 (probably 2 in your case because the ‘stupid’ horse racing, gwent and -god knows what else- that you don’t find fun is supposed to be filler so you dont rush through to the end ) hours suited to you level “who gives a fuck”. Please stick to those first person shooters if you don’t like enriching games with story ( no matter how pointless the means of enriching the story is )!

          • What do FPS have to do with his comment? He strong arm played the game, that is all. People play games at different paces and at different skill levels. Why post the hate? I am pretty sure also that people like him have nothing to do with why the term DLC is skewed when it comes to games.

          • spideynut71

            He’s an idiot…just leave it at that, and ignore him. He obviously didn’t read that I have 137 hrs invested in TW3 already….I didn’t rush through it AT ALL.

    • Robby Martyr

      The hell? You play the game like 10 hours a day or something? I have played the game almost every day since the 23rd, am sitting at like 50 hours & still haven’t done anything of any real relevance in the game. Just now reached lvl. 16 actually. I have done a few story quests, a decent enough amount of side quests & explored quite a bit but still have a massive part of the map to explore & quests for days.

      • spideynut71

        I’m retired, and work part-time from home now buying/selling on ebay for “play $$”. My wife has been working 3rd shift a lot lately, covering for people on vacations, since she’s one of the few who is trained on that shift (she’s a hospital pharmacist). So, I’ve literally spent all of my free time playing TW3:WH since I picked up my copy @ midnight May 18th. I’ve had 2 weekends, @ about 35 hrs each, and at least 6 hrs/night on Monday-Thurs. When it comes to open world games, I tend to get lost in them, and can dump tons of hours into them in no time….and usually replay them, + all DLC, a few times. I’ve played through Fallout 3 and F:NV…incl. all DLC…3x each (once on 360, and 2x on PC), and TES Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim the same way. I easily have well over 1000 hrs invested in each of those franchises alone. I’ve done ths same for Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, Farcry 2, 3, and 4, as well as GTA 4 & 5, and Just Cause 2. If it’s an openworld game, I play the crap out of it….and then some.

        • Alan Hartman

          Which proves that you are not the voice of everyone, and shows that your situation is too unique for your opinion about free DLC to be relevant to anyone else.

          And I guess you totally missed that they are actually working on big, paid expansions for you to play. The free DLC is just some extra stuff which they don’t put as much effort in as they do in expansions, which frankly is the way it should go. There is literally no reason to compain about the free stuff you’re getting now. In fact, I’m happy when I get this new stuff, because I DO still have the chance to wear everything they are selling. Not everyone gets to play the entire game in 3 weeks. I have the game since release date and with an hour of gameplay per day with a fulltime job these items are just around my level.

          • spideynut71

            I pre-paid for the season pass when I pre-ordered the game, you presumptuous ass. My point that the content should scale to ALL player levels still stands, and is 100% valid AND “relevant”.

          • Alan Hartman

            Except that you don’t get to demand anything about what happens with free DLC. You complain about it and ask for more, while that isn’t really something you can do. Outside of your negative opinion about this DLC there are so many more people that are positive towards this kind of DLC, yet you act like this DLC is the worst thing in the world. Just because you don’t like it, doesn’t mean other people shouldn’t enjoy it.

            Also, try not to call people an ass just because you don’t share the same opinion. That just makes you sound immature.

          • Kyle Fulton

            No, it isn’t. Demanding that the game function the way you specifically want it to is never valid. It’s entitled simpering, plain and simple.The game doesn’t scale along with the player at all. That’s just how it is. You can try to do a level 29 quest at level 5, if you want. You can wander into more powerful monsters than you’re equipped to handle. You can manage to miss certain quests. It’s designed to give a feeling of a real world instead of one where you’re magically equipped to handle every situation you encounter exactly as you encounter it – which makes perfect sense for a game based on a character who’s all about preparation. What you are doing, sir, is bitching and moaning about a FREE DLC that CDPR was in no way obligated to give you. You’re whining over a gift, and being downright rude about it to boot. Being retired, one would think you’re old enough to know better.

    • vapidwolf1

      I bought it at launch and only just level 12,you’ve probably got more time on your hands than a lot of people jobs,kids etc I personally think the dlc is perfectly balanced,don’t criticise cdpr because they seem to have catered for people with lives.