The Witcher 3 : How To Get Ursine Armor Set And Ursine Swords, Location, Diagram And Stats

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has a variety of gear and one of them is the Ursine Armor Set. This is a great armor that can be located by doing one of the optional sidequest. This guide covers its location, stats and diagrams, in addition to covering the Mastercrated Ursine Armor Set and Ursine Swords.

Basic Ursine Armor Set Location

If you want to locate the basic Ursine Armor Set, you need head to Skellige, main island. Head to the Southern most town in the center of the Island, which should be abandoned. You will be able to spot a Harpy’s Nest and near that is a burned down building. You can blast its debris away to fight two spectres, who are guarding some loot chests. These chests start the Ursine Armor Set quest.

Mastercrafted Ursine Armor Set And Ursine Swords Location

The Ursine Armor Set and the Ursine Swords can be located in Velen, No Man’s Land. Keep in mind that you need to be atleast Level 30+ to use them. You can check out their location on the maps below, courtesy of reddit user BioVenom_Johnny.

Mastercrafted Ursine Armor Set

witcher3-ursine-armor-swords-loc (3)


Mastercrafted Ursine Armor Set Stats

witcher3-armor-swords-stats (2) witcher3-armor-swords-stats (3) witcher3-armor-swords-stats (4)

Mastercrafted Ursine Steel Sword

witcher3-ursine-armor-swords-loc (1)

Mastercrafted Ursine Steel Sword Stats

witcher3-armor-swords-stats (5)

Mastercrafted Ursine Silver Sword

witcher3-ursine-armor-swords-loc (2)


Mastercrafted Ursine Silver Sword Stats

witcher3-armor-swords-stats (1)


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now out on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Ankit Gardi

    where to get the components of MastercraftedUrsine
    Silver Sword.. ???? the three components the are in upper right side in last three upgrades…

  • Partikkel

    The guide is definitely inaccurate for the Basic Ursine Armor (not sure about the others, as I’m not wasting my time here anymore). The diagrams are NOT on the main island of Skellige – they are on a small island off the NORTHERN coast of the main island, where Urialla Harbor is located.

    To make this easy: Put your cursor on the Redgill fast travel location, now move it in a straight line NORTH. Your cursor will land on the WESTERN edge of the island you are looking for (it will be the first land mass you encounter if you go exactly straight up from the Redgill TP).

    • David Wagner

      To contribute to what Partikkel says, here specifically is the location of the armor. If you take the “Trail to Yngvar’s Fang” you’ll find what you may recognize to be an abandoned Witcher school. If you go to the basement, open the cages, then drop through the hole in one to go through the caves back up to the main room of the Witcher school you will find the chest containing the ursine armor in a corner.

      As a side note, it’s pretty silly that the writer of this article clearly did absolutely no fact-checking before publishing it.

      • Robert Charles

        Followed comments intructions after stuffing around trying to find basic set, they worked perfectly, thanks.

    • Princess Brononoke

      I found the basic ursine/bear school armour diagram but it’s not showing up in my crafting section? I want to create the mastercraft ursine armour and i have the diagrams for all of the others but i need the basic to craft the enhanced, to craft the mastercraft :/

  • ImSooSwayze

    I made all the Mastercrafted armor pieces, but my appearance doesn’t change. I still look like i’m level 0.

    • Orkhan Nasirov

      in options u might have choosen “additional equipment – off/on”

      • ImSooSwayze

        I found out that they made the armor look diffrent than the concept armor they showed last year, the Bear armor had fur around the collar and the in game armor doesn’t.

  • O boy! its really helpful man!