The Witcher 3 Guide: How To Get Nilfgaardian Armor Set DLC, Location And Stats

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt latest set of free DLCs are now available on Steam and GOG Galaxy for those who own a PC version of the game. The PS4 and Xbox One version have still haven’t been released yet. If you want to find this armor and and crossbow set in the game, you can check out this guide.

How to get Nilfgaardian Armor Set

First you need to download the DLC for Nilfgaardian Armor Set, you can grab it from Steam from here.

To buy this armor set, you have to get them from Quartermaster at Crow’s perch (Velen).


You will get the following items from him after downloading and installing the DLC.

  • Nilfgaardian Armor
  • Nilfgaardian Trousers
  • Nilfgaardian Gauntlets
  • Nilfgaardian Boots

The stats of Nilfgaardian Armor Set can be seen in the screenshots below.

witcher3-nilfgaardian-armor-stats1 witcher3-nilfgaardian-armor-stats2 witcher3-nilfgaardian-armor-stats3 witcher3-nilfgaardian-armor-stats4

If you want to read about the Elite Crossbow Set DLC and where to locate it, you can check out our guide from here. If you are curious about next week’s free DLCs, they are apparently leaked ahead of official announcement. You can check them out from here.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now out on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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  • Thumper ‘biggins’ Durrett

    just bought this for xbox one, im not seeing any new items or anything.. do i need to enter a code or is it automatic?

    • RoonesMickey

      Gotta download them from Xbox store.. Install.. And then find the merchant that sells these, then buy them.

  • Mark

    waiting for that DLC… come on… console lovers want it

  • aegontargaryen

    at level 36, if you have not yet bought the temerian armor it will have a min level of 29 and higher stats.

    if i get to level 50+ what will the min level for this nilfgaardian set?

  • stelluhreyes

    the chances of this armor being worth it to anyone playing at the time of its release are very very low, its pretty lame actually, last armor set was too low for me as well i know its free, but whats the point? im level 17 and its set for level 10

    • aegontargaryen

      wait until you are higher level before buying it, it will scale up to a max.

      with the temerian armor set, it was available at level 1 or 2 item,
      but if you were level 30+ then you go to that merchant to buy it it will be a min level 29 item

      • Dukkati .

        Really? Because I just installed the DLC with a level 35 character and it was still level 1 armour for me.

        • xkingxnitemare

          yeah same for me. level 31 and the new set is still level 10 80 stat

      • stelluhreyes

        thank you for the tip on that very very helpful, wish it would efault upwards if you buy it too early so you can look forward to it instead of have it being useless

  • Celeb von Celebrus

    and the level needed to equip it?

    • Celeb von Celebrus

      ok, when in full screen, I can see Level 10

  • Derrick Ott

    It would be nice if they made it possible to upgrade the horse gear because my gear is way better but look like crap.

    • Aria C

      you upgrade horse gear by doing races 🙂

    • Dukkati .

      Yeah do the horse racing and side quests that go with it, you’ll get the best gear that looks better than the cheaper stuff.

  • moseyo tam

    waiting for the WILD HUNT armor instead. be like them wild hunt cool.

  • xkingxnitemare

    some of these pieces are nice. just a shame they dont make them endgame stat worthy. no point in even wasting the crowns.

    • Shifted

      I’m done with the main story and just cleaning up the map now and the set is level 35-37 for me.
      Using some of the pieces since they’re better than my master witcher armor.

      Perhaps a hint for a newgame+ that’s being rumored.

  • Mike G

    I hope you’re going to buy up all those Gwent cards… 🙂

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