The Witcher 3 Patch 1.05 For PC and Patch 1.04 For PS4 Out Now, Changelog Revealed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.05 is now live on the PC for Steam and GOG Galaxy users. The patch is about 248.4 MB in size and contains the fix for the XP bug that rendered player’s progress useless by giving them no experience points after completing quests.

If you have The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on Steam, the latest patch should have started downloading automatically on PC. If you want to manually download it, you can check out the link below.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Patch 1.05

PS4 users should also be able to download the latest update on their PS4. It is about 505 MB in size. The changelog details the fix for the XP bug in addition to the fix for Pyres of Novigrad quest.

Full patch notes can be read below.

witcher3-patch1.04 changelog

witcher3-patch1.04 changelog2

Patch notes for the PC version can be read below and they are mostly the same as PS4 with minor changes related to PC version.

Geralt will not longer interact with candles near chests and other interactive elements.
General stability and performance improvements
Significantly Enlarged GUI and HUD elements (including fonts) on consoles and slightly on PC.
Improved camera smoothness
Performance improvements during some cutscenes.
Fixed case where game was crashing on loading a save in certain situations
Various bug fixes and user experience improvements in GUI panels.
Fixed issue where some players were unable to run after Wandering in the Dark quest
Fixed issue where players were unable to talk to Eight after the Lord of Undvik quest
Too many wild hunt minions were spawned during Ciri’s Story: Fleeing the Bog quest.
Fixed issue where Keira could sometimes fall under terrain during Wandering in the Dark quest
Fixed issue where Player was unable to move freely during Blindingly Obvious quest
Fixed issue where Player was unable to activate portal during Wandering in the Dark quest
Fixed issue where Player could get trapped in Turseach castle ruins
Fixed issue where Roche was not present at Hanged Man’s tree during Eye for an Eye quest
Fixed issue where Player was unable to talk or interact with certain NPCs
Fixed issue where Sirens in quest Lord of Undvik could be invulnerable.
Fixed issue where player was unable to use certain actions after Carnal Sins quest
Fixed issue where Geralt was sometimes unable to mount Roach
Fixed issue where some players where experiencing infinite loading screen during King’s Gambit quest.
Fixed issue where Simun was not properly spawned in An Unpaid Debt quest
Fixed issue where player might have had a progression break after choosing certain dialogue option when talking to Dijkstra in Count Reuven’s Treasure quest
The Pyres of Novigrad quest is of course going to be fixed as well as the XP glitch.

Keep in mind that this patch doesn’t require any of the previous updates on PC and you can go straight from 1.02 to 1.05 with this patch.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Let us know if you have updated to this latest patch in the comments below.

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  • Dirkster_Dude

    I have an XB1 and what I thought was real fun (yes, saracasm) was the can’t save because of the XB1s quick power on feature. You could go for hours before realizing none of your progress was being saved either manually or automatically at certain checkpoints. Really irritating. Fortunately, there is a workaround for those who have encountered this bug. If you the quick power on feature — After stopping make sure you exit to the Witcher 3 main menu. Any saves should be fine after that. If you don’t and the quick power on feature is active it can corrupt ALL your saves -not- just your last one. This is now a an acknowledged problem and they are working on a fix.

  • Tan Saloma

    But the r3 version :((

  • Jonathan

    Game has gone pop in crazy since 1.03.

    • Over

      They’re downgrading further, to improve performance.

  • кєη кєηєкι

    They fixed infinite exp and money exploit, great now how will I make more saves without putting in 100+ hours

  • Torbold

    PS4 patch does improve the performance and fast travel load times. But amount of popups became really annoying…

  • Ryan DeMont

    Fixed an issue where some players were not crashing every 15 minutes. You should now crash more frequently than before

  • Batnut1992

    Thank….GOD! No more setting candles ablaze when all I want is whats in the dang chest.

  • Ricoh123

    Good to see the ps4 frame rate finally catch up to the xb1 version !!

    • andy

      Good to see Xbone still never catch up to PS4 after a year and a half with its inferior 17% less resolution than the PS4 version. But THAT makes no difference and is ignorant to even mention compared to 0.5 of an fps right?

      • Cody

        Calm down fanboys.

        • Guest

          Calm down pretend-not-to-be fanboy.

          • kbozz71

            lol, you told him….not.

      • Guest

        And its not a 17% less resolution its a 44% less res. The PS4 version is literally drawing 44% more pixels per second.

      • Nathan

        The game looks the exact same on ps4 and xbox one with the xbox one carrying a superior frame rate…but whatever you need to tell yourself to sleep at night Mr. Insecure fanboy.

        • andy

          Did you just completely ignore what I said about the resolution? How can it be the same then? YOU are clearly the insecure fanboy mate.

          Oh and DON’T be worried that Xbone couldn’t get to 1080p on Mortal Kombat X, an ancient Unreal 3 engine game. Don’t let that be utter alarm bells that should be going off in your head right now that something ain’t right with your precious perfect console. Don’t ponder how ACTUAL next gen games are going to perform on the console like Unreal 4 engine games. Just continue to tell yourself to keep calm or what ever it is you have told yourself already.

          PS4 achieved standard, for this gen, 1080p on a game yet again. That is all there is to say here. Hopefully they fix that weird double buffering issue. I won’t be touching it until they do.

          • Nathan

            Because they designed the game for parity across both consoles. I have a friend with a ps4 and they literally look identical, with the ps4 having more stuttering frame rate issues. Therefore, considering they look the exact same and the xbox one has a better frame rate it was quite easy to ignore your comment about resolution.

            If the Ps4’s resoution differential actually showed a difference I would say your point is valid. Only a few games have showed their true colors with the lower resolution…Cod Ghosts being one, because you can tell a difference between 1080p and 720p. But there are such insignificant differences between well optimized games with 900p resolution and 1080p resolution. Even if you do get an extra shader or texture here and there, is it honestly as big of a deal that you’re trying to make it out to be? Good for you for having that extra bush on gta 5, i’m sure that changes your experience entirely!

            Honestly, I dont even post in these blogs but I felt a need to your comment because it is just so god damn pretentious and naive…when the game is the exact same looking on both consoles, the only thing it comes down to is gameplay and frame rate. So is the gameplay ibetter on the xbox one because it carries a steady frame rate? . I’m not going to tell someone to purchase an xbox one just because it runs 5 fps better than the ps4. You know damn well the consoles are not that much different, grow up and enjoy your games instead of feeling the need to defend your naive thought process…

          • Ross Luxton

            You’re all wankers! Good night!

        • Halosheep

          These arguments are so cute…
          PC max settings, high resolution, and over 60 FPS all day.

    • Guest

      Now how long before the X1’s resolution catches up to the PS4 !!

  • Paul Daigle

    I just installed patch on PC and one thing i noticed right away is Camera Movement is smmoooooothhhhh!!! now.

    • Guest


  • cleatsz

    I’m updating using the Galaxy client (GOG), from v1.04 to v1.05 and the downloaded file shows 553MB. A quick glance at the “Get backup and extras” page shows a 1.02 – 1.05 file size of 283 MB.

    • Jacob Spangler

      Yeah. Same here, but it finished with the bar about halfway, so I don’t know where that 553MB comes from. Perhaps that’s if you aren’t updated to 1.04.

    • Brandon

      It because the site is showing you the compressed size for the standalone installer. Galaxy lacks compression right now, but it will eventually be added…