The Witcher 3 Patch 1.07 To Be Released Next Week For PS4, Xbox One and PC

CD Project Red has revealed the release timing of the latest patch for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. As most might have expected, it is not being released this week. Since CD Project Red are planning to release the patch simultaneously for PC, PS4 and Xbox One, there won’t be a new patch on any platform until next week.

This news was delivered by the official The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt account on Twitter. Check out the tweet below.

Update: The original tweet has now been deleted. You can check out a screenshot of the original tweet below.



CD Project Red’s Community Lead,  Marcin Momot also confirmed that this update won’t be releasing this week. They only confirmed the full changelog for this week, and not the actual update. You can check out his tweet below.


You can read more about this latest update including its changelog from here. This is a major update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt which is going to have some noticeable additions including the ability to change the movement of Geralt and some tweaks to the Inventory.

witcher 3-patch107

In case you were looking for the free DLC this week, there isn’t going to be one. We did get an Alternative Look for Ciri DLC on Xbox One and PS4, but it was confirmed to be an early release and CD Project Red has advised against downloading it since it can cause potential bugs in the game.

Update: Full patch notes released.

Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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  • Seth Quillet

    PC Insecure Race strikes again! Mind you I am playing it on a PC but my god you poor sad bastards.
    “I paid more for my GPU than a PS4 and it went from 60FPS to 59.9999999999999999999999999999FPS for less than a microsecond! Damn consoles must be why this happened! I demand a refund! And all new DLC made just for me. And the company fly to my house and apologize to me in person before killing themselves! I timed it and it took 1.3 seconds instead of 1.001 seconds to load some thing! I demand they fix this!!!! OMG something happened that happens because it is common to happen when playing a game on Ultra settings! Consoles must be to blame for this! I didn’t spend more on this computer than a car so I would have to deal with one time where a face on a character halfway across town took a whole 3 seconds to load!”

    So sad. I play on Ultra except for the hair. I have that turned off. Everything else maxed out though and if, gasp, it does drop to 59.99999999999999999999999999999999999999FPS for a fraction of a nanosecond, I’m not coming on here crying like a little bitch about it.

  • Fusion_Pirate

    How about fixing the utterly broken counter for Total Play Time, CDPR?

  • Pitt90

    Annoying…highly. No, it’s not going to effect the fate of the Earth, but I’ve been waiting all week to start a replay in the anticipation it would be released this week. They may be awesome at providing DLC for their fans, but they’re pretty crappy about communicating expectations to them…

  • Jason Mounce

    I had thought I downloaded the 1.07 patch as Steam allowed me to download a 2GB file yesterday and I was confused as to what it was :l Still in 1.06 though.

  • Xbloodwhipx

    Fucking excellent, they couldnt of told us that at the beginning of the week? Im pretty sure they knew, making us think it was going to be released this week… FFS, ive been waiting all week for nothing.

    • Olivier Doyon-Karout

      same here

    • Dynasty2021

      I havent played in almost a month according to GoG, and have almost 20 hours.

      Too many things were annoying me about the game. Insane pop-in (thanks consoles), poor performance (thanks consoles), rubbish inventory (thanks consoles) that SCREAMS consoles, no storage, Roach’s AI,

      But the loot was infuriating me no end. A level 15+ quest gives a level 9 sword? ***k off CDPR, what a joke.

      99% of the game’s loot is pointless in the world, as after level 10 money is easy to obtain, Witcher gear makes ALL OTHER GEAR IN THE GAME COMPLETELY POINTLESS, and any flowers you need you can just buy.

      All those flowers on the map are pointless. All the gear on the question mark points are pointless.

      Such an open world with NO REASON to explore, gear-wise. Come on.

      • Seavers

        I bet you are real fun at parties.

      • Xbloodwhipx

        The real problem for me is the damned STUTTER. Im going to pull my hair out if this doesnt fix it lmfao.

        I cant run as gerald with stutter every 3 steps. So annoying after awhile

        • Ninjaheman

          I was having a stuttering issue until I went into Nvidia control panel and turned down maximum pre-rendered frames to 1. Not sure if that will fix your issue but it did for me and I’m aware of a few others it fixed stuttering for so I figured I’d share.

  • William Fenton

    I bet there’s absolutely no reason why they can’t release the PC patch now. Just forcing us to wait for no reason, maybe just rubbing it in the face of PC gamers in the wake of the Arkham Knight debacle.

    • Benjamin

      Oh shut up

      • William Fenton

        Silence you pointless squit.

        • Benjamin

          Obvious troll is obvious. Unless you genuinely believe what you said. In which case you’re a stupid cunt.

    • Berserker66666

      The reason why there’s simultaneous patch release is cause of “Patching Parity”. Since console peasants bitch and moan about PCs getting the patch first, leaving the peasants in the dust for weeks, Microsoft and Sony stepped up and told CDPR to release the patch simultaneously. Before that, they slapped CDPR with graphics parity aka downgraded graphics on PC cause the same peasants that bitches and moans about console patches would’ve done the same if PC graphics were vastly superior like those E3 trailers. Consoles are screwing with next gen graphical innovation cause they made potato consoles and are justifying people’s console purchase with these kinds of parities and downgrades.

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