The Witcher 3 Patch 1.22 Changelog Revealed, Out Today On PC

CD Project Red has released the full changelog for the latest update for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. This update addresses a whole new set of bugs that were discovered after the release of the latest expansion, Blood and Wine.

The Witcher 3’s Patch 1.22 will be released today on June 15th for PC and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One at a later date. You can read the full changelog below.

  • Fixes issue whereby Corvo Bianco upgrades would not complete if players left Toussaint while an upgrade was in progress.
  • Fixes issue whereby Roach would not move during the quest “The Warble of a SmittenKnight.”
  • Fixes an issue whereby camera hard lock could not be enabled following completion of the quest “The Warble of a Smitten Knight.”
  • Fixes issue involving incorrect progression of the “Wine Wars: Vermentino” quest if player had completed all “Wine Wars: Belgaard” tasks previously.
  • Fixes issue whereby the “Envoys, Wineboys” quest would not progress correction under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes issue whereby mutagen icons were not updated on Steam and Origin.
  • Fixes additional instances of issue whereby interaction was sometimes missing from chests containing loot in the quest “Scavenger Hunt: Wolf School Gear” in Kaer Morhen.
  • Fixes issue whereby some NPCs could not spawn after the completion of Blood and Wine.
  • Adds Dark Iron Plate diagram to the crafting list.
  • Fixes issue whereby upscaled levels of selected enemies would not be calculated correctly.
  • Fixes issue whereby negative experience points were sometimes displayed if progress had been initially started in version 1.0.
  • Fixes issue whereby a golem guarding treasure located between Bowdon and Brunwich could prove invulnerable.
  • Fixes issue whereby Bandit Camp near Kilkerinn Ruins could not be marked as cleared.
  • Fixes issue whereby Roach’s tail could vanish.
  • Fixes issue whereby some enemies’ upscaled level would be improperly displayed as too high.
  • Fixes issue whereby it was possible to permanently lose swords in Gravity Cave.
  • Fixes issue whereby an improperly high amount of experience could be required to level up above level 96.
  • Corrects Blood and Wine and Hearts of Stone credits.
  • Fixes issue whereby it was impossible to obtain the gwent leader card “Francesca Findabair: The Beautiful” after finishing the main story.
  • Fixes the issue whereby the corpse of Golyat had corrupted visuals.
  • Introduces tweaks and improvements to the inventory system.
  • Fixes issue whereby picking up only one piece of dirty cloth at a time during the “Burlap is the New Stripe” quest could block progress.
  • Fixes issue whereby borders established during the “Night of Long Fangs” quest would sometimes exist after completing the quest, preventing users from exploring Toussaint.
  • Fixes issue whereby sword sound effects when Eredin was hit could be muted.
  • Fixes issue whereby some streamed audio assets could not be played.
  • Fixes issue whereby The Wicked Witch could be rendered invincible.
  • Fixes issue whereby Majordomo could refuse to move in to Corvo Bianco.
  • Fixes issue whereby the “Contract: Bovine Blues” quest did not progress correctly if the “Big Feet to Fill” quest had not been completed.
  • Fixes rare issue whereby the “Be it Ever So Humble” quest did not progress correctly.
  • Fixes issue whereby the “empress” ending would not trigger under certain circumstances.
  • Fixes issue whereby Legendary Feline Silver Sword was one one of the ingredients required to craft Grandmaster Legendary Griffin Steel Sword.
  • Fixes issue whereby diagrams required to progress in the “From Ofier’s Distant Shores” quest could not be looted from a chest.
  • Fixes issue whereby Aerondight acquired in New Game Plus mode would not scale to Geralt’s level.
  • Fixes issue whereby extra ability slots would not unlock correctly while researching
  • Fixes issue whereby pressing ‘O’ would add an unlimited number of Decoy gwent cards.
  • Fixes interaction with noticeboard near the Little Flint Girl.
  • Fixes possible exploit enabling unwarranted gains in experience points during “The Path of Warriors” quest.
  • Fixes issue whereby the player was sometimes unable to progress in the “Gwent: Never Fear, Skellige’s Here” quest.
  • Fixes issue causing infinite loading screen after leaving portal in the “Turn and Face the
    Strange” quest.
  • Fixes issue whereby one of Geralt’s hairdos could be more visible than it should when using Feline Grandmaster chest armor.
  • Fixes issue whereby Viper Armor could change color to red when displayed on armor stand in Corvo Bianco
  • Fixes issue whereby the collar of one of the armors was red.
  • Fixes issue whereby Marlene would be unable to engage in conversation.
  • Fixes issue whereby Oriana’s guard could become translucent during the “Night of Long Fangs” quest.
  • Adds display of food or drink vitality regeneration amount.
  • An art dealer sets up shop near Lazare Lafargue’s Workshop in Beauclair.
  • Fixes issue whereby access to the Alchemy Table could be blocked.
  • Fixes issue whereby stamina would regenerate at a larger rate than it should after starting a new game.
  • Fixes issue whereby players could knock down horses.
  • Fixes issue whereby dogs and wolves would not die immediately after being knocked down and frozen at the same time.
  • Fixes issue whereby the “Wine Wars: Consortium” quest did not progress correctly.
  • Fixes issue whereby the “A Lady, Her Knight and True Love” quest could be restarted even if Jacob was already dead.
  • Fixes issue whereby courtesans at Belles of Beauclair could reappear in the room after a sex scene.
  • Fixes exploit whereby Aarding a beehive towards the dwarven blacksmith in White Orchard was possible.
  • Fixes issue whereby an infinite loading screen could occur after fist fight with Baron in the “Family Matters” quest.
  • Fixes exploit whereby Aarding a beehive towards the dwarven blacksmith in White Orchard was possible.
  • Fixes issue whereby the game could crash after meeting the knights from the “Envoys, Wineboys” quest.
  • It is now possible to acquire the “Emhyr var Emreis: Emperor of Nilfgaard” gwent card from the innkeeper at the Inn at the Crossroads in cases where this formerly was not possible.
  • Fixes issue whereby music/sound effects would sometimes not play.
  • Fixes issue whereby day value was missing from displayed total played time.
  • Fixes issue whereby Marlene could disappear from Corvo Bianco after a few hours.
  • Fixes a rare issue whereby players could lose earned levels.
  • Fixes issue whereby witcher gear and diagrams could go missing.
  • Fixes issue whereby Geralt could die after a loading screen in the “Turn and Face the
    Strange” quest.
  • Fixes issue whereby a noblewoman in red would sometimes follow Geralt everywhere he goes.
  • Fixes issue whereby body parts would sometimes remain suspended in mid-air after an enemy exploded.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available now for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It was developed by CD Project Red. The game has received a lot of post-launch support from the developers including free weekly DLCs after launch, 2 large story expansions and updates that resolve any bug or issue faced by the player.

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  • Hey you guys, you guys think that CDPR will make NG+ stackable? Would be awesome if they do.

    • Stefan Haynes

      They have said multiple times that they will not.

  • andy

    Waited a year to finally play the “GOTY 2015”. Started up fresh brand new game on 1.20 on Death March. My horses tail disappeared 15 mins into the game and hasn’t returned 15 hours later. I can’t even look at the horse in the game when it looks like that, it looks like a donkey. But thank goodness it did disappear because the horse is a train wreck handling the damn thing anyway, nearly as clunky as navigating anywhere with Geralt.
    This patch looks like its going to fix it but just holy hell, how does this kind of crap happen 12 months after a game is out AND on the only means of transport in the game too. Its not like other games where there may be literally 150 vehicles plus that something physically could glitch out on one of them.
    Its a great game so far in many aspects but in other areas it utterly fails. I can’t imagine what this must have been like 5, 8, 12 months ago with less patches. The overhype seriously is not deserved, don’t get me started on the loading times.

    • Lastknown

      Honestly this game is one of the least glitchy games I have ever seen, played since release. Yes my roach tail disappeared too, which was a new glitch, but pretty much the only noticeable glitch I encountered aside from goofy hill mechanics sometimes. The story, the graphics, the voice acting, none of that did anything for you? I get that a lot of people dont like the controls, fine, it has a weakness but in reality they are not half as bad as people cry about. But to question that this game is genre defining, is plain silly. My load times are fine but then again I have a nice computer.

      • Stefan Haynes

        It was not very glitchy on release… but with every new update there are other (often serious) issues that crop up. It’s just not a very good game, unfortunately. CDP-R goofed. Hopefully they won’t fail as hard with Cyberpunk.

        • Ryan Grobe

          Are you serious, the game is is really not that all buggy. If you wanna see a bugged game that should have never been shipped, look at any Ubi game or Bethesda game of late.

          • Stefan Haynes

            I don’t really play Ubi or Betheseda games, so I wouldn’t know. The Witcher 3 has been a disaster though; seriously, every new patch brings a huge batch of issues, but worse than that it’s not even a very good game. Back to Witcher 2, when CDP-R actually knew how to make games.

        • Kody

          Winner of the MOST GOTY awards EVER by a game, and “It’s just not a very good game, unfortunately.” Wow.

          • Stefan Haynes

            Sarcasm, right? For god’s sakes, please be sarcasm. Or do you just not have the mental wherewithal to fathom that with each new year, more and more gaming websites crop up. Did you even bother vetting those “GOTY TW3” awards? Many of them came from blogspot sites with like four viewers, who the rabid 15 year old Witcher fanboys starting submitting to aggregate websites because, fanboys gonna fanboy.

            The Witcher 3 was a financial success. But it was an artistic bankruptcy.

      • Ryan Grobe

        Roach’s tail disappeared for me too and I had the red armor on the armor stand, granted I thought that was just bad lighting.

    • Mikha’el Bolzan Machievizc

      loading times suck, cuz console suck, loading times on my computer is like 9 seconds… and about the glitches, is the biggest game i’ve ever seen, the best game i’ve ever seen, you expect it to be flawless? u gotta be kidding me.

      • Ryan Grobe

        I have the game installed to an SSD on my PC and the loading times are still abysmal.

        • Mikha’el Bolzan Machievizc

          Can u believe im running on a hd, later i will transfer to ssd and see if theres any difference

          • xboxmaster

            you’ve been exposed dumbass stfu

      • Stefan Haynes

        If crap like The Witcher 3 is “the biggest and best game you’ve ever seen,” I advise you to get your head checked.

        • Tylaris

          You should consider following your own advice.
          Railing like a deranged lunatic against a video game for more than a YEAR and a HALF and arguing with everyone against it on forums or here, my dear Ydraig, is a better example of complete mental instability.

          • Stefan Haynes

            You should’ve used Preparation H.

          • Tylaris

            From the way you’re yelling at everyone without realizing you’ve made yourself laughing stock on every forum, I’d guess you’re already immune to it.
            Dude, to be blunt…Witcher isn’t the problem: you’re mentally ill and should be hospitalized.
            Every sane, normal person looking at your comments will tell you the same.

          • Stefan Haynes

            “Every forum.” Intriguing. Do continue.

    • JuanTizmo

      The horse is hard to handle? Do you not know how to use your fingers or something? Maybe if you have severe arthritis Roach might give you some trouble…

    • mruggeri182

      You are crying that much just because your horse’s tail disappeared?Seriously dude?
      Plus,your lack of motor skills to control Geralt and Roach are not CD Projekt’s fault.

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