The Witcher 3: Peller now carries all runestones and recipes

The Peller is a weird dude, not only does him speaking in third person creep me out but his quests are not that interesting. He’s good for one thing though as after the latest The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt patch he is now selling an awesome collection of Runestone and Runestone recipes.

For those with bad memories, The Peller is found in the game’s main quest where you go look for the Baron’s wife and daughter. He also gives you the funniest sidequest in the game where you fetch his “princess”, don’t worry I won’t spoilt if for you guys. Below is his exact location on the map.


The Peller, as can be seen in the screenshots below, is carrying all the basic Runestones with recipes to other Runestones including the Greater variations. Runestone are fairly expensive and hard to come by, especially the Greater variants so its recommended that you stock up. For a quick guide on farming money in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt click here.


Peller isn’t the only one who is selling these items but he has the best collection I’ve come across in the game so far. For alternate merchants with Runestones you can try Keira Metz or the Alchemist located near the Fast Travel sign in the North part of Novigrad.


Having fun with The Witcher 3? Let us know your thoughts on the game in the comments below.

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  • Charlie Spivey

    You can find the SVAROG Runestone & Diagrams in several places. TVAROG doesn’t seem to exist from my explorations. Definitely NOT the pellar, nor Runemaster.

  • Bob Zmuda

    Regarding the pellar, “…his quests are not that interesting” and “he also gives you the funniest sidequest in the game”.

    IGN, ladies and gentlemen.

  • Olan Phelps

    and the pellar doesnt seel the 2 runestones diagrams for HOS pyerog and tvarog

  • Carbon Wrath

    Good guide, but what I cant understand is why people would want diagrams when its WAY cheaper just to buy the runes.
    Lesser runestone : Black Pearl Dust $ 290-3xx + infused dust
    THEN you need Lesser runstone (cost) + gem dust(diamond, amber , etc…) ranging from $400-1000
    THEN you have to multiply all that times x4 just to make ONE Greater
    THEN calculate the cost to craft which is $400
    Its easier just to buy the runestone if you can. But if cant, buy the mid runetone diagram and greater diagram, and just buy the lesser runestones straight up

    • SithKnight

      That would work if you were to use each rune only once, but remember everytime you use one on a sword (let’s talk about the sword ones since they are rarer and more expensive than the ones for amor) you can’t use it again. Armor lasts between 3 to 5 levels so you don’t craft armor that many times, that is unless you like to play dress up with Geralt as if he were in a pageant. Weapons however, different story. I’m almost level 20 and I’ve changed weapons at least once a level, sometimes 2 or 3. Let’s say as an average on 20 levels you use 30 weapons x 2 (steel and silver) that is 60 weapons so now compare how much would you spend buying at least (cause remember some swords can take up to 3 runes) so let’s say 90 runes. If you do the math now you see why you’d want those diagrams to make them yourself since the crafting fee is so low there’s no point on even count it. That and the convenience of having them any time you need them.

      • Carbon Wrath

        I understand what you’re trying to say, but how does that change the fact of, the cost is the cost, regardless of when you change weapons. Like I put in my post the cost to craft is staggering compared to just buying the runes themselves. Now I don’t know if this is an oversight from the Witcher team or what, but go do a test yourself and calculate the cost of materials vs the cost of just buying a rune and you will see. I
        t don’t matter how many times you change weapons, regardless if you dismantle and keep the runes, because you can do that either way, Im referring to the cost of materials Vs. just straight out buying runes, it better to buy. Depending on what kind, for example Diamond dust can cost you $900-1000 alone., Black pearl dust cost more than just buying a lesser runestone.

        • SithKnight

          The runes are destroyed when you dismantle them from a weapon. Of course the calculation has to include how many times you are going to spend for the same item buying it vs. producing it. Like I said on my post what you’re saying would be correct if you could use the same rune more than once but you CAN’T, therefore the number of times that you will buy the same item (for every sword you use) vs. making it yourself has to matter. Just to be clear: Once you craft a rune and use it on either armor or weapon the rune can be removed but it is destroyed so you can not use the same crafted rune more than once.

          • Carbon Wrath

            Are you trolling me, or just don’t understand? What you are arguing is irrelevant to what I am saying. Don’t matter if you remove a rune, or it gets destroyed, either way whenever or whatever you decide to put a rune in, its cheaper to buy a rune not craft it. Are doing like I asked? it not calculus. Go to any vendor that sell runes and diagrams, look at the material it take to create and calculate its cost, then look at the cost of just buying the rune and you will see what im saying.

          • Carbon Wrath

            One other thing ” if you could use the same rune more than once but you CAN’T, therefore the number of times that you will buy the same item (for every sword you use) vs. making it yourself has to matter”.

            So lets try this here, if you craft a rune do you keep the material you use to craft the rune? If you remove a rune do you keep the material used to craft the rune? If YES Im wrong, If NO Im right.

          • SithKnight

            Not trolling at all. It’s ok you’re just not getting my point and it’s fine, all I’m trying to say is I don’t believe your numbers work. Imagine you have a formula for this, on mine the number of times you spend for a rune is a factor towards your big total from the beginning to the end of the game, whatever level. Now the materials you use when you craft you farm throughout the game but I’d rather save my money to buy everything else that I can’t produce myself. What’s your total balance right now and at what level?

          • Carbon Wrath

            Im level 21, now I understand if you are a person who “farms” for every material then I can see your logic as correct, but unless there’s a sure-way or place to farm say diamonds, rubies, amber, etc… then you will be forever searching and hoping.
            Even if you farm the shells off of Sirens for black pearls to make black pearl dust, you still have to have times x4 one of the dust and the lowest Ive seen was $4xx, and can go as high a $900-1000 for diamond dust. From my experience Emerald dust is the easy to come by, through fighting wraith, but that’s only relevant if you want to make a poison rune

          • SithKnight

            Yeah I’m actually getting to go for the platinum trophy so I always throughly search every area and although the materials you mention are not common of course if you raid most bandit camps and destroy monster nests that you find, not only the contract ones, you at least get one of those items on each and larger treasures often have the flawless version which are worth more. So far I haven’t been short of any materials except a couple that are not precious stones or monster products but some kind of concentrated something, I don’t really remember now but I’m almost level 20 as well and never come across either one and most of my oils for example are already upgrading to the superior version. Anyway I guess we can agree to disagree lol. Good hunting

          • Carbon Wrath

            True, agree to disagree, but the thing is, I don’t disagree with you. Its just we are talking about two different methods. Your way IS the cheaper route of crafting, Im speaking from a sure way (materials) of crafting.

          • CushyKush420

            Sorry to burst your bubble, but I just dismantled one of my swords and was able to keep my three greater runes. Just to let you know. So, to clarify if you “remove” the upgrade, it gets destroyed. But if you “dismantle” the weapon the upgrade is on, you are able to keep the upgrades, which include both runes and glyphs.

      • CushyKush420

        I thought runestones were only destroyed when you removed the “upgrade”
        from the weapon. I know I’ve dismantled my armor and was able to keep my
        glyphs. I assume it would be the same for runes.

  • mindbleach

    Good lord man, sell off all those useless bits of paper in your usable items!

  • AshenVictor

    I stumbled across the Pellar’s collection of runestone recipes last night while playing and just wanted to add that I think the recipe for lesser runestone is bugged. After investing a couple of thousand gold buying the lesser, mid-range and greater versions of the runestones I wanted, I noticed that I needed the blank lesser runestone as a starting ingredient for all lesser runestone types. I thought I already bought it from Keira a while back but went back to the pellar, saw he had it and bought it, but it still won’t show up as craftable in any of the smiths crafting lists. After reloading, buying again and trying some variables I’m convinced it’s just not working like it should. I hadn’t done anything noteworthy between these purchases so I just went back to an older save and got my gold back.

    This was on ps4 so I don’t know how it is on other platforms but it’s probably worth saving just before you invest either way. I hope they fix this in the next patch.

    • Thanagan

      I bought that blank lesser runestone diagram yesterday from Hattori in Novigrad and had no issues. Its listed in my crafting menu but not together with other runestones but rather at the top with other crafting ingredients.

      • AshenVictor

        That… makes a lot of sense. Now I feel dumb >_<
        I haven't checked yet, but I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that everything I said is invalid and the recipe's simply in the crafting ingredients section as I guess, it should be.

        • Thanagan

          I also looked under runes first and couldn’t find it 🙂

    • SithKnight

      Also just in case you didn’t know the blank runes you get are destroyed once you use them and need to buy more, I’m almost level 20 and I think I’ve only found like 4. Haven’t really started exploring the isles yet, but it looks like runes are easy more common there.

  • SithKnight

    Hi Just to add to the locations of merchants in the world with a good stock of runes. This is the same guy of one of the gwent quests.

    • This is the one which gives you the Ciri Gwent card if I remember correctly. Good find!

      • SithKnight

        That is correct. Thanks. It’s weird how the map keeps changing and doesn’t show everything, so the area map and minimap have different info at times. Maybe on a future patch.

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