The Witcher 3: Pre vs. Post Day 1 Patch Comparison On PS4 Reveals Some Curious Difference

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is officially available starting today on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It has also received a day 1 patch on all platforms which CD Project recommends to install before playing the game.

It is quite clear from the patch notes that CD Project has performed optimizations on all three platforms. However, as we have learned, some of the in-game effects were pared down in the day 1 patch on Xbox One, and the same holds true for the game on the PS4.

The first difference that can be noticed in the latest patch is that the AF has been toned down from the original version. You can check this out in the form of GIF below.

The above GIF also reveals the difference in AO between the pre and post-patch version of the game. Even if the difference is not easy to spot unless put side-by-side like in the GIF above.

Moving on, it seems that CDPR has added more atmospheric fog to the post-patch version, perhaps to give a better look to the draw distance. This difference can be seen in the GIF below.

The difference here is nothing technical, but it has more to do with the look of the scene. Fog helps in giving a better look to the scene. In the original version, the lack of trees is more apparent while they are hidden in fog in the latest version.

On the bright side, these changes have resulted in an improvement to the frame rate in the game, which is much more stable now and drops less than it did without patch.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now out on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what you think about these screenshots in the comments below.

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  • Fuzunga

    Thanks for explaining what “AF” and “AO” mean.

  • Rasyadan Ruzil

    Been into the game for 5 to 6 hours now and the only problem that bugged me so much was the frame drops, severed frame drops especially when it’s raining. You’ll never pass rotating the camera without having the frame drops under the weather. Day 1 patch is not enough. The developers should fix this or I’m going to literally lose my mind.

    Currently having The Witcher 3 on PS4.

  • saberbyte

    People are taking this way to far, if you want extreme customization then build a PC, if you want it to just work buy a console. Consoles will almost always be less than stellar vs pc, accept it & move on, 95% of people will not even notice these changes because they are moving around to much.

    • vapidwolf1

      When has framerate became such an issue,it’s all people talk about,remember when it was called slow down and all games had it but it was never mentioned, unless a games like unity can’t see the problem,I’m playing on ps4 and I think it looks and plays fantastic,love the way the side quests are connected,and give a bit more insight into a particular story,brilliant,brilliant piece of entertainment.

  • Marc Domange

    The post patch pictures look better in my opinion. Strange arguments from the author

  • IH8YH

    again your article is bullshit. the fog thing: the fog is moving and dynamic so saying theres more fog is like saying the lightning looks totally different while comparing night and day time. just stop writing your crap.

  • Cenk Algu

    On PS4 the downgrade greater than XO as far as I can see.On XO they pared back the shadow rendering draw distance and lowered a bit AF in cutscenes but higher AF still remains in gameplay.Both of them neglectable but on PS4 the downgrade is bigger AO,FOG,AF and shadow rendering draw distance as well.The other curious thing is XO is running much better although the PS4 got all those downgrades.Not trying to troll or something so dont blame on trolling.

    • Eggman

      ^Xbox fanboy, read his comments. Literally has no basis for his comment that the Xbox One version is better than the PS4 version.

    • Gaikai

      ”Not trying to troll or something so dont blame on trolling.”

      You’re obviously trolling even a dumb fanboy like you should know that PS4 version runs at a higher resolution 1080p compared to xbone version which runs at 900p also PS4 has better and more stable framerate

      ”Both of them neglectable but on PS4 the downgrade is bigger AO,FOG,AF and shadow rendering draw distance as well”

      Here you go trolling again, how was the fog downgraded? if anything they added more fog so it was upgraded (going by your stupid logic) and the draw distance is the same as before there is only a small difference in shadows from what i can tell

      Also the xbone version has many more problems like cutscene stutter and sever framerate drops plus other glitches

      • Edonus

        No…. Ps4 doesnt run at a higher resolution. The X1 version is dynamic meaning it runs at 1080p in the most intense parts of the game it drops to 900p to keep a steady frame rate. You cant even tell when it switches but the X1 does maintain a better frame rate.

        • Gaikai

          Lol you’re funny dude, it’s confirmed that the games runs mostly in 900p only the menius and some cutscenes are rendered in 1080p, enjoy your meniu and in full hd

        • WOLF581

          witcher 3 runs all time at 1080p on the PS4 but

          “Xbox One’s dynamic resolution scaling may also help to uphold this level
          of performance – in effect before and after the patch. In theory, this
          allows the framebuffer to switch between a 1600×900 resolution to a
          native 1920×1080 on the fly, seemingly based on GPU load at any given
          point. However, in practice this doesn’t switch as much as we’d expected
          – The Witcher 3 is predominantly a 900p game, and the only scenes we’ve
          found to run at a full 1080p are the in-engine rendered title screen,
          and the video cut-scenes. Even reducing the GPU load by looking directly
          up to the sky shows the game is still rendering at a native 900p. We do
          notice some indoors scenes rendering at what seems to be a higher
          resolution than 900p, but even here, it is clearly not a full, native
          1080p output.”
          buthurted trolls live in dreamland

        • Guest

          That’s not true you liar. Digital Foundry already said the game runs at 900p 99.99% of the time. You denying sack of fanboy sh’t. The only time the game runs at 1080p is in the title screen and during the FMV cutscenes. Lame! And they also said the PS4 has the overall better framerate, due to less frame pacing issues. You fanboys need to stop lying all the time. But then again, I guess you have to lie to yourself to make yourselves feel better.

          • vapidwolf1

            Calm down there mate

          • Edonus

            DF never said 99.99% and I will believe the dev more than them.The game runs at 1080p enough for the dev to say it then that what i will accept. DF are flaky when it comes to these comparisons. they dont have a good gauging system, its just higher res means better and that is not always the case.

            I agree with the frame rate pacing thing but it funny how when the x1 was locking frame rates its was said because it was weak and when Ps4 was running unlocked frame rates trying to pass them off as 60fps DF said nothing about it. so…. at this point what good for the goose is good for the gander.The x1 is running at a higher frame rate.

            The game looks and plays great and that is all that really matters. the point DF should have been trying to make sense the beginning of these consoles is the differences are so small they really dont matter.

        • Guest

          I see you don’t care about the the truth, eh? Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies. You fanboys are just getting more and more desperate, eh?

      • Fay_Z

        try harder to justify your PoS4 purchase, if these downgrades really bother you, go buy a pc rather than trying to downplay XO.

        they both look great still anyway, these fanboys are knit picking

        • Gaikai

          Downgrades don’t bother me, trolls and liars like him is what bothers me, I’m not trying to downplay xbone or anything I’m just stating facts and everything I said it’s true and I stand for it, Infact you’re the one who seems very insecure about his purache I really don’t know why you are so defensive about it makes you look bad and desperate btw

          • Cenk Algu

            Liars and trolls only go for Sony fans:)

          • Guest

            MS fanboys are the biggest liars, deniers and defenders. “We don’t care about res” LIE!
            You know them well that this really, really bothers you, since you are always on here, all day and all night defending MS and bashing Sony like some obsessed fiend.

          • Gaikai

            Sorry if I ofended you, seems like some people can’t stand the truth 🙂

          • Cenk Algu

            LoL.Yes it seems you cant stand up against the truth!

        • WOLF581

          yeah y r right i ll upgrade my pc and sell my x1,wiiu,ps4 because the NVIDIA TITAN X as y know would produce the fastest results.

          The new Titan
          posted an average of 66.3 FPS on maximum detail with NVIDIA Hairworks
          off and SSAO anti-aliasing (rather than HBAO+), while an MSI GTX 970
          Gaming card – no GTX 980s were tested – came in second at 1920 x 1080
          with an average FPS of 44.7 under the same conditions.

          The TITAN X also managed just a few frames above 30 in 4K.
          Interestingly, the GTX 780 Ti – the Gainward Phantom model in this
          instance – was comfortably behind MSI’s overclocked GTX 970, while the
          AMD R9 290 and R9 290x (from Sapphire and MSI respectively) also posted
          higher specs than the 780 Ti.
          so yeah y r a troll and a naive one too

          • Cameron Brown

            Nvidia hairworks isn’t on the console version mate. Besides, it’s your choice on the PC. Want framerate? Set it to medium. Quality? Ultra with a lower framerate. I have a GTX960 and on Medium I get 60FPS at all times. On ultra it dips to 30 but the console versions run on medium 30fps. So either way I’m getting a better experience. Your choice.

        • Guest

          try harder to justify your PoSbox purchase, if these downgrades really bother you, go buy a pc rather than trying to downplay the PS4.

          they all look like sh’t still anyway, these fanboys are crazy defending this sh’t.

      • Javery Onyx

        Actually, the day 1 update pushes the X1 to a dynamic 900p-1080p. It is not locked at 900p.

        • Guest

          Actually, no, the game runs at 900p the whole time except for with the title screen and cutscenes. Is this why people buying the technically inferior X1? because of ignorance? Learn the facts.

          • Javery Onyx

            I’m the realest out here, nigga.

          • Cameron Brown

            I’ll be the first to hate on the Xbone but that guy is right. The resolution changes based on how hard it is to render the scene and maintains a good framerate.

          • justerthought

            No he’s not right. In theory the XB1 res is ‘supposed’ to rise to 1080p during periods of less processing, but in ‘practice’ Digital Foundry discovered that the whole game is proving too much for a 1080p expansion. They noted that the only parts of the game that did actually increase above 900p were the title screen and the cutscenes but it still wasn’t full 1080p. Considering that the cut scenes stutter on XB1, they should have kept those at 900p as well.

        • Ziggurcat


          it’s 1080p only in the title screen, and cutscenes….

    • Fay_Z

      try harder to justify your PoS4 purchase, if these downgrades really bother you, go buy a pc rather than trying to downplay XO

    • Guest

      Wow, you have got to be the most pathetic fanboy ever. You miserable phuck. They did the same “optimizations” on both. Except on the PS4 it runs at true 1080p all the time (not just during the title screen and cutscenes like the X1) And has a better more consistent framerate (unless the juddery miss the X1 ver. is) and better custcene framerates. And the AF, AO, FOG are the same.

      UPDATE 19/5/15 14:03: We’ve now had the opportunity to test the 1.01 patch on PlayStation 4, and can report that the FMV stuttering issue introduced in the Xbox One day one patch is much less of an issue on the Sony platform – video playback is much more consistent. Engine visual settings appear to be a match between the two consoles but curiously, the PS4 version does appear to run with a capped 30fps, giving a more consistent update than its Xbox One counterpart. We can also confirm native 1080p resolution throughout. We’ll have head-to-head performance tests online as soon as possible.”

      • Cenk Algu

        PS4 is 1080p all the time but at the same time under 30fps all the time.You are a mental disabled prick.Go find a life for yourself.

        • Guest

          You spew nonsense and lies yet im mental? Yup, its official, you’re a mental phuck. Go find yourself a life instead of being on here all the time constantly obsessing over Sony, you hating pos.