The Witcher 3 Preload Is Live On PS4; Day 1 Patch Changelog And Preload Size Revealed

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt preload is now live on the PlayStation Store in select territories. In addition to the preload, we also have a day 1 patch on the PS4 which hopefully fixes the frame rate issues.

If you have pre-ordered The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt on the PlayStation Store, you should be able to start the download for the game from PSN. The preload is currently live in select territories only including Poland, most of Europe and US. It will be gradually made available in rest of the territories as the game launch draws near.

You can check out a screenshot revealing the preload and day 1 patch download size below.


The patch notes can be read below, courtesy of NeoGAF user hemo memo.

Version 1.01

Following features are added:
Major changes:
– Support for DLCs
– Multiple stability issues fixed
– Overall performance improvements

Quests and game:
– Variety of cosmetic quest improvements
– Journal objective fixes
– Quest mapping fixes
– Dialogue flag fixes
– Quest balancing issues
– Scene triggering improvements

Gameplay systems:
– Boat behavior
– AI improvements
– NPC spawn strategy improvements
– Combat balancing
– UI optimizations

In case you are having an error CE-37700-7 on your PS4, there is a way to fix it by manually starting the download from your Library.

  • Go to your game Library on your PS4.
  • Select The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
  • Click on the download button.

If this still doesn’t resolve your issue, you can try signing out and then trying again.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will be officially released on the PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 19th 2015.

Let us know if you have started your preload on your PS4 in the comments below.

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  • luvthesnapper

    lol yea theres going to be alot of lykans just sitting in the garage. just say youre a collector, if anyone asks. 🙂

  • Zack

    So yea to anyone getting that error message try downloading the free car from project cars and then try starting the witcher 3 pre load, you dont need project cars to just download the car so download it and then start the witcher pre load and it should work! Worked for me and a crap load of other people

  • Timothy James

    I’m all loaded up. 🙂

  • Allyson Bandy

    Thank you! The free car trick worked perfectly. : )

  • Ben

    If i Bought this from G2A can i still pre-load the game or???

  • ClownOnCrack

    Getting the Error, but when I go to my Library, there is no download button (unless I’m missing it), just sends me to the game page where I get the errror again. WWWwwhhhhaaaaa!

    • luvthesnapper

      download the free car from project cars, then during that download, start witcher preload. it works for ce error. why? no idea, but it works. had to do it myself to get the witcher preload started.

      • evert87

        Thanks man this did the trick!

        • luvthesnapper

          awesome. happy witcher preload day. cant wait for the 19th!

      • Drunkzombies69

        Thank you so much.

      • Taz Neto

        I doubted… I have to apologize. Thank you… (How bizarre!!!!)

  • Splat

    Greetings i still can’t preload the game i live in Portugal and i don’t have any idea if the game is available to preload here.

    • BorisTheAnimal

      Tecnicamente, o jogo está disponível para pre load no mundo todo.

  • The_Superior_Spider-Mon

    I’ll wait tomorrow. I cannot pre-download it yet with my Canadian PSN account.

  • Mo

    I got the error code u guys mentioned….il try again in a few hours

    • Matthew_B

      Download the free car for driveclub (even if you don’t have the game) then try to download the pre-load. It works perfectly, or at least it should.

      • Bruce

        Holy crap. I can’t believe that worked. Thanks, Matthew. I was getting frustrated with all the error messages, but now it’s downloading. So weird how that worked out.

        • Matthew_B

          No problem Bruce! I had the same issue and found this method on reddit. I was just trying to spread the word, no idea why it works!

      • Mo

        thank you!

      • Sergio Mendoza

        OMG sir, you are a saint to gamers lol. It actually worked after getting continious errors messages.

      • The Last Colossus

        God bless you, been trying to download for fucking 12 hours lol.

  • Billy H

    start a download for singstar then try the witcher again and should work worked for me on the east coast

  • Tucker


  • The Last Colossus

    Nothing works, maybe its the time difference.

    • GotNews4Ya

      you got to download something else before you can start the pre-load on your PS4 or it will give you the c37 error.

      • The Last Colossus

        Fuck, it worked!

  • Raiden Wolf Benhadji Serradj

    i can’t start it , error CE-37700-7 even from library ! any sugestion ?

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