Witcher 3 Uses A Neat Way To Save Game On PS4, Huge File Size Can Easily Max Out PS+ Cloud Storage

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an ambitious open world Action RPG that utilizes the full potential of the hardware in the PS4. Sadly its save system can be too demanding on the hard drive, and can result in some issues especially for the 1 GB limited cloud save storage for the PS+ users.

In case you still haven’t played the game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is perhaps one of the first game to organize the saves with respect to patch version and location, as can be seen in the screenshots below. This is a similar case to the screenshots function, which uses the location name to save each of the screenshot taken in the game.

witcher3-ps4-savedata (1) witcher3-ps4-savedata (2)

The bad news here is how the game has multiple saves and each save has a huge file size, which usually means that you are going to get your cloud storage filled in no time. Keep in mind that these are not the manual saves, but the auto ones. The current capacity for saves on the cloud for PS+ users is just a tiny 1 GB. This is going to prove troublesome for games like The Witcher 3, which can take upward to 100+ MB on saves alone.

I was quite surprised to find out that my current playthrough save size weighted in at >100 MB despite still being in the very beginning of the game. This was the largest size for any of the game that I played on the PS4, including Final Fantasy XIV Online and Bloodborne, both of whom are less than 50 MB each in term of save size.

The Witcher 3 just proves that we need more space on the cloud for our saves with PS+ subscription. It is simply not enough, as open world games require far more file size these days.

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  • PhoenixAutomatic

    A small question, I have the ME version of the game and if I were to play another version say from europe will my save data be affected?

    • Lord_Mah

      Srsly, someone pls respond to him, I have the same problem.

      • PhoenixAutomatic

        [On PS4] The only thing you can do is to either play the game all over again(like I did) or return your copy back to the store you bought it from. Afterall, the game uses certain codes such as ‘CUSA-00527L’ which indicates that any save file of ‘CUSA-00527L’ will ONLY be compatible with it’s unique code. So in short save data cannot be merged with two different game discs. I don’t know if the same thing happens on Xbox One or PC.

  • Ray

    God people are stupid… a large fucking open world means big save files because it saves and records every fucking thing you do. There tons of quest with different outcomes that influence other quests that also needs to be saved. There tons of small things you do in this world that the game remembers like bombing monster nests, burning bodies, liberating abondend sites, places you explored, items you looted, objects you destroyed, stuf you bought, people you talked too, fought or fucked. These things make the game much more immersive and enjoyable. Imo cloud service should just upgrade its cloud space this is next gen. Files are gonna be bigger deal with it.

    • Renovatio

      ..and you are a fucking idiot who knows nothing about software development and save files. The whole map is not saved moron. By your logic I would need to save all of mount everest to know where you defacated. No sir, only the location of your drippings is stored relative to the next one. A matrix comprised of geocoordinates or nodes that is overlayed onto the map. There save methodology is poor and could use major refactoring if not compression to maximize on file space. Lazy coding at its best

  • spideynut71

    So how is this “neat” exactly?? “Stupid” is a far more appropriate word, IMO, and just one more way CDPR botched this game.

  • Guest

    You think this is bad, how about Driveclubs and LBP3 save files? those are like over 300MB and 500MB.

  • Guest

    Yeah, PS4 save files are WAY TO BIG and the cloud storage WAY TO SMALL. Both need to be fixed (hint, make the game save files smaller and the cloud storage bigger).

  • IH8YH

    bad news dude, almost ALL big games on PS4 have a safefile size of 10,4Xmb per safe. not only this game. if you dont want your cloud storage to be filled up with autosaves, DONT FUCKING HAVE THE AUTO UPLOAD OPTION TURNED ON. select the ones you wanna keep yourself and do it manually. this site fucking sucks because your so called articles are completely useless

  • Kenneth

    Wouldn’t it be better to implement a user defined limit on the number of saves stored on the cloud per game? You don’t need to bloat your cloud with hordes of files you’ll never use.

    • IH8YH

      hint: MANUAL UPLOAD……

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