The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide: How To Find DLC Armor On PC, PS4 and Xbox One

The Witcher 3: Wild hunt is out today on the PS4, Xbox One and PC. It also has received two free DLCs today, Temerian Armor Set and Beard and Hairstyle Set. You can download both of these DLCs free of cost on the PC, Xbox One and PS4.

If you want to get the DLC armor that is added today, you can take a look at the location shown on the map below.


You can get this DLC armor from the Merchant that you saved from the Griffin at the beginning of the game. He will be selling the following two set of equipment after you download the DLC.

  • Temerian Horse Blinders (+20 Horse’s Fear Level) – Costs 421 Gold
  • Temerian Saddle (+25 Stamina) – Costs 421 Gold

This is the first set of DLC and each week, we will get two free DLC items for The Witcher 3. The next two DLCs should be a new sidequest and Alternative Look for Yennefer in the game.

For those who want to download this DLC on their PS4 and are still unable to locate it, we have an article with links to the PlayStation Store with the free DLC.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Let us know what you think about this guide in the comments below.

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  • Jose Borrego

    I’m still having an issue I’ve don’t the doc 2x deleted them reloaded them started the game over an still can’t access I still haven’t downloaded the 1.2 update is that issue??

  • Exequiel Sosa

    Brilliant that shop keeper is either drunk or dead lying on the floor how do I get my DLC now??? Tried meditating for hours and nothing what the hell?? help

  • Goldpenny’s Graffix

    That’s cute that you’re telling us where to buy it. But those who bought the expanded edition of the Witcher 3 get that dlc for free, I just want to know where it is. I called customer service, the idiot couldn’t tell me where to get it either but he assured me expanded pass buyers got the armor for free.

    • Dick Mcdouche

      Man why are you stupid. Everyone gets the DLC for free, but you have to buy the armor set in-game. With in-game currency.

      • BlindBraille

        Yeah no you don’t, just the horse armor. I got geralts armor from the man if glass for free. Nice try chief. Grow a brain.

      • mako482

        Why are you an asshat? You don’t normally have to buy a pre-order perk in game.

  • Jonny mccosker

    Brilliant that shop keeper is either drunk or dead lying on the floor how do I get my DLC now??? Tried meditating for hours and nothing what the hell??

    • johnathon mccosker

      Mine glitched and he’s stuck in the ground

  • Ugur Tiberius CinarPregnaki

    In u.s psn store free 2 dlc not yet release.But Why?

  • BAMozzy69 .

    I must admit I expected these things to be in my inventory – not charge me ‘gold’ in game to access them! This basically makes them ‘invisible’ as DLC – hidden away amongst all the other items and options. I bet if you didn’t know what DLC had been added you would never know….

    • AlexHZ Fire TC

      hopefully enough people will see it this way and they will make a change and just add it to your inventory. im pretty sure thats how it worked with wither 2

      • Goldpenny’s Graffix

        If that does happen hopefully they’ll refund my gold. I bought this asap. Maybe by the time they do 400g won’t seem like so much lol.

        • AlexHZ Fire TC

          is it just horse armor or for geralt too? is it any good? i have 32 chest armor. worth the trip?

          • BlindBraille

            There are 4 pieces of armor, I remember reading 3 different horse buffs. And one was worth it, for sure. It increased endurance so the horse can sprint longer. I haven’t found it yet-but I hear there is horse racing. Idk what the rules are but that would come in very handy in a long distance race.

        • Sinloth

          Hopefully fewer kids will play the game and complain about having to actually look for something extra in a game… Plus, not sure if it had got patched in about 3-4 days the game has been out, but I certainly didn’t pay over 400 crowns per item… It was less than 200 for each piece of horse armor, and hasn’t really been much of a bother, and I’m only at level 4 atm, with barely the first location cleared out, so…

  • Ukihva

    Well this is fucking stupid, waste of money pre ordering it, woo a fucking sticker and an ugly poster.. So they release it every so often and you have to buy it in game? Should have just waited a while then brought it since you don’t really get shit..

    • Joe Valente

      How is it a waste of money if you’re going to buy the game anyway… it costs $5 to preorder, and that $5 is taken off the final price when you pay for the rest of it.

      • BlindBraille

        I’m not sure you know what he’s talking about, or your just an idiot. The expanded version was 80 bucks, it was supposed to come with 2 new story missions both with 10+ hours of content and a set of armor and all new hair/beard styles. So an Xtra 20 bucks is what he’s wasting.

        • Zeranamu

          Not sure if you are an idiot, but the expanded edition pays for the two upcoming expansion dlc. This armor along with the beard and hairstyles is part of the 16 free dlc that EVERYONE gets, regardless of what version they bought.

          • BlindBraille

            Well I AM sure that you’re an idiot since the dlc is playable right not, the man if glass mission is available asap. Which I said, and you would know if you could read.

        • Mitsuhide

          The $20 expansion pack is coming later – perhaps you should read what you buy. The first one comes out in October, the second one comes out in 2016 sometime. All of that information was provided with the product before you bought it.

          The 16 DLC that we’re talking about here are free – for everyone. Doesn’t matter if you preordered, bought the game today, or can’t read things before buying – You get the DLC.

          • BlindBraille

            “16 dlc”? Alright crack head, you need to seriously stop trolling. The expanded pass gives you two new Witcher missions. One of them – then man of glass gives it to you – I’ve already completed. Nice try but seriously, educate yourself you child.

          • okkid

            i cant tell if you’re trolling or retarded but anyway, there are 16 free dlcs being released for everyone, included the armor set and beard/hairstyle set that have already been released. The expanded edition includes the expansion pass, which is $25 standalone and $80 for the bundle with the game. The expansion pass has 2 full blown expansions for the game and will be released in a few months, these include new areas and new story additions. BlindBraille you’re dumb as fuck.

          • doomed

            lol what a dick. Do you always come along onto comment sections and straight up abuse everyone? Remember boy, you’re not talking to your parents now. Use your manners.

          • ssihota08

            Theyre right, read the that little paper that comes in the game box. The Projekt Red one, it mentions that everyone will receive 16 free DLCs no matter what copy you bought. Doesn’t mean that all 16 will be available today, just that over the course of the year (or whatever time), we will receive 16 free DLCs.

        • Joe Valente

          Oh, must have missed the part where he clarified what version he purchased. Probably because he didn’t.

          • BlindBraille

            If he didn’t clarify then why would you just assume he didn’t buy the expanded pass? Either you’re an idiot or a hypocrite. An idiot for not realizing that the only thing you could waste money on was dlc that you paid Xtra for, ergo the expanded pass. Or a hypocrite because you did the exact same thing I did. You assumed he didn’t buy the pass I assumed he did.

          • Joe Valente

            You’re trying too hard. Nobody agrees with you. Go away

          • Zeranamu

            The ‘Man of Glass’ is part of the first expansion, which is not released yet. Considering it isn’t even in the game, you are a liar, and definitely trolling. Just give up.

          • Sinloth

            Yep, definitely an idiot… Expanded pass has two extra stories which will include HOURS of new content and those two extra stories are Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine… Just check your GoG galaxy or any fairly informed website and you might just not make a complete ass out of yourself next time. CD Projekt has actually done quite nice shit for their gamers, compared to many other developers out there.

          • Agent HUNK

            you smell and no one likes you!

        • Ukihva

          I was wrong and matters not as game is good.

      • Zeranamu

        Definitely troll, since ‘The Man of Glass’ is part of the first expansion which isn’t released yet. Doesn’t matter what version you got, since it isn’t in the game yet. Nice try though.

    • Carpetfluff

      Pre order had nothing to do with these free dlc packs anyway; everyone gets the 16 dlc’s free whenever they bought it.

  • Michael King Lee

    Has anyone on the PS4 in the U.S. been able to locate and download the first 2 DLC that they released? I’ve been looking all over the PlayStation Store and under add-ons but cant find it. Has it been released to the U.S. yet???

    • Saad Al Bloushi

      Same here can’t find it
      I don’t know what’s going on

    • Goldpenny’s Graffix

      Well ps4 you’re lucky. I have it on Xbox one and my brokebox doesn’t even have the day one patch. So my game freezes everytime I load it up.

  • Matthew Yee

    So you can get the blinders and saddle from the guy you saved from the griffin, but what about the rest of the terminal armor?

    • The rest of the armor is also sold from him. I was also thinking it would automatically appear in my inventory, was a bit annoyed I have to buy it….and here I was thinking money in the game would be almost pointless lol.

  • Frank AndTheLoneStandingTuft

    Thanks for the help. May i ask….where can i get the dlc haircut?

    • It should be available from the in-game Barber. He can be found in the small town of Oxenfurt.

      • ForTheRepublic

        Is the FreeLC the update that I’m downloading, then? Don’t see it on the store.

        • IH8YH

          No. they are each seperate in the store on the Witcher page under the additional content tab.

          • ForTheRepublic

            Cool, thanks.

      • Frank AndTheLoneStandingTuft

        thanks for the article and the response 🙂