The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Guide: How To Make Easy Money, Find Smuggler’s Caches And Treasure Chests

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a huge open world Action RPG, which gives players a lot of freedom. Money is an important aspect of the game as it allows you purchase better equipment making the battles much easier to fight and faster to end.

Making money in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is not an easy feat, and requires you to complete some of the optional tasks in order to get a reward or find some goods that you can sell for money.

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Here are a couple of tips on how to make easy money in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

  •  Make sure to do the secondary quests. They are a good source of cash and you can find goods that can be sold for more money.
  • Doing the Witcher contracts also results in a nice reward. They are separate from the main and secondary quests.
  • Make sure to sell your items that you don’t want to keep, as they can usually get you a good amount of money.
  • Smuggler’s Caches are a good way to earn money. They can be located by either diving undersea or sailing on a boat. They usually contain treasure that can be sold for money.
  • Treasure Chests that are guarded by monsters usually contain something valuable. If you ever come across such a treasure chest, make sure to take it by defeating the monsters.
  • There are multiple currencies in The Witcher 3, but you can only trade with merchants using Crowns. You’ll have to trade the Orens and Florins you collect at Vivaldi’s Bank in Novigrad. It is a building with a coin hanging above the door.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is out now on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  • Johnny Stine

    Not really an article, more like common knowledge. Was really looking for a little more detail or maybe some hints that not everyone and their Moms knows.

  • Unbelievable21

    It’s kind of slow, but playing Gwent is surefire, potentially easy money. There is a player in a hut just northwest of the Blackbough fast travel point, and one right beside the Lindenvale fast travel point (both in Velen), and they are incredibly easy to beat – particularly the latter. It’s kind of slow, but it’s a guaranteed 10 gold if you win and if you won’t, well, just reload your checkpoint. It’s cheesing, sure, but surely they saw this coming in adding manual save points and a card game you can bet in.

  • Alex Glenn

    Tips that don’t suck (as much):
    Hunt for your food, a single grapeshot can net you 10-15 raw meat if you nail a herd.
    Max bet for fist fighting (nonrenewable)

    Gwent (10 crowns a win)

  • Michael Howard

    Everyone!!! Kill wolves and bears or any animal and sell the hides to shopkeepers. I made $500 crowns off some bear and wolf hides just to turn around and purchase emerald dust for the Viper Silver Sword.

    This was before I fought the Griffin boss. Also items are class base. Items go like this, Master–> Magic–> Witcher–> Relic.

    I may be worng so internezz correct me but just sell every Weapon and Armor you dont need… THEN sell your animal hides under the JUNK tab. TRUST ME!!!

  • Kazuhira-on-the-roof

    Useless Article.

  • bang bang check this out 2556$ in a day

  • PlaywithJay Gaming

    stop writing articles you are not any good, or you outright decieve people with your headlines just to get a view, but I will make sure to tell all my viewers to pass you by, disgraceful!

    • Joseph Jordan

      Ikr, wasted time we’ll never get back, lol!!!

  • IH8YH

    wow what a crap “article”. just listing the obvious game given ways to earn money, no real easy tricks, no real guide, nothing. BACK TO JOURNALISM SCHOOL!

    • Nathan

      Has to have been there before to be able to go back. Time to enroll in his first class.

  • Jake

    Wow! You mean to tell me I can sell items for money and TREASURE CHESTS guarded by monsters contain something valuable? Ground breaking stuff right here!

    The author should be flipping burgers not writing stupid articles. Even then I doubt he has the mental capabilities to do that after reading this shit.

    • IH8YH


    • Dan Hogan

      Hey Jake, you are a jerk

      • Buddydudeguy

        He’s right though. I googled “what to sell” as it’s hard to tell what’s usefull to break down and what’s a dime a dozen and money isn’t coming in too fast but I have lots of things in the “other” tab worth lots. I get ….this article. It’s bad. Really bad.

        • Alex Glenn

          i’m just keeping anything that looks like it can be melted down for a decent ore & selling everything else.

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