Wolfenstein: The New Order Day 1 Patch Is A Huge Download But Not Mandatory

Earlier this week, we reported on how Wolfenstein: The New Order will have a huge patch available for their users on Day 1. The patch will be available for both, the PS4 and Xbox One. We can confirm now that this patch isn’t essential to download if you just want to boot the game and start playing it right away. Ofcourse, it is better if you download the patch since it probably contains bug fixes judging from the size of it.

In case you haven’t seen the news of this patch yet, it was reported earlier that Wolfenstein: The New Order will have a Day 1 patch, which weights in at about 5 GB on the PS4 and about 7+ GB on the Xbox One. But since Wolfenstein: The New Order is strictly a single player game, this patch can be downloaded in the background while you just play the game.


This news should be good for those who own a slower internet connection but want to play the game the moment they get it, instead of having to wait for this patch to download.

Have you brought Wolfenstein: The New Order? What do you think about the game? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • realraven2000

    I have just downloaded 43.5 Gigs which took me a couple of weeks on 4G and now that I wanted to start the game steam is intercepting it and tries to download a 40Gigabyte update? Utter garbage.

  • JJL53

    I HATE this game. Never, and I mean never, have I been unable to get through the first minutes in the first chapter in easy mode. (last count: 56 failures) Why so damn hard? I want my money back for this atrocity.

  • Juliano Santos

    This game runs like garbage, looks like a good game but doesn’t matter if you can’t even play this, BF4 runs way better then this game, this should not happen.

  • gordibordi

    AND where is the PC patch lads? The game is a fucking crashing mess! I can’t even start up this shit – gets to the intro Bethesda logo and bam, crash!

    • Ahztek

      Works fine for me. Not one crash in 8 hours of playing. Maybe your computer is just a bucket of shit?

    • gordibordi

      Just fixed it! For you lads out there who are wondering… if you have dual video cards – UPDATE your drivers for both the integrated and the nvidia/radeon. I was using the second card but the integrated bullshit stopped me somehow from starting the game (because of ol’ drivers) and I’m not using it for games, go figure…

  • Gareth Schatynski

    On PC this game is a 50gb download, you console guys have it relatively easy with this day one patch! 😛

  • jepito

    Fuck a patch put out a finished product. This game has been installing and updating 2 fucking full days. :(. Fuck it

    • Ahztek

      Harden up you bitch. What happened to patience for fucks sake.

      • jepito

        Hey you pussy face bitch it day 4 still update-n. :().

      • gordibordi

        Go figure fucking ass BIATCH.

      • Dave Lister

        How about you ask the devs/publishers that, or are you in such a hurry to get taken advantage of?

        Fucking kids these days…


    Ahhhhhhh day one patches……when is this garbage going to end.

    It doesn’t even matter the size of your game nowadays since it will get patched to death shortly after release.

    Come on developers what gives…..?!

    • Meeting deadlines means developers have to cutback on some of the stuff and this also includes bug fixes. The game has to go gold a couple of days/weeks before its official release and after this, the developers still keep working to do bug fixes and then these are the one that usually end in the Day 1 patch.
      I am not saying that this is a good thing (It is not), but sadly we have to deal with it now.


        I know I know……, but still this is unacceptable. It is like back in the day when there was no internet for “patches” and if you game was broken……well it was broken.

        Today’s technology has allowed people/developers the ability to take an easier route instead of having to do it right the first time. I just do not like the fact that the initial “install” size is actually a lie since the game will be patched. And a 7+GB patch is nothing to just scoff at either because two or three of those and you have another game install in its own.

        They should have to advertise the install size as being “??” since it doesn’t end.

    • killafail

      So you want a broken game?

      • JR006

        technically, it already is for a lot of people since it can’t even download. Just stops people after the plane crashes.


        What is funny is how on point your sarcasm truly is……many games are broken for individuals like myself and people with similar setups. Especially upon release.

        So no I do not want a broken game to answer your question, but I do want a “playable” as it should be “game” on day one.

    • James Cole

      Im with you. I understand patches on multiplayer for balance issues but single player shouldn’t be ‘broken’ out of the box. Publishers should either give the devs enough time to finish the game and failing that, delay the game. Any hard copy with a patch in the gb’s is total bullsh!t.



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