Wolfenstein: The New Order Day 1 Patch On Xbox One And PS4 Is A Huge Download

Wolfenstein: The New Order is set to release soon on current generation and previous generation consoles along with the PC. As it is usual with most of these releases, Wolfenstein: The New Order is also going to get a Day 1 patch. It appears that the Patch for the PS4 and Xbox One version is quite a hefty download.

According to blogger Mark DeSanto, Wolfenstein: The New Order has a Day One patch weighting in at about 5 GB on the PS4. Another user, who has access to the Xbox One version of the game, confirmed the patch size for the Xbox One version, stating it is 7.3 GB.


This is quite a huge download for a Day 1 patch, and definitely sheds a new light on all these patches and updates, that we get today, and how they are increasing in size everyday.

Bethesda have also revealed the game size for all the platforms. According to them, the PS4 and Xbox One version will require 47 GB, while the PC version will require about 50 GB of hard disk space. The PS3 and Xbox 360 version also require about 8 GB of hard disk space each, with the PSN download for the PS3 version weighting in at about 17 GB.

Have you got Wolfenstein: The New Order? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • steve

    arghh as soon as I get to chapter 7 on ps3 wolfenstein as soon as it say search the library and look for mouldy cement my character cannot move game has not frozen just my chatacter cannot move anyone?

  • A 5th DVD would’ve helped…

    Got the PC version. The 4 DVD’s cover about 34gb, 70% of the total install. So I’m looking at a 10gb download over my crappy internet (currently at 223KB/s). I suppose I’ll be playing it tomorrow night then…

    • Waffy

      Yea same here. Now I have to wait 15 hours to update this 10GB patch..

  • Andrew

    49 gb on the back of the box, 5gb patch, downloading as i type this, 3 hours to go.

  • angelpig

    seriously, who gives a f**k about having to download a patch? be glad they fixed it – the alternative would be a later release.

  • cory

    any ps4 users have download problems I my screen says it is installed then 10 mins in to the game it shut down and said it is still downloading just want to know if this has happend to anyone else because with the 1.70 update for ps4 this game was supposed to download days ago and be ready to play at midnight est.

    • DrSeusse De Medici

      i am im trying to find a solution

  • Craig Martin

    Def getting this game, has anyone confirmed what the patch is for?


    I don’t really care what you losers are talking about. A Quentin Taratino style Wolfenstein from the dudes that brought us the Darkness sounds hella cool. Count me in. I’m not going to bitch about something so meager as a day one patch. Just wanna blast me some nazi scum.

  • Slap Every Peasant


  • John Mclean

    shit big update

    • woot

      game is buggy, I played through the plane episode and then it just says “content unavailable, please wait for it to install”. According to PS4 game and the update has been already installed. I cannot continue and there are no more updates to load, what should I do?

      • Aaron Brown

        Are you trying to say you played the game before it was done downloading the patch. Well. that makes perfect sense. Of course it’s going to say that.

      • chris

        i’m having the same problem. Exact same problem. I also had this same thing happen to me a few days ago when i purchased thief from the psn store. I got through an opening section of the game and then got hit with this message and wasn’t able to play until the next day. I had finished downloading and installing every file just as i’ve downloaded the wolfenstein game and pach. Everythings installed. I don’t get it

      • John Mclean

        try deleting it

  • doom guy

    That’s a HUGE download. There are new games smaller than that patch.

  • godismicrosoft

    the world is digital.. if your so poor or you live in the country and you cant accept modern day technologies then dont complain cause you was stupid enough to buy a digital device..

    go play the 90s consoles.. made for cave people like you!

    • dran

      sorry not my fault or the rest of the people in Canada getting screwed with relatively slow internet and download caps / month (250GB max download / upload in a lot of the plans (30-40 dollar plans) 1 TB max for 130 dollar plans)

      • godismicrosoft

        u knew what it was like before u made the choice to buy a modern day digital platform.. thats your bad.. go back to prehistoric devices that dont rely on modern day technology.. ull be fine and taken care of nicely 🙂 nintendo 64 is boss

      • Chuck Green

        You’re not stuck with Rogers. Switch to fiber op like I did. 90mbit down and 30mbit up with no caps. And that’s fiber to my house!!!

        • dran

          not available in western canada where i live

          • Chuck Green

            You can’t get telus fiber? Because I personally would not move to a location where Rogers was my only option. Sorry if that’s the case for you.

    • DLConspiracy//

      That’s a pretty selfish and ignorant thing to blurt out. Some people don’t have the choice. I may prefer digital too, but it’s not that cut and dry for everyone. No offense but think before you speak.

    • Miguel Azevedo

      How stupid is your comment!Plenty of people dont even have there consoles connect to the internet,this game is a Single player game it those not even have a Multiplayer portion….this kind of crap only happens because of people like yourself that support this crap developers,and it probably is going to get worse because of people like you!What normal people should do is not support this crap developers that are now releasing games to consumers without them been finnished and polished;people need to start talking more with there wallet and dont support developers that release games that are not ready to be played !

      • godismicrosoft

        i hope we do evolve fuck you and your cave people holding us back..i look forward to the future why u bitch and moan cause u want shit to stand still.. fuck your kind

    • dieger

      fine then mister rich you pay my $10 overcharge to AT&T…

    • GordonTheHat

      Try living in Australia, asswipe.

      • godismicrosoft

        u shouldnt of voted for abbott then

      • angelpig

        try moving to a civilized country, m8. or learn to surf or something, video games aren’t made for australia (which by the way isn’t even a real country, just like CANADA).

    • Guest

      How is this guy not banned and the top comment????

      • godismicrosoft

        cause gamers want the best.. not to be held back by the likes of you cave people

    • Dirkster_Dude

      Well, I guess you can afford it, but apparently you can’t afford the proper use of the English language with correct grammar, capitalization, and punctuation. That of course makes you look like a bigger fool and on top of everything else we come to your idiotic alias.

      • daveb

        “capitalization,”, sorry to be pedantic, no comma since you followed with an ‘and’. (you were commenting on grammar)

        • Dirkster_Dude

          I never claimed to be an expert, but if you actually to the post I responded to you will possibly understand the comparison of my grammar vs. the jerk. In the case the comma and AND it is acceptable when you’re listing items as I did although it isn’t required.

    • Federico Astica

      godismicrosoft, you know that people can’t choose in which country was born, right?

    • The Skeet Incarnate

      So I’m poor or need to play consoles from the 90’s if I like to have physical discs? Wow. The things people posts in these comment sections.

    • Israel Alvarado

      Right on. Digital devices for modern gaming, where everything, including consoles need a day one patch with size that is so ludicrous that not even negros from Compton can handle it because they just wanna get down.

      In the 90s, we suffered greatly without the digital shit, i mean back then you can just buy a game, pop it in and IMMEDIATELY play them. This includes consoles that doesn’t need updates and is made to play them immedietely.

      But the best part of the 90s, aside from the games being more fun and original, is that we don’t get to see posts from douchebags like yourself trying to justify something that is just plain stupid no matter how logical you are trying to be. Instead of ranting in forums like this, we are just GAMING RIGHT NOW!

      I miss the 90s. Being a caveman is much more fun than being a petty liberal for the digital world.

    • Waffy

      You really are ignorant. I live in the UK and in a good neighbourhood (not trying to boast that I have money but lets just say I’m not poor). Yet I’m in a dead spot which means I only get 1.5 Mbps download. I’m not exactly going to spend money and time moving house just so I can get better inet. Get real please.

    • Adam Fox

      your comment is so stupid! I have an Xbox One and buying a PS4 in a couple weeks….money is not the issue…the issue is stupid-ass ISPs capping data. You won’t be saying the same thing if your ISP decides to cap your data. AT&T UVerse is capped at 250GB…Comcast limits you to 300GB in some areas. Satellite is HORRIBLE with data caps being less than 100GB/month. Yea, you can get more data by paying extra, but thats an extra expense. When you factor in the cost for the system, the games, the cost for extra data and the cost for the online subscription service (PS+/XBL) it gets to be expensive. Not even rich folks want to pay their internet provider extra fee’s….its dumb….this is a world of 1080p and 4K streaming. A few years ago, Comcast had a 250GB limit and that was nowhere near as big of a problem as it is now. Back then, a 10 minute YouTube video was considered long and only uploaded in 360p or 480p. Now people are recording YouTube videos 20+ minutes long for reviews. YouTube product reviews are alot better than Consumer Reports reviews. Now we got game consoles that take 10GB+ for UPDATES for games people pay $60 for. There is no excuse for data caps.