Wolfenstein: The New Order PS4 vs. X360 Comparison GIF Shows Radical Difference In Textures & Graphics [Update]

Update: Our full comparison article is now online. You can check it out here.

Wolfenstein: The New Order runs at 60 fps on both, the previous generation consoles (PS3, 360) and the current generation consoles (PS4, Xbox One). In term of resolution, it is unclear what resolution the PS3 and Xbox 360 version run on but it runs at native 1080p on the PS4 and Xbox One. Although both current generation and previous generation version run at 60 fps, the graphics of the game are downgraded so much on the previous generation that it is not even funny.

In case you think we are making an hyperbole statement here, just take a look at this comparison GIF below, which shows the clear loss of detail for a character model in-game. Click here for the full sized GIF.

The difference doesn’t stop at simple texture detail, the lighting is also ‘radically’ different on both platforms. On the PS4 version, the lighting makes the character appear much more lively and adds a lot more detail to the environment, even if the end graphics don’t really look as great.

This is simply not a case of reduced lighting, lower resolution and texture quality, but more of a case of developers cutting back on almost everything so that they can run the game at 60 fps on the previous generation. Sadly, even if the game can run at an unlocked frame rate which targets 60 fps, there is plenty of tearing on the previous generation consoles.

If we had to recommend you any of the version, we would definitely give the nod to the current generation version. It is better to avoid the previous generation version, which are sadly the victim of too many cutbacks just to meet the 60 fps target.

Have you played Wolfenstein: The New Order? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Francisco M

    If you only want to compare the gap between those generations, you can do it comparing PS3 vs PS4 and XBox 360 vs XBO, as PS4 and XBO look very similar, like PS3 and Xbox 360 versions. So you can see how it looks on previous and current gen of both brands.

  • Zardak Edwards

    Even on the PS4 this game looks shit! I played it, and it is a fucking disaster. Bethesda should be ashamed of themselves. Bad game, bad design, bad graphics, bad everything. I’m not joking. They have made a quick grab for money. I have played many FPS games, but this one has got to be one of the worst i have ever played. They took shortcuts, they ripped our money, they don’t respect gamers at all. This company is a scam.

  • cerealkeller

    The real problem here is the engine it runs on. It was an outdated piece of crap before it ever even saw the light of day. The Id Tech 5 engine was in development for like 7 or 8 years before they finally released a game that used it, Rage. It doesn’t support multi GPU configurations, the overall efficiency is horrible and some features don’t even work correctly. Like v sync. Even with v sync on it still tears like a bastard. The game does look good, but there are engines out there that look much, much better with far less power required to run them.

  • Charles Odrechowski

    I have the PS3 version and it is horrible. The graphics are not better than the PS2. Also, making PS owner use the L2 and R2 buttons to fire with no way of changing that is pathetic.

  • No

    I googled X360 vs X1 for this game. All I get is Ps4 vs X1 or Ps4 Vs X360

  • LarryBundyJr

    Remember kiddies different lighting = Radical Difference In Textures & Graphics.

  • Alternative Joe

    played this on ps3…looks like ps2. graphics are abysmal – they look like they were rendered by a third-grader. glitches abound and choppy animations make this awful to look at on ps3. don’t buy; you will be disappointed.

  • ALB-Black-Eagle

    not really impressed if we wont to talk about how good his face look on ps4 then lets go back to crysis 3 on xbox 360 the new consoles still need to prove themselves

  • ShinAbo

    while the console wars rages on, the PC gamers sitting there watching, laughing at those silly stupid arguments

  • What a shame

    Played The New Order a few hours on my PS4 and very disappointed with it. A lot of the textures close up are such poor quality you’d think you were playing on a PS2 !!
    Completely spoils it for me, what a shame because the rest of the game is pretty decent.

  • CovertRain

    Duh?!? It’s last gen vs this gen. Shouldn’t there be a difference? I don’t mind the comparisons like this being done but why not show PS4 to PS3 or XBOX 360 to XBOX ONE or a PS4 to XBOX ONE? This is probably the least interesting type of comparison you can do.

    My guess is the author only has an XBOX 360 and PS4 at his disposal?

  • Sea-HAWK fan

    Um this is a stupid article . I love how this game looks like it was made for Next and downgraded for last.. How it should be. Sick of games made for last and then the companies add some lighting etc.. But back to my first sentence. Obviously it’s gonna look better on PS4 and xbox one.. We didn’t pay 500 for nothing.

  • John Pombrio

    geez, someone turns off the lights on one of the pics and it’s BAD res.

  • Lacarious

    this is the dumbest article i almost read this year.

  • Paul

    I have to say that the argument for more pixels is not always a good thing. I personally prefer the 360 for things like the arms on the guy that although less detailed, make them also less computer generated and more realistic looking. The same goes for the moodier, darker look of the photo. Yes the PS4 can deliver more detail and better light physics on the bald head and more cracks in his face, and the eyes are a LOT better, but overall as a cinematic piece coming from the eyes of the viewer (who believes he is the character) the X360 actually feels more realistic and smoother flowing lines and edges than the harsh detailing and tighter resolution of the PS4 with some jagged edges and over-lighting of key areas. So yes, the PS4 IS technically a much more superior machine that can do a LOT more in a scene such as that, but in a photo comparison such as this, the PS4 doesn’t win 100% on every aspect, it sometimes loses some of the filmography the game is trying to portray by over-detailing a lot of the scene. The same can be said of The Hobbit movie, where the director went for a much crisper resolution and tried to get a much sharper looking movie that technically was a huge step forward, but critics and filmgoers were not at all impressed and felt that it had become so sharp and detailed that suddenly expensive sets were starting to look just that, like fake sets! That often it is better to step back away from technology superiority and recapture the feel of what your achieving. Similar to how some directors have gone back to recording epic movies on older formats. Ask any Star Wars fan their opinion on filmography? The X360 photo is like Star Wars original trilogy whereas the PS4 picture looks like the prequels….. yes the prequels were more technically advanced and much better sharper imaging but it lost some of its mystique and looked too sharp, too detailed to the point it looked unrealistic and it caused a huge backlash. This is why Abrams is trying to head back to using original style filming techniques and styles and pushing all his resources into other areas of the film than just making it incredibly detailed, and why the PS4 version LOOKING better than the X360 version is not always a good thing, because the developers should follow Star Wars lead. Instead of using all that processing power to make every single little detail look sharp and crystal clear in every scene like this, they should use its power to produce bigger and better scenes. CGI is used in film to produce 1,000 stormtroopers in perfect detail, but the reality is that 1,000 extras in actual stormtrooper outfits looks 1,000 times better on screen and leaves the audience jaws dropping much lower than CGI performance can do, and the PS4 should follow that lead and produce set-pieces where a 1,000 unique characters are in a scene rather than worrying about wasting power in making one single character so incredibly detailed it becomes to look unrealistic or fake.
    And that is where fanboys are not helping developers. They make too big a deal of things like pixels and processing power and looking for comparisons like this and all it does is show much greater detail but with a feeling of “not quite realistic”. The PS4 power shouldn’t be used to power perfect lighting effects on a bald head or making his clothes so clear and crisp you can even count the stitches on the fabric, because in real life none of that matters, when you sit in a public place you watch how people act and what they do, you don’t observe the way light falls across their faces and how dust particles are clearly evident even at 40 feet away….. it should be used to make it more dynamic, to use more AI that blows the minds, to produce set pieces you can interact with that is so spectacular and jaw dropping it leaves you wanting to tell everyone about it rather than compare images with 7 year old technology.

    • Gamer First

      I 100% Disagree… That is a poor analogy.. Older movies like the Star Wars prequels you could tell where they used CGI because the lighting was never right. The CGI elements always looked a little cartoony or too shiny. But with most current movies you can’t even tell where the CGI starts or begins and movies like Gravity the entire movie is CGI.

  • MrZweistein

    Man, why not instead a PS4/PS3 comparison? Or a X1/X360! Or better PS4/X1, the guys at gamingbolt have done such a comparison and it seems it is quite interesting …

    • Fallout09

      They did a PS4 vs 360 comparison hoping people will misread the title and automatically say that the PS4 is superior. If you check the other PS4 vs XBO, you will see that the XBO has a slight edge in Color and Textures and those type of results don’t get as many clicks.

      • GodGamerDerp


        Factual PS4 Hardware Advantages: +6 CUs, +540 GFlops (40% greater) or more, +16 ROPs, +6 ACEs/CQs, better GPGPU support, better performing CPU, and faster unified memory. PS4 OS may also have less overhead or reserves.

        Digital Foundry proves that PS4 multiplat games consistently run at higher res and/or framerate.

        PS4 version of Watch Dogs has higher shadow quality, higher resolution, less screen tearing, higher framerate, and far better ambient occlusion over Xbox.

        PS4 version of Wolfenstein has higher average resolution and higher shadow quality over Xbox.

        PS4 version of Thief has higher res, framerate, and mostly higher visual effects. It’s superior in almost every way aside from trilinear filtering being traded off for parallax occlusion mapping over Xbox.

        PS4 version of Trials Fusion has higher resolution, framerate, and the exact same texture data over Xbox.

        Some use cherry picked screenshots from where a streamed texture was 0.01 seconds from fully loading and try to use it as false proof PS4 has worse textures. This is wrong and deceptive. Hard drive speed is the main issue in texture streaming load times. Installing a SSD in PS4 decreases texture streaming times dramatically. The texture data on most multiplats is identical.

        And don’t even start with the “sharp popping textures” from the hideous upscaling sharpness filter that they ended up removing. The crushed black contrast bug on Xbox One can be replicated on any display by increasing the contrast and/or sharpness levels.

  • Cristi

    heh I just blocked this site so I won’t be able to access it. Never forget.

  • PachterStation

    Bet it holds up well on the 360 and PS3. Totally pointless comparing last gen to this gen. What’s the point? I couldn’t care less which version I play, but I do prefer the 360 controller for shooters, even though I’ve got a PS3 and PS4 (don’t have a One yet).

    • Charles Odrechowski

      PS3 version is horrible

  • nice catch, eagle-eye

    radical differences…. shocking

  • YroBalboa

    The Ps4 version does have a lot last gen textures 😉


      Are you sure you do not mean the 360 version….?

      Because this is what the article is about the stark differences that the one either does, or does not bring to the table.

  • doom guy

    It’s nice to see the jump from the previous gen to the current gen. Quite a leap it is 🙂

  • You are flat out wrong

    That’s 1080p versus sub-HD for you.

  • Kamille

    looks nearly the same to be honest.

    • Neil Riley

      Time for that eye test!


        That is the problem with most these days…….they will convince themselves that they are the same even though they are obviously not.

        • CovertRain

          I see the difference between the two generation machines. I better…it’s the older 360 vs. PS4. However, to your point people are also doing the opposite when comparing PS4 to XBOX ONE games…..they will convince themselves that they ARE NOT nearly the same even though obviously there is little difference.

          • YOUDIEMOFO

            I hear you….

  • Oh, good. More next-gen vs. last-gen comparisons.

    Why don’t you use your time more wisely and compare Sunset Overdrive’s gameplay to its pre-rendered trailer some more?

    Get this site off my internet please.

    • leingod

      Actually, this info was pretty useful to me. I needed to know if the current-gen version was worth getting over the last-gen one (which is a lot more easy to get where I live)

  • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

    Thats why the fanboys need to let this 60 fps thing go, if we can get 30 frames locked and much better graphics that’s far better then 60fps and garbage graphics like Turn 10 did with Forza on xbone, that’s a classic example of how the extra frames ruined the overall look of the game.

    • Kamille

      gameplay > graphics always.

      GT7 will be 60 frames by default so don’t come crying then and switching arguments.

      • Guest

        He will. He’s a pauper, so he will.

  • Trim Dose

    I don’t see any difference, that character is ugly as hell in either version. 😀

  • Matthew

    PC vs Console, that’s where the interesting comparisons are!

    • ImonadrugcalledCharlieSheen

      No not really, everyone already knows PC will always look superior its just elitists that feel the need to remind everyone on a constant basis.

    • Neil Riley

      Not even slightly interesting for console only owners. Great for PC owners perhaps.

  • Dirkster_Dude

    There isn’t enough difference for me to care. Obviously if I have a new console buy the game for that console, but otherwise I don’t see any reason to be jealous or envious if I don’t have one. Yes there is what I would consider minor improvements to the graphics, but it isn’t something I would notice or care about playing the game. Even looking at the still image I don’t see where spending $400 for a new console was justified. I realize that over time it would be, but so far the new Killzone, Infamous: Second Son, and Wolfenstein: The New Order do not impress me enough for the PS4. The XB1 has a similar issues as well.

    • kish1975

      You say that because you don’t have the new console and if I did not own every console out I would be pissed , it looks like shit total putty face and shadows that suck so as a gamer how could you not unless your a casual gamer that buys 1 game every 3 month.

      • Dirkster_Dude

        I never said I didn’t have 1 of the new consoles you made that assumption. The only thing I said was I wouldn’t buy A new console based on these games and I wouldn’t because while they are better they are not what I would consider a reason for a $400 purchase.

    • bigevilworldwide

      LMAO…Clearly your trying to dilute yourself the 360 version looks like shit

      • Dirkster_Dude

        The picture is comparing a PS4 to a 360. Of course the PS4 looks better, but it doesn’t look $400 better which means there is no reason for me to worry about it. Of course I don’t even understand your “dilute” comment.

        • Craig Savage

          I think he meant “delude” 🙂

          • Dirkster_Dude

            Probably, but then he is an idiot for telling everyone else that doesn’t think like him is deluded.

  • Daniel Lawson

    lighting changes everything… need something more then this for real comparison

    • We are working on a better comparison with more direct-feed screenshots. Should be posted soon. 🙂

  • saquib

    Xbx version is 720p only. Khurram write another article on this please

    • Xbox One and PS4 is 1080p and I am sure(not confirmed though) that it is Dynamic resolution as it drops once the engine is under load and the fps fall below 60 fps. Basically it is like RAGE on the PS3 and Xbox 360, which also used ID Tech Engine.

      • Xtreme Derp

        Correct, Xbox One will probably drop resolution more often than PS4.

        • Correct, this could be the case. We won’t know until proper analysis though.

  • Hates bad writers.

    A new console outperforming an old one. Man, it’s like installing AdBlock for shitty articles is what you want people to do.

    • Seems like you missed the memo when people were calling the Watch Dogs PS3 version looking as good as the PS4/XB1 version. Ofcourse, this is a different game but it is interesting to see that we have reached a point where the gap between cross-gen games is getting bigger.

      • EddyNigma

        What did you expect? For the former gen consoles to keep up the whole time? Same thing happens every new gen. The games look the same as the gen before until devs start learning how to make the new consoles shine.

        • The problem with this cross-gen stuff is that it only goes both ways. The previous gen consoles don’t really benefit much from it and the current gen ones don’t get realized their full potential. But it doesn’t mean they can’t compete, as if the developer is good, sometimes the games do look good on both platforms. Take for example Watch Dogs.
          Wolfenstein is a different case here because it is a 60 fps game, which is quite taxing on the hardware and as a result, the graphics almost fall down to PS2 level, despite PS3/360 being capable of far much more. Hope you understand what I am trying to say here.

          • EddyNigma

            I get what you’re saying. I think the real drawback that Wolfenstein suffers from is the decision to make it 60Hz. May have been better to keep it locked to 30Hz, at least on the older platforms.

          • Pretty much. That’s the difference that I expect from the upcoming Call of Duty since Call of Duty games are always 60 fps and if they go with 60 fps on PS3/360, the graphics are gonna look like crap.

          • Mozef Kaddas

            The best line ever and very true.
            ( The previous gen consoles don’t really benefit much from it and the current gen ones don’t get realized their full potential)
            Kudos for saying that

      • Hates bad writers.

        “people were calling the Watch Dogs PS3 version looking as good as the PS4/XB1 version.”

        Seems like a bad journalist trying to make excuses for a bad article. Oh yeah, I’ll take a link to these comments, they should be anywhere from few to non existent.

        • These comments only come from people who own a previous generation system only and somehow keep themselves from buying a current generation one by pretending that there is no need for an upgrade now. There are such comments right in this article(look below) and I can safely bet you that if there is ever a Watch Dogs current vs previous gen comparison, it will be full of such comments. Ofcourse, I am not saying that these people are correct, but there are plenty of such people.

      • Sea-HAWK fan

        That’s because developers know that PS3 and Xbox 360 are still the cash cows.. So it seems they develop backwards and make the game for last gen.. Then they add some lighting and couple new animations and call it a day.. This game looks like they made the best graphical game they could and to bad for last gen fans that there systems can’t handle it.

      • John

        “Seems like you missed the memo when people were calling the Watch Dogs PS3 version looking as good as the PS4/XB1 version”

        Ive seen no one on the internet imply or say that until i read your post, im assuming this site said such stupid things. Thanks adblock for not giving this idiotic hacks a penny from me.

  • Of course it will look better on PS4, why don’t you compare PS4 with X1?

    • Hates bad writers.

      I’d agree to a point, but we shouldn’t compare at all. It’s pointless. Especially with new to old gen tech.

      • kish1975

        we should compare and I have all the systems and I called my local store and they only got 5 copies of each for ps4 and x1 and last gen 1 copy and I am buying it no matter what tomorrow and now if they did not have the ps4 or x1 version I will pass until they get more than paying for the ugly looking 360 /ps3 versions . so for me I am happy they showed the difference

        • Hates bad writers.

          Why? You’re a moron to not know that the new consoles would look drastically different. Expect this difference for all games, you’ll never see last gen consoles performing as well as current.

      • lance

        I disagree on deciding to upgrade or wait, if the game is still fun in 360 then why upgrade if the diff is huge then maybe it’s time , not everyone is u asshole

    • We will once we get our hands on direct-feed screenshots from Xbox One version. The point of this article is to show the GAP between the two generations, and how 60 fps has only led to increasing it further.

    • bjshepp

      Because there won’t be any noticeable difference between PS4 and X1. The point of this article was to highlight the exact differences between current and next Gen versions. Why is this so hard for people to understand?

      • Thank you for the explanation. This was the point indeed. It is not like the PS3/X360 can’t handle these graphics, but due to the 60 fps target + less priority for both, the graphics are really horrible here. But as we have seen with some other games (GTA V, Halo 4 and The Last of Us) the hardware is capable, just very under utilized here.

        • Guest

          Then do 360 vs X1..? LOL smh bad gaming journalism is bad.

          • The point is to compare best current gen vs best previous gen. How is it so hard to understand? Maybe I should have wrote a better title like “current gen vs previous gen” instead of X360 vs PS4. I guess that’s what I will do from now on.

          • MrZweistein

            But all other comparisons showed that best current gen for this specific game is on Xbox One so if you say you wanted to show best current gen vs best last gen you needed to do a Xbox One / Xbox 360 comparison, right?

          • landlock

            best previous gen then surely that would be PS3 in terms of graphics and details.

      • Xtreme Derp

        PS4 will probably run it better than X1, wait for digital foundry.

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