Xbox One Software Outsells PS4 Software In US, Ghosts and Battlefield 4 Sold Better On Xbox One And More

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People might argue about PlayStation 4 having superior ports but it seems like the general public doesn’t really seem to care much. Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has revealed software sales figures for several of the first party Microsoft titles.

December’s NPD sales figures are now out in the wild. According to Aaron Greenberg, Xbox One retail software sold approximately 4.8 million units compared to 4.2 million for PlayStation 4. While he doesn’t give the exact figure, he does comment on how Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4 sold better on Xbox One.

Some good #NPD SW facts: #XboxOne YTD 2013: 4.8M retail games vs. 4.2M for PS4. COD & BF4 both sold better on #XboxOne.

When a user asked him about Forza 5, Ryse and Dead Rising 3 sales number, he gives the following figures for these titles.

DR3 526K, FM5 457K, RYSE 431K.

He then clarifies that these are LTD numbers and not just December. Xbox One launched in November so these numbers should cover November + December.


Lastly, Aaron Greenberg drops the last NPD sales figure fact stating that 1st Party titles on Xbox One sold 1.5 million units compared to 599k on PS4.

Last #NPD fact: 1st/2nd party (exclusives) SW sales for #XboxOne 1.5M units vs. 599K for PS4. Led by Dead Rising, Forza 5 and Ryse.

Xbox One was also the best selling console in US for the month of December, 2013. The PS4 wasn’t much far behind though and still remains the best selling next generation console in the US and in worldwide sales.

What do you think of these sales for software on Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • scortez

    Haha PS4 fanboys are so mad right now they have no idea what to do but make stupid excuses lmao x) stupid fanboys

  • JimmyNice

    no one’s mentioning how much there is for free to play on PS4 and what is free with PS+. The reason I say this is because they have already announced a higher attach rate for PS4… so how is that possible when 360 is selling more games? because you have more free on PS4… Contrast, Resogun & Don’t Starve (plus carryovers Flower & Flow) with PS+ … then Warframe, DCUO and Blacklight retribution. What free games are you getting with your $500 XB1 and live membership again? There is a reason why it’s 3 million systems to 4.2 million.

  • You are flat out wrong

    Xbot damage control. Facts are: 4.2 million PS4s sold worldwide and more third party games sold on PS4 than Xbone. That’s what publishers will be interested in, not the fact that 400,000 dumbass Xdrones were stupid enough to buy Ryse: Son of Fog.

    • miDnIghtEr20C

      That’s a cool story for World Wide. Too bad this is an NPD article. Flat out Rattled.

      • You are flat out wrong

        >b bu but muh en pee dee

        And the Xbone is still behind in total sales. You just got flat out WRECKED.

        • miDnIghtEr20C

          Flat out fails. When the overall NPD article comes out you might have something. This one is about December. Flat out sold more. That’s flat out wild!

          • You are flat out wrong

            Nope. Confirmed total. Keep clinging to them straws though! They might give you the inspiration to make more crap GIFs for fellow Xbots on neogaf.

          • miDnIghtEr20C

            Make more crap Gifs? ha ha ha.. You must think I’m somebody else there. I’ve never made any gif for anyone on any site. You must think I’m an alt account. Nope.. the one and only Nightie20C. ha ha.. thanks for the laugh.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Hope your insider gave you the hot scoop about Tomb Raider on Xbone being 30FPS!

            Imagine. A year old last gen game. 30FPS. On much better hardware than the 360. This is gonna a short generation for Microsoft, that’s if Saint Elop doesn’t kill the brand. :)

        • AL

          Remember PS4 is available in 53 territories, Xbox One in 13, so technically Xbox One is indeed behind in total sales, but not by a wide margin. And when it becomes available in other territories (plus when Titanfall comes out in early March), Xbox One will EASILY topple PS4 sales worldwide. And PS4 fanboys would have to come up with a better excuse and HOPEFULLY something coherent to say.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Oh look, another dumb Xbot who doesn’t realise that the PS4 and Xbone are available in 70% of the global market, the other 20% being Japan where the Xbone is DOA and 10% being the countries only the PS4 is available in. If you think Portugal, Qatar and Indonesia are going to pick up the slack for the Xbone you need a reality check, especially with those 900,000 Xbones clogging up shelves worldwide.

          • AL

            Xbone One sales will surpass PS4 sales and no amount of hate (and stupid comments) will stop it. You need a reality check too, get your facts and stop talking out of your ass, and for gods sakes, get out once in a while, theres more to life than games.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Hahahahahaha! The Japan launch, refreshing Western stocks and the impending release of actual next gen exclusives will widen the gap considerably. Xbone is widely regarded as cancer and no damage control can save it. It’s over and it feels so good.

    • dohn joe

      muh sales

  • tech

    No one will care one batshi* about anything but TItanfall when March comes.

    Playing it on my X1 currently. COD, Battlefield, Killzone, every other game is dead to me now. O.O

    You will not believe it until you play it.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Surprise! Another Xdrone hawking the only game he has to play until Halo 5 in November.

    • HenryDF

      All I hear from Xbox fanboys at the moment:

      “Titanfall, Titanfall, Titanfall, Halo, Titanfall, Titanfall, Titanfall, Halo”

      Find something new to obsess over, it’s getting a bit tiring.

  • Josh

    Good to see both consoles selling well, but raving about NPD data this early is dumb since both consoles spent a lot of time not selling due to unavailability.

  • Frederick J. Wilburn

    Microsoft bull COD PS4 US: 986,000(1,600,000), COD XBOX US: 840,000(1,200,000)..

    • tech

      So you have more info than the NPD data centers then?

      lol. I can pull numbers out of my @sz too… but I won’t bother.

  • Dakan45

    Not suprising considering that if you check vghchartz, you will see most games sell better on x360.

  • miDnIghtEr20C

    Wow. And all the Sony boys kept telling us it was over. That nobody wanted to buy a 100 dollar more console that was less powerful. So much of all the 1080p talk that they cried about. Like we said.. nobody cared about resolution. People want fun games and that’s what we got. All the 1080p cry babies out there… laughing my ass of at you guys. The hardcore Sony fanboy has been so wrong so far. It’s hilarious.

    • Dakan45

      like i said, it doesnt matter who sells the most consoles, if games dont sell, then gaming is dying, no high console sales do not mean gaming is “more alive than ever” games today have a hard time to reach 3 milion sales, only gtames like gta and cod sell amazingly well.

      So they have to dumb down games, like say killing off horror to make sales. It doesnt matter which console sells more, but who buys more games since the industry needs alot of sales to survive, GAME sales not consoles. There are over 160 million plus of x360s and ps3s, YET sleeping dogs sold only 1.5 millon, sales matters not consoles.

      • miDnIghtEr20C

        Yep. And it’s the games that sell. And who would of thought it, but despite COD and BF4 not being 1080p on the Xbox One, it still sold more of those copies on the Xbox One.

        Again… fun factor is what it ‘s about. And right now, people are having fun with their Xbox Ones. 720p launch games be damned.

        • You are flat out wrong

          It’s more like 50/50 in the US right now, which should concern MS after their co-marketing and traditional association with the Xbox brand. Combine this with the PS4 versions selling better in non-American markets and the PS4 versions of both will have sold more in total.

          Keep your head in the sand though, it’ll be all the more satisfying when the realisation sets in for you. :)

      • tech

        NPD: Xbox One sold more games that PS4.

        World wide comparison is moot until X1 releases in all the same territories. PS4 is in 3 times as many countries currently. And X1 is still competing with it very squarely. At a higher price point.

        Pretty scary for Sony.

        • You are flat out wrong

          Oh look, another dumb Xdrone who thinks Portugal, Taiwan and Zambia will make up the difference in Xbone sales.

          Newsflash: no one outside of North America cares about Xbox. It’s DOA outside of there. Deal with it. :)

          • madbads

            lot of UK scum do , sorry if you are from UK.. i hate some of them , sucking americans cock so hard , thinking they are cool

          • You are flat out wrong

            True, but the PS4 has blown out the Xbone there. It was hilarious when MS priced it to be more expensive than the PS3 at launch. What did they think was gonna happen?

          • Michael W

            $1800 PS4 in Brazil says hello.

          • You are flat out wrong

            The point bringing up Brazil is? I was talking about the UK. Cry harder, Xchimp. :)

          • Chris Adamson

            ur an idiot @disqus_nbHydwTuem:disqus. we not fond of the Americans either but its fun kicking there arses on FPS’s and hearing them rage

        • madbads

          its actually not at all scary… they still getting some money but no one cares about that..
          the real thing here should be games .. and well you know who got them.

        • miDnIghtEr20C

          You’ll see guys like “flat out wrong” come in and try to change the subject of the article to better suit them. He mentions Worldwide in NPD articles. That’s like someone in a Worldwide article saying.. “But only the USA!!!”

          But I see X1′s on store shelves!!!! Bahahahahahahaha… just shows they’re making lot’s of them.

    • Iain Chambers

      Dont believe everything you read its consoles shipped not sold sony have 1.5 million lead world wide

      • dlocsta

        No it is not. Don’t play the Sony game. Only Sony talks about shipped numbers. You have NEVER once heard any other company talk about “shipped”. So keep your Sony BS to yourself.

        • You are flat out wrong

          “Sold to consumers” actually. One day you’ll have to leave that bubble, Xdrone.

          • dlocsta

            So now stores are “consumers”? If not you are still making no damn sense!

          • You are flat out wrong

            Xdrone denial is best denial.

            Xbone sales falling off everywhere now there’s piles of the things lying unwanted into stockrooms everywhere. sogood.gif

          • dlocsta

            Again you stupid moron, how do you know the sales of the Xbox One are dropping off in a region it is not even sold in? You seriously cannot be that stupid? Please tell me you are just kidding? Right? There is no way anyone can ne THAT stupid!?!

        • Iain Chambers

          Dont own or intend to own a PS4 its PC gamming for the win Microsoft are just really good a bull shit spin if you believe any thing they say your just stupid

    • FPS_GURU

      Were just waiting for Infamous, The Order, Uncharted, GOW, and other shhh.

      • miDnIghtEr20C

        Well I’ve been playing the TitanFall Alpha today and I’ll say good luck to those games. Infamous will be fun and look great, but in the USA (and this is a USA NPD article) people in the USA love their FPS games. And TF is going to be awesome.

        • TheJAke922

          Ill be playing Titanfall on my new PC im getting this summer…and Infamous on my PS4! :D

        • You are flat out wrong

          How’s the bad AI working for you? Bu bu but the cloud will be able to do it really well!

      • Michael W

        Greatness waits… and waits, and waits. Enjoy 2017!

        • You are flat out wrong

          Infamous is out in March, not 2017. Silly Xbox moron!

          • Michael W

            O look its the SDF moron that loves to troll Xbox articles. Whats the mater flat out wrong no games to play?

            Btw haha more preorders for Titanfall than your crap game notfamous.

          • You are flat out wrong

            Yeah, I can see how that brown and beige online whackamole with bad AI bots appeals to braindead Xdrones with no games to play until Halo 5.

      • Chris Adamson

        uncharted is dog shit … dont know why ppl go on about the series… its so closed in what you can do.. the puzzles if you can call them that are click this , move that. the shoot outs are plan crap.. what am i missing?!

        • TheJAke922


    • TraceSkipper

      digital downloads numbers are never revealed by Sony. And since i buy all my shooters digital, i’m thinking maybe others do as well. So what are the numbers now?

      the ONLY reason X1 sold more in the states is b/c they had more stock

      • miDnIghtEr20C

        Well, you can’t punish them for having more stock. Be mad at Sony for not providing enough in your area or for not cutting back on some smaller areas for the bigger ones. And I don’t believe NPD numbers are made up of digital downloads on either side.

    • Prime157

      Enjoy your spin.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Nintendo sold 3 million Wii Us in the first three months too. It’s nothing to be excited about.

      Fact is, once the fanboys have got their Bones (and they already have), Xbone sales are going to fall off a cliff. The fact that the PS4 was only around 50k behind the Bone in December despite being largely unavailable at retail should terrify Xdrones. Unfortunately, they don’t have the cognitive ability to discern such logic.

    • madbads

      That sarcasm is over 9000 :D

    • HenryDF

      You’ve got a slightly limited mindset if you think the the Sony fanboys have been wrong. Did they say CoD would sell better on PS4? No. Did they say BF would sell better on PS4? No. They said that their console would sell more and that CoD Ghosts would be better on PS4 – they were right in both situations.

      Simply because the PS4 players didn’t buy BF and Ghosts doesn’t mean that X1 is more successful or better in any regard. There are games other than the ones listed here; need I list them to make my point? Hopefully not.

      • HyperTallih

        Xbox fanboys have been wrong

        • HenryDF

          Wrong in what way? Of course they’ve been wrong in saying that the X1 would sell more, but apart from that, I don’t see any claims they’ve made that might have been wrong.

          • HyperTallih

            I agree with you.

            Have an upvote.

      • miDnIghtEr20C

        Attach rate is better for games on X1. Sony fans said that people wouldn’t buy X1 versions of COD and BF because they’re not 1080p. For some reason 1080p =Fun Factor now. The Sony fans said that nobody would buy a less powerful more expensive console. Now one of them is saying (not you) that it’s the fanboys that are buying Xbox Ones right now.. and it will die off after that. Moving goal post. It’s enjoyable seeing the X1 outsell the PS4 already and watching jaws drop. “but it will die like Wii U” they scream out.

        Ha ha ha… right. I just got done playing the TitanFall Alpha. And just in Alpha alone that game is great. I see why they spent big bucks to keep that exclusive. Consoles are going to sell again big time come March. Not to mention Halo comes out at the end of the Year. Pretty strong Year for the X1. Games, games and more games.

  • Virdin Barzey

    Oh the irony. Wasn’t the major problem with the XB1 was that the graphics and its an underpowered system compared to the PS4? How about all the snap shot comparisons that clearly showed it by looking at BF4 and Call of Duty? Yet those games sold more on XB1. How is that possible? Hmmmmm…..What about 900p vs 1080p? A clear difference in power…..really?

    If you have both consoles, you will quickly realize they are very, very close. Closer than some would want you to think. I have a PS4 and believe me, it selling based on hype and potential….and a hatred towards all things MS. The potential is there and it hopefully will be realized much quicker than how long it took the PS3.

    These comparisons are soo silly since the same was said about the PS3 vs 360, yet some still believe the PS3 is more powerful. These two new machines are closer in specs than any of the previous, yet some are expecting major differences. Unbelievable.

    • Vulcanproject

      No, it was that it cost more AND had inferior graphics hardware.

      Which it does. Is the difference massive? No, but it IS significant, which will see even more after the single round of games we have had….and that’s the foolishness of calling their capabilities so similar, based solely on early games. More later games will bear out PS4 is considerably faster, even though many early efforts like Battlefield 4, Black Flag and Ghosts are undeniably running at far higher resolutions on PS4. Don’t think 1600 x 900 is much more than 1280 x 720? Don’t think 1920 x 1080 is much more than 1600 x 900? Okay- but these are still only early efforts and Xbox One can’t keep up already.

      The gap is larger than the previous generation-this is already borne out on those early games. It’s pointless denying that. Claiming they are closer than the previous generations performance wise is just a straight up untruth. The performance gap is much bigger than that of Xbox and PS2, or PS3 and Xbox 360.

      What you are seeing is Xbox One in it’s home market, it’s best and primary territory, just about matching PS4 for sales while PS4 has not got many good exclusives out yet, and has a more constricted supply chain.

      This is a temporary, short term outlook.

      This year and their exclusives will make a bigger difference. PS4 launching in Japan will make a difference, a market where Playstation will surely sell pretty well, and Xbox One will probably not.

      It’ll be fascinating to revisit this in just 6 months, and see the worldwide totals. Microsoft only seem to care about North America. A maintenance of this stance will be seriously detrimental to the console eventually.

      • Virdin Barzey


        You don’t get it. Its very ironic that the games, gamers like yourself were using to discredit the XB1 ends up selling more on the XB1. That’s very ironic. Nobody cares if the machine cost more since the PS3 was way more expensive that these two machines and many bought it. What gamers want is their money’s worth or better stated, their gaming worth.

        Take off your Sony glasses for a minute and maybe you might get the picture. I could careless who has the most consoles sold. I did not buy both consoles just to have the latest tech. I got both of them for the games. That was the major problem with dudes like yourself. Get caught up in the specs and when the games come, its on par on both consoles.

        Yeah we heard all the same stupid specs being spewed about the Cell and all the cores and how the PS3 was a beast and it is superior to the 360. Yup, and we still have idiots going around to this day talking about its power. Blu-ray was the killer because of its infinite storage for game worlds, PS3l did 230 Gflops and 360 did 77, RAM speed of the PS3 was 3.2 Ghz to 360 which had only 700 Mhz. Enough with the stupid geeg speak.

        Its the games that matter. All the multiplatform games will look the same. The question will be the few exclusives, how many one each and how good with they really be. Focus on the games and you will always find your winner no matter how many consoles are sold. The US is the biggest market and where most of the money is made. Japan has been dying for years since most big time developers rarely makes games for that market.

        Bottom line: if both do well, the gamers are the winners so stop the online hate and enjoy the games. Just ask Nintendo why their handheld is crushing the competition. Hint, its not the tech genius.

        • Vulcanproject

          That’s not irony. If gamers said that games were crap or the console was crap and that somehow eventually CAUSED people to buy it, that’s irony. But that’s not how this happened, is it? So it’s not ironic. At all.

          Nobody cares how much these machines cost?

          Right there, is an enormous fail statement. I really don’t know what else to say about that. If nobody cared about cost, or price differences, then we may as well scrap the whole economic structure of…..the world. It’s a serious driving factor.

          So you bought the consoles for games, however in your first statement said that and I quote you directly ‘ain’t much’ which is somewhat contradictory to start. But assuming you mean down the line, I’m not that caught up on specs, but you don’t have to be to realise that Xbox One versions of several big games do not match up to PS4 versions. You claimed they are the same. No, they are not.

          PS4 is more powerful, the gap is far bigger than any Xbox or Playstation machines previously. Multiplatforms don’t all look the same, the launch ones didn’t. Why deny this. Makes no sense whatsoever, it’s just flat out lying really, misrepresentation. 720p or 900p for example isn’t 1080p. Theres a reason why you can’t market a 720p as native 1080p because… isn’t the same.

          The U.S is a large market, but it’s not the be all and end all, as PS3 managed to outsell 360 worldwide, despite 360 dominating in North America.

          Which is kind of the point- Xbox One it seems will have a struggle to just match PS4 in the North American market, let alone dominate like Microsoft did with 360. The North American market share was the only thign that kept Microsoft in the game last generation, without that dominance again, it has to find wider audience, which sems unlikely.

          Mainly because Xbox One is even more North American oriented than its predecessor. If this continues to be Microsoft’s policy, narrow minded vision, it’ll destroy the brand elsewhere and kill the console eventually.

          This is A LOT about the price to start and availability, then games(because early sales clearly aren’t because of a wad of amazing games right now), and a little bit of the specs.

          You probably shouldn’t be telling others to put on glasses…………

          • Virdin Barzey

            Whatever dude. I really think you should apply for a job at Sony. They really could use someone like you who are so blinded…oops my bad, dedicated to the success of their machine that you are willing to forsake all. Just advice….at least you would get paid for it.

            If that’s what you believe in your rant, good luck. Ain’t nobody got time for this mess. I’ve got gaming to do on both of my consoles. Oh, that’s right you are talking about both consoles but you only have one. Hmmm…yet you seem so, so, knowledgeable about all things gaming though? LOL. Thank goodness for the internet otherwise you would have been taken for a fraud. We just can’t have that since we don’t want other to know you didn’t do all these comparisons yourself.

            You one sided gamers are all the same. Tired and broke…..just like your logic and so called facts. Would tell you to enjoy the games but your more into consoles oops wrong again, into one console rather than the games. BTW I never told anyone to put on glasses, I you to “take off your Sony glasses for a minute and maybe you might get the picture.” Those things must be cemented on. Oh well. We’re done here. Next topic……….

          • Vulcanproject

            I see you have become extremely defensive and resorted to a full blown personal attack. I guess it is because you are totally incapable of a discussion of the the points I raised, and incapable of addressing them intelligently without the use of ad hominem. I assume you’ll want a dictionary to look that up.

            If you must know, my platform of choice for most of my gaming is PC. The consoles are nice little toys, bit under powered particularly Xbox One, but again, that’s not really relevant to my points you have failed to dispute.

            I’m into games, which is why it is a mystery that you are so insistent you are, while the new consoles don’t really have any really good ones yet from what I have played.

            But never mind, you can trot on and try to have a conversation with someone else you can try beat down with personal attacks and no attempt at logic, reasoning or discussion. Those tactics never work against me, never will.

          • Virdin Barzey

            There is a difference between being defensive and not wasting time going back and forth. I think your points are silly and you sound like a bias gamer. Real simple….Example, if cost was initially a huge factor, why did the XB1 sell 3 million when there was a cheaper alternative? Sold way more than every console except the PS4 at launch. Its perceived value not cost for the core gamers who are the ones who buys these consoles initially. The non-core gamers like yourself look at price and aren’t the ones buying these console now.

            Whatever dude. You want to have a debate. I want to enjoy games. You should reply to another post because I ain’t got time to go thru that long list of disagreements I have with your thread. Enjoy your PC….and a word of advice. People who are really, not casually into games, get them all…PC included.

            Yeah its a mystery to you because you have no idea. I’ve been gaming and have owned tons of games, consoles, pc spanning decades. I have and continue to support the industry from its infancy till now. So in the words of a great actor “Get off my lawn.”

            Lastly, its laughable you calling the console underpowered toys. Some of the best games have been on the underpowered machines even when their has been a more powerful alternative. Yet you are into the games. Okay. Whatever you say. I’m out.

          • Vulcanproject

            You were blatantly defensive, your entire previous comment was nothing but a personal attack. pretty pathetic but not surprising.

            Why did Xbox One sell 1.2 million less than PS4 you mean? Because cost is always a factor? It is hilarious that you think cost is somehow a non factor for a games console! It’s a factor for virtually anything. I haven’t seen a less intelligent observation on this page than that.

            I am a PC gamer. It’s fair to say just being a PC gamer makes me more of a core gamer than most console ONLY gamers, because a console is a mass market, simplified gaming device.

            All I’m seeing yet again is paragraph after paragraph of entirely irrelevant waffle from you, attempting to somehow prove that you are a ‘core’ gamer. This is a fallacious argument that addresses still none of my points in my post above.

            The consoles are essentially, toys. Look up the definition of ‘toy’. By that they are solely entertainment devices used for play. Its merely an observation. Of course I am into games, but I don’t need to write a whole replies trying to claim I am and defending myself. I’m confident in my own knowledge and your total inability to reply to any of my salient points above in an intelligent manner.

        • You are flat out wrong

          “Bottom line: if both do well, the gamers are the winners so stop the online hate and enjoy the games.”

          Go away, Larry Hyrb.

          • Virdin Barzey

            Looks like we still haven’t taught chimps how to read. You’re on the wrong thread. Sony tread that way ===>>>

          • HyperTallih


    • HenryDF

      Hardly irony – the Sony fanboys never said it would sell more. They never specifically said “CoD Ghosts is going to sell more on PS4 compared to X1″.

      They said the X1 was underpowered and that the CoD Ghosts graphics were poorer; even from my personal, neutral perspective, I have to agree with them. It does look better in 1080p on PS4. Numerous people in these comments are saying that Sony fanboys were wrong…but to be honest, they weren’t. Their claims simply aren’t reflected in sales figures.

      • Virdin Barzey

        Irony: a situation that is strange or funny because things happen in a way that seems to be the opposite of what you expected

        • HenryDF

          How does the fact that things panned out the opposite to how I may have expecting tie in with what I said?

  • HyperTallih


    • NintenScience


    • HyperTallih



  • NOTT

    i really couldnt have the balls to buy xbox one due their drm policy fiasco, im sorry i just dont trust MS anymore,


    • dlocsta

      But you faithfully trust the company that lied about being hacked and having 70 million users’s information stolen? You make total sense.

  • penglish06

    im not a fan boy of either system but i dont see ppl buying one game per ps4 since this is saying 4.2 million software sells and the ps4 sold 4.2 million ps4′s in 2013 im just sayin

    • guest

      its because sony likes to put out shipped numbers for their ps4 not actual sales so it doesn’t actaually reflect real sales.

  • asbo-5

    And your proof is where??

  • TristanPR77

    Best selling console on the US and worldwide > best selling console on December.

    It is obvious that the xbone benefits from the PS4 out of stock situation on December.

  • Vulcanproject

    So despite Xbox One selling more games, and more games that appeal to North americans, PS4 retains a hardware market share lead? That is a MASSIVE swing from the previous generation. Xbox 360 had total domination, now it’s only at best selling on par with PS4 in it’s home market. This is the key here, this is Xbox One’s BEST market, and one of Playstation’s weakest previously.

    All this is still despite supply of PS4 being horrifically constrained?

    Xbox One is doing ok, but I still fear for it badly once Sony can ship enough hardware and get some of it’s more anticipated exclusives on the shelves in the spring.

  • john

    Hahahaha – that just means xboxers play more FPS’ than PS gamers. A fact we already know ALL TO WELL dummie!

  • Jesus

    That only proves people got bored of their xbox games quicker and decided to buy a new game

    • HalfBlackCanuck

      I bought three at launch because, variety. Plus DL’d Killer Instinct.
      (FIFA, DR3, Forza 5, and KI)
      I didn’t buy a PS4 because I am not yet interested in enough of their games. Just IMO but by the end of Q1 I would only really be playing DriveClub (free version to gauge purchase), Killzone (didn’t love the last two, but it was the only launch title that I cared about), Resogun, and InFamous. On XB1 I will be enjoying the above plus I have since purchased Peggle 2 and will get Titanfall in March.

    • Jason Mounce

      Derpy little Sony Tr0llies… please return to your binders full of losers.

      This helps to soothe ur weak butter caused by the lack of money in Sodony’s tiny pocket. Angry losers like you should try it for breakfast.


    • Daniel Sousa

      xbox one sell more software, because people one xbox so more hardcore, sony mens its more casual, in 10 mens on xbox one, 7 is hardcore and 3 casual, on ps4 5hardcore and 5 casual.

    • ilovegoogleglass

      Damage control?

      • NintenScience


    • HyperTallih