Xbox Division head Julie Larson named one of the “Most Powerful Women in Tech”

Julie Larson is a senior employee at Microsoft, who received the task of handling the division of Xbox after the resignation of previous president Don Mattrick.

She is a executive at Microsoft and has been working for them for 20 years now. She was placed in the list of “Most Powerful Women in Tech” recently by Fortune Magazine.

Julie Larson is currently executive vice president of “Devices & Studios Group” at Microsoft. This also includes the whole Xbox division, which is pretty profitable for Microsoft these days.

Don Mattrick left Microsoft in July 2013 and went on to join Zynga. The task of handling the Xbox division was then given to Julie Larson. We congratulate her in securing this new title and wish her all the best in handling the Xbox division at Microsoft. Hopefully, under her direction, Microsoft might stop making 180’s on their policies for Xbox One.

Via (Fortune Magazine)

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  • ShasLa40

    I think MS have seriously messed up xbox too much to ever recover fully, but i hope this woman can at least fix stuff and make the whole experience better for xbox fans.

  • niall

    microsoft probally only hired her so that they would get attention if she was smart she would join sony!

    • Stuckup no good fools

      PS4 Fanboys is starting to be the worst yet.

  • Jason Mounce

    So, she’s the most powerful and she obtained such a title without publicly saying a single word? Or likely, no one knows who she is outside the gaming industry since ‘Tech industry’ is HUGE….Xbox division is….extremely small and limited.

    Is this, feminists grasping at straws at trying to quickly label Female-power just for the sake of female-power rather than giving labels/’awards’ to people that DO SOMETHING to make a difference? Like, by all means….it’s her job….what makes her bloody special for being a Female who happens to be a senior employee….

    • Chris

      I suggest you read her bio before making any more idiotic comments!

      • Jason Mounce

        Be so kind as to summarize her ‘Bio’ for me.

        She works at a company that is in itself, generally incompetent, and she ‘does her job’ and it amazed people because they put a regular schmo working at Microsoft next to her and they’re like, WOW! Beauty and the beast in work ethics and pace!

        It’s like ugly people-contrasting but with business skill.

        But yes, Summarize this apparently-impressive bio, Mr. Potential-White-Knighter Chris-chan.