Xbox Exclusive Phantom Dust Might Be Making A Comeback On The Xbox One

It seems like Phantom Dust might be making a comeback on the Xbox One. The unofficial Phantom Dust fansite was recently opened again after the news that Microsoft might consider making a Phantom Dust sequel. The interesting part here is not the reopening, it was the fact that how Phil Spencer retweeted the news, perhaps hinting at a possibility of the sequel.

Journalist Nick Robinson made this tweet, which showed the recent update to the unofficial fansite of Phantom Dust, which got reopened after almost 6 years due to the recent rumors of Microsoft considering a sequel. This tweet was then re-tweeted by Phil Spencer.

Phantom Dust was an Xbox exclusive RPG from Yukio Futatsugi, the creator of Panzor Dragon. He has released Crimson Dragon on Xbox One. Phil Spencer was recently asked about developer support from Japan for Xbox One. He assured that there are definitely some Xbox One exclusives in the pipeline from Japan. He also expressed interest in working with Yukio Futatsugi for potential future projects, during which Phantom Dust was also brought up in discussion.

“I’ve been a big fan of our partnerships in Japan,” Spencer said. “Futatsugi just finished Crimson Dragon, and I’m proud of what he was able to do. We’re talking to him about what we might want to do next with him. There’s some interest out there in some older [intellectual property]. Phantom Dust has come up around whether we would want to reboot that franchise. It’s a discussion right now; there’s nothing’s signed. But we’re talking. It does seem like there’s a lot of interest around that. And we have a good long relationship with him and I think that would be good.”

So there is a good chance that Phantom Dust or any of the other Xbox classics might make it to Xbox One, as Phil Spencer has also expressed interest in other franchises.

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  • Preston Messersmith

    5 k in play hours and never left the top ten on the monthly leaderboard boards. Bring this game back so I can beat you all again. I miss it like a first girlfriend.

  • Sikozu

    I don’t own an Xbox One…. Phantom Dust on Xbox One = I’ll own an Xbox One. I’d buy it at the launch price if need be, Phantom Dust is that good.

    • jordanariel

      Well my fellow farscape afficianado… Time to buy a console 🙂

  • jordanariel

    I just saw this article after talking with someone i met while playing Phantom Dust and we’ve been friends on facebook for years now. Phantom Dust is so freaking amazing. When i explain it to people who dont know what it is, i ask them if they ever saw the Anime “Akira?” If they have… i ask them… now imagine playing Akira complete with destructible environments and tons of abilities and crazy multiplayer.

    I dont like most multiplayer games… but i spent soooo much time playing phantom dust, even if they brought the first game to the x1 again… there goes my social life.

  • mannashiim tafari

    Phantom Dust is one of those hidden gems of Xbox younger years where there was more creativity over realism…kind the problem with game now a days.

  • Elias Darling

    Phantom Dust is my favorite video game of all time. Rad.

  • Badkarma

    good make the push – i like seeing this articles pop up they always get tons of views – the OG XBOX titles need to make a comeback, better looking, better A.I., better card decks that expand, refine the single player component like crazy, add onto the already amazing online with the card can be hearthstone live action game.

  • kevin

    Bring them all back

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