Xbox Hackers Have Managed To Dump NAND of Xbox One

It’s closing in on to being nearly a week since the Xbox One was officially launched by Microsoft. Facing a lot of hiccups and bumpy roads leading to the launch, Microsoft still managed to sell one million units to the customers within 24hours but keep in mind that it is a total of selling units in 13 key countries.

Piracy is a growing concern in the video games industry. With many accomplished hackers hacking consoles to run downloaded games. Microsoft’s previous console, the Xbox 360, was also not immune to piracy and featured hacking elements such as “JTAG” which allows the user to run downloaded games (whose data has been ripped off and uploaded on the internet for the platform) from the hard disk. Piracy was one of the main reasons why Microsoft tried pushing strict DRM policies such as online verification of the console once every 24hours to see if the console has been modified in any way and if it was then the console would be immediately banned.

However, the backlash from the gaming community was so fierce that Microsoft had to retract its policies in order to stay in the game with its competitors. Apparently, everyone saw this coming. The hackers of the Xbox community have managed to dump Xbox One’s NAND data, yes the very own NAND data of the Xbox One.

Xbox One

Folks over at Konsolen – Junkies (Console Junkies) revealed that the size of the NAND present on Xbox One is 4.9GB in size. It was also revealed that NAND can be dumped using Corona V2 using SD Card reader just as with the Xbox 360. However, to do so, the crystal or ‘quartz’ needs to be disabled. It was also mentioned that J-Runner ‘may not’ be used for dumping as it limits the size to 3.5GB on Corona. You can head over to Konsolen-Junkies to see the images. Do note that the NAND files contain drive info and serial number.

So Xbox One’s own system NAND also comes on a SD Card like Xbox 360 Slim’s NAND?

Previously it was made known by a famous hacker ‘C4eva’, who dumped the data of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the Xbox One on the internet, that the discs can be read. This means that Xbox One is gaining attention from the hackers who are able to reach the first step with dumping the NAND. Since the hackers continue to tinkle with the Xbox One, the question is how long till they are able to hack it completely?

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information as the story develops.

DISCLAIMER: GearNuke is not associated with the aforementioned website or any hacking attempts of the Xbox One.

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  • albatrosMyster

    Great, at 200$ (next holiday at this rate) it would make a great xbmc and retroarch box!

  • Xavier Ortiz

    Xbox Sucks. Nuff said.

  • Linh Nguyën

    Piracy will boost the sales of hardware.

  • mike

    so flash booting xone os is pointless becuase you cant play online…

  • Lee Urquhart

    “Since the hackers continue to tinkle with the Xbox One, the question is how long till they are able to hack it completely?”

    “Since the hackers continue to tinkle with the Xbox One,”

    “Since the hackers continue to tinkle”

    “hackers continue to tinkle”

    “continue to tinkle”


  • Pc master race

    Consoles got no
    gammmmmeeeeesssssss ;P



    • MoskAlik


  • Guest

    Lol why would any company continue producing and supporting a product that makes them huge losses? No company on earth would ever do such a thing.

  • Most PS4 games = 0$

    When will they hack the PS4?

    • Ben Dover Kuntz

      it cant be done… only the xbone can be hacked.

  • ORB1T4L

    Alright, the comments section on this site is worse than the one on IGN, and I thought it was impossible…

  • Uno


  • Uno


  • dave hug

    “Piracy is a growing concern in the video games industry.” for how long has this been growing the past 20 years? it has been apparently been a growing concern for a extremely reduced problem IT is an exaggeration no entertainment publisher or artists is walking around broke, and if they are it is because of the publisher screwing people. So if we are on the topic of theft lets discus the growing concern of fair use, false advertisement, overreaching TOS/EULA’s, privacy issues and general bad business practices such as poor support after software/hardware sales ranging from defects to purposeful theft. You get no sympathy be lucky people even bother to pick up games at a, 80% off steam sale or a used game bin. Fun fact if the price of games met the actual value say 10-15$ there would be no piracy issue and honestly companies would make more money it’s not like there are costs in counterfeiting a product they have to pay for server storage or a crap 10 cent packaging. Cut the lawyers legislation and many other wasted expenses on fighting piracy and match the games to that price and watch you get more fans , more gamers, more money, and a more happy society. It is just easy to call fans thieves and steal from them while trying to control them and with ideas that where stolen from someone else and sold. The entire concept that an idea can be sold or purchased is retarded to begin with.

    • Dakan45

      well said

  • NeoMahi

    Let’s see if they can hack Xbox Live now. Then Xbox gamers can see what its like to have to go through it all. But, might not be that far off, seeing as how Microsoft have gone so far out of their way to piss off the gaming community. Microsoft was just as likely to have their Xbox Live hacked. They’re not without fault, Anonymous was just ticked off at Sony more and this is where it started George Hotz hacked the console and before you knew it, PSN was down. This time, the glove is on the other hand and Microsoft’s arrogance will teach them a much needed valuable lesson. You’re all business men, not gamers and you think you know better, but you don’t.

    • Abba Okoro

      S people DESERVE to get their credit card info stolen?
      SMH Your brand loyalty is out of wack

      • NeoMahi

        The drummer of Incubus was asked which cymbols he used and he explained he considered himself a loyal person. He’d dealt with Ziljan before and they didn’t care about him and he was offered equipment by another company that was willing to work with him and keep him happy. He said: “I consider myself a loyal person. I’m loyal to those that take care of me.” I agree. Microsoft just doesn’t care, but I buy their consoles and play their games. Halo may be crap, but Alan Wake and Gears of War were great games for me. But, Sony has always taken care of me including their willingness to employ me when nobody else would so yes, I feel a loyalty to Sony and always had to SEGA as it was and is important to them that I was taken care of. I don’t feel Microsoft shares that same mentality.

        • Abba Okoro

          Even When Sony been caught and sued for Bribing,LIED to you on multiple occasions, and poor support AAA support at launch?

          That’s some strong loyalty you got there, pass the crack I NEED some of that if it makes you act that way

          • NeoMahi

            You don’t seem all that different then.

          • Abba Okoro

            Nope I don’t WORSHIP corporations like you

    • Eclipse

      Sony got hacked not only for being tyrannical douche bags, but also because their security sucked and still sucks.

      Unlike Sony, MS actually has good security.

  • Paul EXx

    I will buy a Xbox one when its totally hacked then can download all the games and never pay for a game again just like i did on PS3 and Xbox 360 so my two 1TB hard drives waiting to be filled up yippee

    • Crapgamer

      Way to support the industry guy….

    • SirDjss

      What is wrong with you man, its people like you that destroy the industry. Why dont you take tree years of your life and create a game and see how happy you will be when everyone pirate it. All your hard going down the drain. Wake up man :/

      • Dakan45

        Everything sells bad these
        days despite the reboots and dumbed down sequels that were DESIGNED
        specificly to appeal to a larger audience.

        Say you like an ip like kingdoms of amalaur, no matter what you do,
        its gonna die because gears of war and cod sell more and that effects
        the standards. EG resident evil 6 wanted 7 million sales to be
        sucessfull so they turned it into a action game to get them and still
        did not manage to get them, same with dead space 3 wanting 5 millions.

        At one hand you can support the usual suspects and games like cod,
        god of war, halo will keep getting milked and new ips will die because
        they try to compete with these games.

        So maybe those “Great games” must not be supported so they gonna come up with somehting new instead.

        This is the true, games want too many sales, piracy doesnt matter anymore. No matter how much you support a game, the usual well known franchises will keep getting milked and get sales, everything else will just die or altered to appeal to non fans, ruining it for the fans.

        • SirDjss

          Well you just keep telling yourself that, as long as it makes you stealing feel better about yourself right?. Stealing are always stealing no matter how you put it.

          • Dakan45

            Actually the point i am making is you barelly make a effort i WISH i could help a small developer with a good idea to advance but no matter how many people buy their games the AAA industry will keep destroying them. So if someoen pirates cod 12 or assasin creed 18, i couldnt care less, those games will survive.

            But hey take a look at what happen to dead space. They wanted more sales so they took horror out of it and used action.

            its pathetic., So they ended up failing becasue the development costs were too high.

      • Guest

        THAT’s the $0N¥ PAUPERS for ya.

    • gamerfan29

      people like this need to have all the consoles they own and pc’s burnt before their eyes and banned using any items like that for 5 years.

    • Alex King

      That’s how you keep great games alive, by not supporting them….

      • Dakan45

        Everything sells bad these days despite the reboots and dumbed down sequels that were DESIGNED specificly to appeal to a larger audience.

        Say you like an ip like kingdoms of amalaur, no matter what you do, its gonna die because gears of war and cod sell more and that effects the standards. EG resident evil 6 wanted 7 million sales to be sucessfull so they turned it into a action game to get them and still did not manage to get them, same with dead space 3 wanting 5 millions.

        At one hand you can support the usual suspects and games like cod, god of war, halo will keep getting milked and new ips will die because they try to compete with these games.

        So maybe those “Great games” must not be supported so they gonna come up with somehting new instead.

        • Alex King

          My point is that regardless of the MAIN big games. It’s still very important to support games by purchasing them so that smaller DEVs can make money to make more games. It trickles down. I am in the music business. A bigger name can make money in the music business but that margin of people who don’t make money is growing. It’s important to support the little guys too because they may be just as talented if not MORE talented than the AAA games that come out. They can and will grow with their talents and may be able to make AAA games themselves.

          • Dakan45

            Bought kingdoms of amalaur, didnt change the fact they wanted to get 3 million in sales to break even and they failed and closed down the studio. Bought saboteur, ea closed down the studio. Bought sleeping dogs, only 1.5 milion sales.

            It really doesnt matter what you do, pirate or buy, the small developers will attempt to make something to take on the big devs and they wont be able to mange it so they will fail and close down the studio. The big developers piracy or not will keep making cash.

            So you basicly telling him to keep supporting the milking of cod and gears of war.

            I always support indie developers for brining innovation and new ips but the result is always the same, they die and the milked franchises keep existing.

            i try to keep alive those great games, but only the same milked mainstream trash stay alive.

  • john

    Well, that didn’t take long!!

  • Umut Veren

    sony will be a monopoly, Microsoft game makers lose them one by one.
    If there is competition, there will be no services available to us.
    competition is good, hopefully hacker news is a lie.

    • Guest

      Erm, the news doesn’t mean anything. Anybody can dump a NAND. It doesn’t do anything if you can’t modify it and let the console accept that, which it can’t.

  • Rinslowe


  • monon

    gonna consider buying ps4 after they hack it. but that vhs player is not worth a cent.

  • Danny Berry

    It wouldn’t surprise me if MS made it this easy after having to retract all of the DRM they were going to institute in the Xbox One to now use this as an excuse to bring all that DRM back. Suckers!!!!

    • gamerfan29

      Or ms had someone hack it as an excuse to bring back the DRM policy.

  • Jack Davidson

    What do you expect? Microsoft has the crappiest web security in the world. Hotmail, xbox 360, windows, Office have all been easily hacked. just because you paid extra money doesnt make the security better.

    I expect sony’s console to be hacked in teh future, but sony has been known for making its system near impenetrable, the only reason the ps3 ever got hacked, which was only a partial hack and no PS3 games were playable, was because of a spokesperson accidentally giving out a key.

  • Daniel Dorestant

    I wonder if their security measures werent AS strong because they planned use the online check-in system

  • guESS

    Man, the laughs in this discussion. I have always thought that piracy and hacking will always be a part of online-gaming, that is why I have never bought into the ONLINE side of the games. Now with the enlightenment of the new gen consoles and games from the past two years, it looks like that an-online presence will be needed for more games than not. For this reason I will not be purchasing either PS4 or XBOXOne, I gave up on Nintendo along time ago and I haven’t used a PC for gaming for at least 10 years. That is how I am dealing with all of the problems that have been uncovered.

  • KiLLaMaNiLLa

    Dumping a NAND don’t mean crap. It’s gonna be a while before hackers break through not 1 but 3 operating systems.

  • Julian Delarosa

    “Piracy was one of the main reasons why Microsoft tried pushing strict
    DRM policies such as online verification of the console once every
    24hours to see if the console has been modified in any way and if it was
    then the console would be immediately banned.”

    It was also a way they could remove ownership from the actual consumer. keep that in mind.

  • dxironman

    feed me a banana

  • ragnathebloodedge

    Who gives a shit, just enjoy your gaming.

  • Guest

    LOLing hard at the desperation of the $0N¥ PauperStation tards on here. Dumping NAND means nothing if you can’t modify it and reupload it with acceptance from the device. What a freaking joke.
    $0N¥ Paupers are truly the lowest of low in terms of dumb schmucks.

    • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

      Is their something wrong with your head sunshine?? what’s with all the vitriol?? you’re just a sad troll, repeating the same old shtick, and it fails…BADLY!

      • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

        P.s you and your one and only cronie can downvote me all you like…it still doesn’t alter the truth, have fun you frigging pathetic fanboy.

    • Adrian Torres Mora

      Not all people who like Sony are dumbasses though. I’d always choose sony but that doesn’t stop me from knowing that someone can dump the PS4’s NAND, modify it and spoof the console to think it’s still intact.

    • Ritsujun

      Xbone180’d, Xbone720p’d, and Xhack360’d.

  • Guest

    $0N¥ Paupers do realize that this will sell more and more Xbox One consoles than PauperStation Foul right? Because you poor basterds need every freebie like crackho’s.

    • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

      Oh fuck off you total bellend.

    • tython

      Didn’t help the PSP’s sales when it was hacked in fact it lowered them since developers were very cautious about developing games for it.

    • Dakan45

      Love those so ill just keep upvoting them, fuck sony faggots.

      • Mitesh Ghanekar

        not surprised that u support piracy, well done pc whore

        • Dakan45

          Look at this dipshit? According to you all pc gamers are pirates and pc has no reason to exist since it does only damage to the industry. YET pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined, more developers working on pc and pc has reached 20 billion in revenue in 2012 which is higher than anything ms and sony made from their consoles.

          I wonder how is 2013 revenue on pc.

          More and more games are released on pc that were not on pc to begin with. Quick someone tell those devs to stop porting games to pc because they get pirated, why do they even doing it the dumb fucks? Gee i dont know propably due to the fact games on pc continue to sell for decades thanks to steam and developers get money withot having to lift a finger.

          If there is anything i hate more than sony trolls, is third world retards bashing the pc platform and pc gamers just because in his shit poor country, poor people result to pirate games on pc since consoles are super expensive and they dont have an alternative for gaming.

          • Adrian Torres Mora

            I’d love to have a PC now 🙁

          • Dakan45

            There really isnt a beter time to be a pc gamer, no need to upgrade tons of games to play dont have to spend 60-70 bucks for a next gen title and more and more innovative games come out.

            But according to dudebros on consoles, pc is only ruining the industry and has no games or future.

            To freaking bad the case is the exact opposite.

          • tython

            Well you might need to upgrade the GPU once every 2 or so years for optimal performance though.

          • Dakan45

            Define optimal and gpu.

            A powerfull gpu can last many many years and beat the console graphics. A 400$ gpu can play games better than the consoles and will continue to do so for atleast 4 years.

            A 250 gpu can beat the console graphics but in 2 years it will not allow you to play on the higher settings. Yet you will still have just as good if not better graphics than the consoles.

          • tython

            GPU=graphics processing unit or the graphics card. You know that device that allows PC games to look better than Consoles because unlike a console you can upgrade your PC with more powerful parts although it can get expensive depending on which part your upgrading GPUs can be really expensive like the ones I am getting for my new rig are 600 a card. An example the Xbox 360 is running a modified ATI X1900 card and the PS3 is running a modified Nvidia 7800 series

            Optimal: I would say Very High to Ultra High otherwise you really don’t see a difference for example look at Tomb Raider The PC version especially if you are using an ATI card(it will always be ATI to me) The game is freaking beautiful but the cards and settings needed for that are High my current rig has 2 6850’s and the best I can get is about 45 FPS on Very High.Once my new rig is built with 2 R9 290Xs then I should be able to max it with 60FPS

          • Dakan45

            I meant what you mean upgrade gpu every 2 years, which gpu exactly?

            Consoles dont have the same gpu, just a similar model and they run games atthis point at inferior settings than the lowest settings on pc, eg crysis 3.

            Consoles have low level acess API and they are one system but after 2 years consoles become horribly weak, i would upgrade any dway.

            Tomb raider and remember me on pc utterly destroy the last of us if played on high.

            Tomb raider works fine on dx10 but the highest settings on dx11 are very heavy, its due to tessalation and tressfx.

            You running say bf4 on very high to ultra is “optimal” yet the ps4 can do 900p on BARELLY high settings and xbox one is medium with 720p. So long story short your “optimal” sttings destroy console quality, nothing prevents you at playing at console or superior quality but you want better graphics so you upgrade. Consoles dont have that option so they always have inferior graphics.

          • tython

            Wait I am confused since what you were talking about, since in your initial post you say no need to upgrade for PC gaming but as I have pointed out to run certain games on “optimal” settings you would need to upgrade your PC parts depending on the game look at the system requirements for games like Bioshock infinite and FF14 they do require some beefy and expensive cards to play on the Recommended settings. So yeah PC games while superior in many ways can also be a more expensive route.

          • Dakan45

            Listen here sony fag and i know you are a sony fag from what you upvote.


            What is optimal?

            Consoles run games on low-med 720p 30 fps, you running games higher than those settings. Thats why they require powerfull hardware. Bioshock infintie you can max out with a gtx 460. So no its not “beefy”

            Running crysis 3 on pc is hard but the console version runs UNDER the lowest pc settings.

            Bf4 on ps4 is “optimal” 900p with barelly high settings and medium settings with 720p on xbox one.

            if you run it higher than that then you are way passed “optimal” and you are getting a superior experiance.

            THATS IT.

            You dont fucking have to run at supeior settings or upgrade you can just run at the console settings or at inferior settings wtih a LAST GEN pc.

            Get it?


          • Michael Goode

            You know what dude take that mouse you love so much and shove it up your ass till it hits the spot your boyfriend does. Haha

          • Dakan45

            Oh look we got a class A console dudebro here with the intelligence of a 12 year old conoletard.

            Sorry kiddo my mouse is capable of having super duper accuracy in fps and its a 5$ mouse.

            Your shitty consoles cannot provide that nad ironicly valve will improve precision with the steam controller because you cant expect from sony and ms to provide anything innovative or even improve they own hardware.

            Ms and sony cant pay billions each year to develop their own chips, tis too expensive, so waht they do? They go to amd to use their laptop architecture to make them for them, also things like crossgame chat, f2p, videocapture and mmos, you know stuff pc had for DECADES are now considered “next gen” because your pathetic consoles can do it.

            But hey if you love being a cheap fuck with no money or brains, go shove those controllers up your ass and ejoy the shitty controls and awful graphics than you consoletards enjoy so fucking much because not buying a console by sony, the whole world is going to explode.

            Guess what dipshit? There are other ways to play games than sucking off sony.

          • Dakan45

            pc has more exlusives than all consoles combined, backwards compability since the dawn of time and more and more games are ported to pc even old games that were NEVER on pc.

            Arkham city was fine. Deadly premonition had crashes which are now patched and a 720p which is now patched.

            Gta iv was a disaster but modders fixed it. Double agent was a glorious screw up even till this day and dark souls was horrible.

            Thats about it, there really arent tons of fucked up ports as you claim to be.

            There are bad ports, but not a complete disaster you make it sound like. if anything ports have improved the last few years. Japanesse developers are new to it so deadly premonition andd dark souls are excused. Still deadly premonition made it to pc thanks to steam greenlight? Who would have thought? Dark souls 2 is lead version on pc and in the end you are getting better controls and better graphics and a lower price, so its still the better version.

            But hey if you preffer the console version with inferior graphics perfomance and crappy controls go ahead. The point is ports have gotten better and continue to do so.

          • SirKingKai

            Pc gaming is lame go kick your shittyyyyyyyyyy pc 1gb of GDDR5 ram cost 100bucks or more in the store u azz wipe and know one talks about pc gaming like only old-fashioned and old people like pc gaming all my friends ether have PS4 or Xbox pc is for old fartz who are not young with friends to play online with fuc pc gaming that shitt is for poor people who what steam sells but like i sad i have a veryful pc and i only use it to download movies and music ill play games on my PS4 wiiU or Xbox you cant play smash bros can u or mario or anything thats good Hahaaaa

          • Dakan45

            you are shitty,

            Pc is king consoles are for ltitle retards with no brains.

          • exPCgamer

            PC gaming is shit:

            >Hackers and cheaters ruin all the fun on online multiplayer PC games.
            >Steam is Down Often and many games have issues installing.
            >Graphic Drivers always need updating when new games come out.
            >PC upgrades can cost many Hundreds of dollars and can reach over $1000.00 Easily.
            >Consoles don’t get Viruses, and don’t need disk Frag and Malware protection.
            >PC Gamers are all balled up next to their Monitor with uncomfortable Headsets- Console gamers kick back in their recliners and Rock without any unexpected Crashes.
            >Consoles have 5 year cycles, PC’s have 2 year cycles.
            >Consoles use 60 percent less Electricity.
            >Consoles have Better Games and exclusives
            >Games on a 65″ TV are Funner to play than on a 24 Inch PC Monitor.

          • Mitesh Ghanekar

            faggot, play all ur “exclusive” shovelware, noone gives a shit for em. and combining the revenue from the truckloads of shiity software doesnt make pc a better platform. and the fucking games are ported to pc for a quick buck. noone gives two shits about optimizing for pc. dont believe me?? look at the new batch of yearly releases to find out.

            and you fucking fag, sitting on ur pompous ass thinking u better than me cuz u live in a “first ” world country. my country didnt have its gov shut down, neither did it even get affected by the recession. The fucking differentiation of 1st or 3rd world country is done by losers who want to make themselves feel better for absolutely no fucking reason.

          • Dakan45

            Quick buck? How so? Pc games dont make as much money s console releases, OH WAIT console games dont make enough money either. Quick buck my ass games keep selling on pc for DECADES thanks to steam. Not optimizing? AHAHAHAHH Do you even know what optimization is? Games you play on x360/ps3 run at LOW pc settings. Even games on ps4/xbox one dont loko as good as they look on pc, THEREFORE optimized or not, pc has superior graphics which explains the need for powerfull hardware. As ubisoft said if they did not care about pc, they woudlnt release their games on pc.

            Yet they do.


            Listen dipshit no mattter how much you polish a piece of shit, it is a PIECE OF SHIT.

            But i am gonna post this for everyone to read.



            Thanks for proving you are nothing but a retarded dudebro console retard who plays the latest madden and call of duty.

            Look at you dipshit, you are 30 years old and you argue about how much sony cuddles with you in the night and how pc gamers that do not live in your barckwards third world countries that poor people have to pirate games on a shitty pc because thye dont have any other way of playing them,


            So as you said yourself your behvavior is “done by losers who want to make themselves feel better for absolutely no fucking reason.”

            Now STFU and do something with you life, like i dont know living in your poor country and stop whinning about piracy on the interent because its YOUR country that does the problem and those people wouldnt be able to afford those games anyway, but hey its cool to go around and talk bullshit on the internet because you can fix the fact that your country is shitty and poor and filled iwth piracy.

          • Ritsujun


          • Dakan45

            Oh look another well known sony faggot.

          • moopieakins

            You sir are a turd

          • Dakan45

            You have no proof.

            BUT…your sony BUTTHURTNESS is showing!!

          • guest

            Yeah, you are right, PC gaming is sh*tty expensive money pit of upgrading and then dealing hackers and pirates – basically a sh*t experience.

            ….and you have to deal with cellar dwelling pathetic no life PC trolls like this guy. Let him go f*ck his graphics card.

          • Dakan45

            wtf you even doing here dan? Kill yourself you pathetic faggot.

      • SirKingKai

        R UMad Bro? Hahaaaa your just mad that people say fuc pc gaming that shit is lame why bring up Ps4 cuz your a broke hater who cant get one Hahaaaa and ps there are so many games you cant play on pc like The Last of Us so pc gamers stop hateing and fuc off sony nuts

        • Dakan45

          Says the asswipe that posts on a xbox article about his sony shitbox.

          I guess someone else is mad here and talks like a kid.

      • twinspectre

        Fanboysm is cancer for gaming

        • Dakan45

          exactly and sony has the worst fanboys.

          They never admit sony makes a mistake EVER and praise them to high heavens.

          • twinspectre

            im not protecting them

          • twinspectre

            now talking about protecting
            why you say sony faggots?
            when MS is fucking you in the ass with Microtransaction (Ryse and FOrza5) you already spend 60bucks ,now who’s the Faggot ?

          • logic_criticalthinking

            dude, i don’t know about you but i have seen the worse of BOTH sides.

      • cozomel

        Aah Dakan45 you sad cunt, you’re still hating on Sony and sweating MS eh? pathetic, get a life kid

        • Dakan45

          Oh look the number 1 sonyfag, sony is a bunch of lying cunts that fail to deliver but keep overhyping, but the sony fags that defend their shit are even more annoying.

          Remember what you tolb me that i must live in Merica? Guess what ps4 sold 1 milion merica the first 24 hours xbox one sold 1 million everywhere else.

          Apparently Mericans like ps4 or hate NSA.

        • Dakan45

          Oh look the number 1 sonyfag, sony is a bunch of lying cunts that fail to deliver but keep overhyping, but the sony fags that defend their shit are even more annoying.

          Remember what you tolb me that i must live in Merica? Guess what ps4 sold 1 milion merica the first 24 hours xbox one sold 1 million everywhere else.

          Apparently Mericans like ps4 or hate NSA.

          • cozomel

            As usual you make no sense, cuz you’re a completely utterly dumb fucking fuck! keep sweating Ms you little bitch! maybe one day you’ll make a good point, you stupid fuck!

          • Dakan45

            You say that made no sense, yet you are the one who makes no sense.

            You say i am a dumb fuck YET you continue to think i give a fuck about ms?

            I hate MS its just that sony are bigger cunts.

    • SirKingKai

      This waz not a sony post so why the fuc did u bring them up ohhhhh is it cuz you wish that they where not selling oh but they are pc fanboy but you sound like a xbox fanboy and best part you ready wait for it Sony has other release dates so yet more millions sold haters nice try doing the things i can do like stream in 2sec with out paying for extra hard ware or software fools uncharted 4 lames go suc on that and are U Mad Bro Xbox one suc azz

      • Dakan45

        iIts funny how you are the same asswipe that defended ps3 to death, same sonyfags that never admit they console sucks. This shit never changes.

    • twinspectre

      now you’re saying xbox will sell more and more ,and tell me something do you realize you will get nothing ??
      do you think MS will pay you ???
      dumbest need to grow up

      you corporate cocksuckers
      you’re a complete fail to protect something that try to fuck gamers , oh no they already are fucking gamers in the Ass with Microtransaction (Ryse and Forza) you already spend 60bucks

      • Dakan45

        Meh sony fucked people with ps3, they made the ps3 like that to make games harder to port to other platforms,they thought they gonna get ps2 sales and they priced it high.

        Ms provided a cheaper way and they won. Now ms thinks they can get away with anything and so sony actually goes being consumer friendly again.

        Long story short, they both gonna fuck you, they are not your friends, they want to monopolize gaming and screw you.

        • twinspectre

          -_-” MS didn’t won dude
          do you realize PS3 sold more than Xbox360 ?
          im not a Fanboy im here to stating Facts

          • Dakan45

            Its irrelvant that ps3 sold more than x360 NOW.

            Again NOW… this console generation lasted longer due to economical crisis.

            Back when it mattered x360 destroyed ps3.

            X360 was hacked, yet it had more unit sales, more game sales and exlusive sales for 5 years. Then ps3 got cheaper and it had alot of exlusives, people played all that there was on x360, so they bought a ps3 as a second platform. Thats it.

            Sony has double the losses ms had.

            The fact they sold more now that the console prices are low, doesnt really say much. ms made the most profit when it was due. Selling ps3s dirtcheap and buying exlusives through platinum and used sales…..not so impressive.

        • twinspectre

          breaking news dumbass
          if you dont support such policy they will cancel all these BS like Microtransaction
          so Vote with our Wallet

          • Dakan45

            thats what people did you dumbass, thats why they bought x360s until sony dropped the price to 300$

            and look sony is now being the “nice guy” while ms trys to monopolize everything beliving they can.

            Sorry both of them are cunts, reallize that and stop being a fanboy.

          • twinspectre

            damn , i dont know how to deal with Dumbass
            Yeah like DLC did you know MS bring DLC’s ? and all of you supported this SHit?

          • Dakan45

            Right ms came up with dlc… no wait they didnt. Dlc existed on pc from F2P games and i NEVER claimed to support it.

            Yet you calling me a “dumbass” for shit i didnt say.

            Whats next sony fag? You gonna defend sony having online subscription this gen as well now by using the “Free games” argument?

            Stop trolling.

          • twinspectre

            hmm, DLC vs Expansion Pack lets see which is Better hmmm that one is harder hmmm :/
            hmm let’s see
            EXPANSION PACK gives you More
            DLC gives you LEss hmm which one is better ???

          • Dakan45

            F2P =dlc not expansion pack, learn to read.

          • twinspectre


        • twinspectre

          PS3 + Bluray is a deal for some people

          • Dakan45

            and it was deal breaker for others, no one fucking cared about ps3 you sony faggot, they just wanted to play games.

          • twinspectre

            damn please stop exposing your ignorance
            PS3 games run on Bluray
            and again im not a Fanboy

          • Dakan45

            Stop being a retard atari was not gonna make games because bluray was too expensive back then, so was the architecture programming. Ps3 WANTING to force bluray on us was THEIR problem not ours, so was the price, multiplats run fucking FINE on dvds and looked just as good.

            Ps3 games could have run on dvds is sony didnt shove bluray there and yes you are a fanboy.

          • twinspectre

            AHAHAHAH no sense you DUMBASS
            deal with it you’re a Dumbass
            you forget about KINECT

          • Dakan45

            What about kinect you pathetic waste of cum?

            I am a pc gamer not a xbox fanboy but you have again fallen to the trap and proven that you sony FAGGGGOTTTS cannot hide how much of fanboys you are.

            I knew you gonna take the bait when you said “i am not a fanboy”

            Please you are and you fucking are.

            Also yeah i know about xbox one and that is another people dont buy it, they dont need nor the kinect or the higher price, same goes for ps3 and bluray.

          • twinspectre

            please can you check my steam id ?
            my steam id : king21090

            i also own Nintendo’s console and February i will buy Nintendo 2ds

          • Dakan45

            Hello sirkingkai.

            need i say more? Bye bye.

            i had enough o your trolling.

          • twinspectre

            what’s your steam id ?

          • Dakan45

            Good night troll.

          • twinspectre

            EXPOSED NIGGA
            you’re a M$’s Personal CockSUcker EXPOSED

    • John Jairo

      Die Already.. Just… Die….

      • Guest

        YOU PAUPERS WILL DIE FIRST, in a very excruciating fire that burns in hell for $0N¥.

    • logic_criticalthinking

      what’s wrong if your choosing ps4 or whatever for that matter. so ps4 is for the poor and broke? you must me some kind of spoiled brat that never worked in his life

  • RoadShow

    Wow, wasn’t it 3 1/2 years before PS3 was jail broke?

    • tython

      That was due to the cell architecture where as the XBOX ONE and PS4 have a more PC architecture, so it is much easier to develop for unfortunately it also leads to making it much easier to hack.

      • RoadShow

        Yeah that’s what I thought. Still PS3 is considered one of the most secure platforms.

        • Guest

          Until the PoS Notwork was hacked.

          • RoadShow

            It was hacked and it was because Sony sued Geo Hotz for jailbreaking the PS3.

            360 was hacked within the first year.

            Also so many overlook (1) xbox live being down for 2 weeks in 2007 (2) Tens of thousands accidently banned 3 seperate times in 2011 alone (3) Thousands of xbox live accounts hacked, microsoft points stolen, credit cards charged for more points which were also stolen.

            PS3 didn’t have those issues. Yes the hack was a big deal but Anonymous hacked a ton of huge corporations plus the FBI.

            At least Sony gave great compensation for the 3 week downtime (UNLIKE XBOX for the 2 week downtime…only 1 low ranked game). Sony gave 2 high ranked games from list of 5 to choose from, weekend of HD movie rentals, month of PS+ (so more free stuff) and credit protection just in case.

            No one lost money and it hasn’t been an issue at all in any way shape or form. With everything that has happened to 360 xbox and xbox live is far worse off.

          • Dakan45

            Yet games sold better on x360.
            Sony exlusives sales are even worse.

          • RoadShow

            Ah the disinformation and lies the idiot xbots believe. Yes I know them well.

            Games like Assassins Creed, GTA V, Far Cry 3 all sold more on PS3. It’s been years since theres been much difference between the consoles in terms of sales.

            PS3 has also outsold 360 DESPITE everything it had going for it.

            (1) Entire year as the only next gen console and the FIRST CONSOLE where online play is a MAJOR factor. Friends gotta buy what friends got. 8 Million lead.
            (2) HALO
            (3) A supposedly superior online network.
            (4) Possibly millions of RROD rebuys (33-55% failures for 5+ years)
            (5) A more popular motion peripheral

            And xbox still lost! Pathetic.

          • Dakan45

            Yes after all those years ps3 outsould x30 because people run out of xbox games and ps3 gone cheap, big fucking deal. However all those yeasr ago ps3 was getting its ass handed by x360 DESPITE x360 having piracy and no good exlusives.

            sony fags=PWNED

          • Mitesh Ghanekar

            because ps3 was always better than fucked up 360, ps3 had AAA top class games just coming out one after the other, while ms prefffered to go dancing with kinect.

            fucking pc fag gtfo

          • Dakan45

            Nope ps3 got fucked by 360.

            360 had no exlusives and it was hacked, yet x360 sold more units and more games.

            Apparently not only piracy didnt affect game sales, but the lack of exlusives didnt either.

            Yet sony had no piracy and ton of exluisve sand they FAILED.

            The only reason ps3s sold well the last 2 years is because they got cheap and they got alot of games….or it could be that ps3 became pirateable.

            Your choice sonyfaggot. I destroyed your arguments you dumbfuck.

          • Mitesh Ghanekar

            the only fucking reason 360 sold waas that u could pirate on it, and ps3 games have sold quite well if not better in every genre other than fps. and sony is leading the last gen sales so keep up , pc fag.

          • Dakan45


            Sorry dipshti ps3 sucked and sony faggots like you are the worst. Sony isnt leading last gen sales, it just barelly managed to get their shit back you fucking dipshit

          • RoadShow

            Microsoft is a horrible company. They took 2.75 billion per year from xbox live revenue, then revenue from ads on home page and then nothing but scraping the bottom of the barrel on exclusives for the last 4 years in a row.

            Sony won after fighting an uphill battle the whole way. Releasing @ $600 and an entire year later and still won.

          • Dakan45

            and sony isnt a horrible company? They are lying cunts and they tried to screw gaming with the ps3. They made the ps3 like that so it will be hard to port games to other systems so sony would get third party exlusives. If anyone worths piracy its sony thanks to their awful service just google “Sony’s Begging For Piracy” and watch the video.

            Sony thoguht their 600$ console was gonna sell like ps2 and didnt,

            They started making exlusives in order to get sales.

            Yet x360 was hacked and had no exlusives but more x360s sold nad more games were sold on x360 than ps3.

            Sony had DOUBLE the losses of ms.

            Sonny did not “won” they just pathced up the damage. People only bought ps3s the last 2 years becasue ps3 became cheap and had alot of exlusives to play. They bought it becuase they got tired of x360s, it wasnt their first choice.

          • RoadShow

            Wow you are one freaking idiot.

            In what freaking world do you live in? Sony didn’t lie about anything although I will say they were cocky with the PS3.

            Basically Sony lost a ton of market share by waiting on the PS3 for blu ray which it also put in the PS3 to ensure they won the format war. It was a ballsy move, one that cost them but won them that format war.

            Sony makes exclusives because that is what Sony freaking does idiot. Why do you think they own an Army of studios? Those studios are why Sony is my #1 choice, that and the hardware quality/value is tremendous in addition to their A1 customer care.

            You have no idea what you are talking about on software sales. PS3 has sold tons and tons of games. Xbox 360 has done well for itself…after screwing the consumer over with RROD to gain market share.

            People bought PS3 because it’s simply the best. Free online play, optional PS+ with 64 free games a year (not old or cheap games either), 3D blu ray, upscale DVD to HD, CD play back, internet browser (browsing and free music like pandora), streaming netflix/hulu/amazon/free crackle, auto connects to windows 7 & 8 PC’s and uses them as home media servers, online movie rental

            The PS3 is a beast, has beautiful games, a ton of AAA exclusives, Free exclusive content in all the beat AAA multi plats (Red Dead Redemption, LA Noire, Batman Arkham City & Asylum, Battlefield, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Fight Night, Mafia 2, Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed and a lot more).

            Sony just delivered and that’s why they sold more.

          • Dakan45



            Nuff said go kil yourself faggot.

          • RoadShow

            Just look at you. All worked up and mad because you know I’m right. You literally just posted nothing but BS there.

            You see I didn’t just say “Sony is the best” I gave a huge list of reasons. You don’t even have a leg to stand on, you just spout your opinions and act like you are some god.

            Sony didn’t lie about anything.

            You want Sony faults?

            Sony released a year late and at $600 and was cocky enough to think that everyone would just line up and buy it no matter what it was.

            I say it’s 100% worth it because of all the tech they packed in it but it was a very cocky move. Sony is doing so much better with the PS4.

          • Dakan45


            “You see I didn’t just say “Sony is the best” I gave a huge list of reasons”

            You gave BULSLHIT.

            YES DIPSHIT SONY LIED, Just google sony lies, they showed off cgi as real gameplay, they said ps3 would run linux, they lie lie and overhype you fucking dipshit.

            “Sony released a year late

            Because they were gonna launch WITHOUT a GPU you dipshit.The dumb japs had to fix that shit.

            “was cocky enough to think that everyone would just line up and buy it no matter what it was.”

            Yes and you were one of those drons who bought that shit and so you defend them now you pathetic sony faggot.

          • Yourdad

            You sir are an idiot of staggering magnitude.

          • Dakan45

            you are a sony fag and you can go fuck a cactus dipshit. So butthurt that you had to make an acount, pff pathetic. geta life dipshit

          • Meridian

            Not true. Games sell just as well or better on PS3 and have for years.

          • Dakan45

            Not true they havent.

          • Ritsujun


          • Dakan45

            sony faggot.

          • Dakan45


      • Dakan45

        Architecture has nothing to do with it.

        • Mitesh Ghanekar

          wow, architecture has nothing to do with it??? ignorant pc pirate

          • Dakan45

            Yes dipshit architecture has nothing to do with piracy, the hardware architecture has NOTHING to do with it. No one hacks pc hardware to play games you fuckign dipshit, go back to consoleRETARD land you fuckshit.

          • tython

            In order to run pirated games you need to write an emulator/hack the firmware and such to do so thus you need to know how to write the software, this is where architecture comes into play please recall that early PS3 games particularly ports/multiplates looked terrible on the the PS3 compared to the XBOX 360 since the developers had a very hard time coding for it. Thus hackers had a very hard time figuring out how to hack it till Geohot found the flaw in the Linux OS that was in there as well thus led to the infamous jailbreak

          • Dakan45

            I know that and like i said it was the Software that got hacked not the hardware like ps2.

          • tython

            So why is there no PS3 emulator if Hardware is not the problem? Because the software needs to emulate said system hardware first and the PS3 architecture makes that very difficult to emulate on PC, PS2 emulators for example are relatively new compared to say the SNES/Genesis emulators due to fact that it took a long time to make an emulator that could emulate said hardware and even then you still need the official bios from a PS2 in order to get it to run. In short yes architecture plays a vital role when hacking consoles since you need to know how to code the software and get it to run on said hardware.

          • Dakan45

            There is no xbox emulator either, the original not x360, so what is your point?

            X360/PS3 games are too complicated to emulate on thin air without hardware or installs. Wetalking about 7-10 gbs to emulate its impossible.

            PS3 architecture has NOTHING to do with it, games are too complicated, there are no xbox or x360 emulators either the only reason wii emulators exist is because wii is ased on gamecube.

          • tython

            Your actually proving my point. The Xbox 360 for example has BC done in software but it’s not very good and required multiple patches until they finally decided to give up since the hardware environment of both systems is completely different.
            XBOX= Intel processor and Nvidia GPU
            XBOX 360= IMB Processor and ATI GPU the sheer difference in hardware architecture as seen here proves my point that

            Architecture means everything when making emulators since you need to emulate the hardware environment first before you can even run said games.

            It’s not that the games are too complicated it’s just that they need to run on the systems they were coded for why do you think you can’t just pop in a PS2 game into a CURRENT PS3 and just play it.

            In the original PS3s the 20GB to 60GB units they actually had the full PS2 hardware incorporated into the system. The second wave the 80GB unit which I have has a fusion of hardware and software in order to play them not very well mind you that also required patching which they stopped as well.

            Now PS2 classics are actually games that are recoded for the PS3 environment so again yes architecture matters

          • Dakan45

            “Architecture means everything when making emulators since you need to
            emulate the hardware environment first before you can even run said

            You are EMULATING the process not the hardware itself.

            It means you are running the game on thin air and replicate the entire process of the game running on a system.

            Which means that you have to have a system that is MULTIPLE times as powerfull as the system you are emulating ON TOP of your current system, and STILL that doesnt mean it will work.

            It is about being complicated not due to arhitecture but i guess you havent figured that out either.

            snes, n64, simple stuff, xbox, ps3 hard stuff.

            PS3 is more comlpicated than x360 and wii so its harder to emulate.

            if you think its trully because of the architecture. Then how fuckign come no one has emulated xbox and x360s?

            Now that ps4 and xbox one are similar to pcs does that mean it will become easier to emulate? NOPE, because you have to emulate the system ON TOP of the your system which means you need MASSIVELLY powerfull hardware to do it and it will TILL not work because its too complicated.

            You can play ps1 games on ps2, you can play wii games on WIIIU but you cant do it on newer systems because the hardware is nothing like it.

            You are not “emulating” psx games on ps2, it jsut has backwards compability.

            However nitendo vitrual console on wii can EMULATE n64 games becuase they are simplistic and for that reason so can pc.

            Get it?

          • Dakan45

            Those are fake as well as ps3 emulators, dont beleive me google ps3 emulators you gonna find something but they are fake.

          • tython

            and the other part you know the part where the article I sent says that “Most emulators just emulate a hardware architecture” now granted they also mention the software but you still need to emulate the hardware in order to run said emulated software

          • Dakan45

            You emulate the process of the hardware not the hardware itself you cant emulate a hardware you dont have, you emulate the way the hardware renders, thats the reason ps2 emulators have so many emulations settings.

            if you just emulated the hardware and not the various rendering methods, you wouldnt need to adjust various settings to make games work, not stutter, not to throw artifacts or prevent them from stucking in triggers such as cutscenes.

            Thats why you cant emulate the hardware but the process the hardware does, thats why some games dont work, or require specific rendering settings or have artifacts.

          • RoadShow

            Do you even realize how stupid you make yourself look? Just reading through some of these comments and it’s clear you need to seek help.

          • Dakan45

            Says the sony faggot who has no idea how things work, please go suck sony cock of LIES some more dipshit, sell your pc to someone with more techinical knowledge than you.

            SERIOSULY YOU FUCKIGN FUCK you keep making excuses for sony and trying to defend the fuckup that ps3 was, blaming ms for sony delaying ps3 due to not having a gpu and the shitty architecture and the higher price.

            Sell your pc, if you have intelligence then you know for a fucking fact that pc gamign is superiro and having the ability to tweak stuff and mod is what makes it awesome, consoles are stupid limitations, the more i played uncharted the more i wanted to play it on pc wih a mosue and better graphics, the more i played killzone 2, the more i wanted to change the controls to whatever i fucking like and disable motion blur.


            Thats what you are dipshit.Reallize it already.

          • Mitesh Ghanekar

            you fuckin ignorant potty mouthed motherfucker, what the fuck do you even know about consoles?? fucking go and research how the ps3 managed to stay hack proof for soo many years.. maybe give u something to do, other than typing fucking essays. no one needs to hack pc architecture because a few modified files do the fucking trick, thats how shitty pc is.

          • Dakan45

            “what the fuck do you even know about consoles??”
            Gee i dont know i played on snes, n64, psx, ps2 ,xbox and wii, x360, ps3, wiiu. Yet i prefer pc due to better graphics, better controls customization, better freedom etc etc.

            But let a ingorant cuntface tell you that pc gamers are all pirates despite the fact that games dont sell enough on 160 million of ps3/x360s. So developers result into making gmes play alike and STILL not getting those sales.

            if there is anyone who doesnt know shit nor about consoles, pc and piracy is you, not me.

            Yes dipshit ps3 was pirateproof for 3 years, YET x360 with its complete lack of exlusives, not only sold more units but also sold more games.

            Sony had to fart out exlusives and lower the price to get people to buy them and they did, when the console became old and cheap and had a lot of exlusives to play. It wasnt their first choice.

            Architecture has nothing to do with piracy. Yes on pc you can change files and crack something, you know why? Because UNLIKE consoles you are not locked out of the game, if you want to change the controls to be more suitable to your liking, you can, if you want to use hacks to improve graphics, you can, if you want to make new levels you can. But hey Mitesh says thats “shitty” and pc should be locked out and never used.

            Let me tell you something, Every developer HATED the ps3 architecture, it was a mess and too difficulty to worh with, everyone hated its low ram. There is even an article that says that sony came up with the shtity alien architecture in order to make it harder for the developers to port games to other platforms. They thought they gonna get ps2 sales, so everyone would get ps3s and make their games for them and porting to other systems would be so hard, that no one would bother doing it. TA DA third party exlusives.

            Yes thats the scumbags you sonyfags are sucking their dicks off.

            Thankfully everyone bought x360s and sony didnt skullfuck gaming.

            Now ms tried to skullfuck people with drm. Pc on the other hand has no owner that will try and fuck you for using his platform to play games.

          • Mitesh Ghanekar

            the fucking reason 360 sold soo much was that it had a years lead, plus it could be hacked. i know people who have sold their ps3 for xbox just csause you can pirate on it. And now ur trying to say that ps3 is worse cuz they had nore and better exclusives. seriously talk about turning a positive into a negative. devs hated the ps3 architecture, but those who persevered got the results, cranking out graphically proficient games. and the reason the ps3 stayed hack proof for soo many years WAS its architecture, so it directly lowered piracy. all the AC games tilll about revelation had to deal with generic icons for movement, nfs games- the all drive function is an absolute pain to use on pc. ghosts, epic fail on the 6 gb ram lock out, ( btw got pirated by the truckload even though it was 30 GB and not 50GB). there are fuckloads of egs as to why consoles are better than pc , and then ps3 is better.

          • RoadShow

            I swear this idiot must have mutliple accounts. I can’t see why anyone would agree with him.

          • Dakan45

            says the retarded faggot who posts the most riddiculus bullshit ever

          • Jason Mounce

            Way to lose your cool bro.

          • RoadShow

            You post stupid BS and a few seconds later have a few thumbs up from “guest” accounts. Sounds like someone is utilizing his phone and another computer to make himself look better.

          • Dakan45

            I havent stopped posting you dumb fuck i had no time to actually log out and thumb up myself. But keep believing that i thumb up myself instead of admiting that peopel agree with me, the fact i am in a xbox article that you sony faggots came here and bash MIGHT have to do soemthing with it but no brains for that apparently

          • guest

            Yeah, this guys is a f*cking fat ugly cellar dwelling pirating hacking sad pathetic no life PC troll, he should crawl back to his piss stained cellar.

          • Dakan45

            A year lead my ass, x360 continue to sell due to its low price and being more favored by devs DESPITE PS3 HAVING BETTER EXLUSIVES AND NO PIRACY WHICH YOU THINK IT IS SO DAMN FUCKING IMPORTANT WHILE IT WASNT.

            “the reason the ps3 stayed hack proof for soo many years WAS its architecture, so it directly lowered piracy.”

            NO YOU FUCKING DIPSHIT architecture has NOTHING to do with it. PS4 has pc architecture, how fucking come its not pirated yet?

            For your information you CLUELESS FUCK, ps3 had a hacked BIOS not a altered hardwae you complete waste of cum.

            So no you are WRONG.

            You are wrong and you are a fucking dipshit, so STFU and kill yourself.

          • RoadShow

            You are a dumb pus infected dangling butt hair spewing disinformation.

            PC fucking sucks you fucking idiot. It was great in the PS2 days when it could differentiate it’self. But now days it’s is very limited in it’s offerings with huge games like Red Dead Redemption and Destiny not even coming to the platform.

            I still have a gaming PC but I get far more out of a console than I do my PC. More games I care about (PC exclusives are cheap junk), more support, no headaches, no upgrades, no playing with settings, better UI for everything on a big screen TV (outside of big picture mode) and better controls for the living room (keyboard/mouse are funky).

            The only thing PC has on it’s side is (1) Best FPS due to keyboard/mouse (at a desk) (2) Highest graphics quality (although there’s almost no examples of this) (3) Cheap Steam games (4) Emulator (5) Everything a PC does – DVD burning, home media server ect.

          • Dakan45

            “You are a dumb pus infected dangling butt hair spewing disinformation.”

            “PC fucking sucks you fucking idiot.”

            See thats missinformation you fucking dipshit.

            “It was great in the PS2 days when it could differentiate it’self.”


            Do consoles have horror games? NOPE, apart from that pc also has a ton of exlusives that consoles cannot have becuase console game today are made for retarded dudebros who want to watch a movie rather playing a game.

            You define games by how good the graphics are and the production values or how good the gameplay is?

            I define games by gameplay if the game has GOOD GAMEPLAY then its great it doesnt matter how much money you spend and how much you polish a game for the GLORIOUS console race, if that game is STILL gonna sell badly.

            Long story short its better to make cash with a cheap game than FAIL on consoles by trying to be a “BIG” game and ruin everything.

            Resident evil 6, dead space 3, dmc, lost planet 3, tomb raider, hitman absolution,kingdoms of amalaur, crysis 3, moh warfighter, darkness 2, darksiders 2, sleeping dogs, all those games sold badly and flopped.

            Hooray for consoles and their “big” games if they just gonna cause low sales and ruin the industry.

            What you mean destiny is not comign to pc? Dmc and inversion were not anounced for pc either, yet they came out. Oddysey to the west, bully, brutal legend were not on pc, yet they were ported later. LA noire was not on pc yet they released it later.

            Division was no ont pc yet it was released later.

            Never before had pc as many games as it has now, you have to littearly find cases of few games that are not on pc when in the past eg ps2 era it was the exact opposite, now nearly every game is on pc. Which is gonn increase in the future thanks to the similar architecture which is gonna make it easier.

            “I still have a gaming PC but I get far more out of a console than I do my PC.”

            I do the opposite console exlusives are the same.

            “more support, no headaches, no upgrades, no playing with settings,”

            Too bad that games on pc get patched up faster, too bad console games have bugs and need patches, too fucking bad i cant stomach to play with THE SAME FUCKING SHITTY GRAPHICS FOR 7-8 YEARS AND SAME FUCKING LOW RESOLLUTION WITH JAGGIES, too bad i like having better controls, too bad a big screen tv doesnt effect the visual quality, too bad i like upgrading for a better experiance too abd i like changing the controls to WHATEVER THE FUCK I LIKE than be stuck to what the developers restrict me to.

            Also How is having a big UI and take forever to scroll better than instantly clicking the shit you want in the screen with a mouse? Apparently you like scrawling therough big boxes.

            “The only thing PC has on it’s side is (1) Best FPS due to keyboard/mouse
            (at a desk) (2) Highest graphics quality (although there’s almost no
            examples of this) (3) Cheap Steam games (4) Emulator (5) Everything a PC
            does – DVD burning, home media server ect.”

            And many more but to a console faggot like you all those things including, MODS, CUSTOMIZATION, BETTER SOUND, BETTER MP , MORE EXLUSIVES and many others are “the only thing pc has”

            The only? really? i mean REALLY?

            Sorry but you are a dumb fucking asshole.

          • RoadShow

            Like I said back in the PS2 days PC is far from consoles. The graphics, the games everything about it. Hell PS2 days FPS sucked on consoles (except medal of honor).

            At PS3 and PS4 launch they are equivalent to a good gaming PC. Then developers can continue to push more out of the system because they can depend on the specific hardware. Show me the last game PC ran that only needed 500mb of ram.

            Consoles don’t have horror games?

            Silent Hill, Bioshock, Dead Space, Resident Evil, Fatal Frame, The Walking Dead, Siren, Last of Us, Doom 3.

            And I hate horror games.

            Not all the games you listed flopped. Maybe on PC! Tomb Raider: 360 = 1.54 million, PS3 = 1.25 million. PC = .2 million

            LMAO just an example. Games on PC don’t evolve until consoles do. All of a sudden we have new consoles here and all of a sudden games on PC got a graphics upgrade. Better game engines, more detail and destruction.


            Red Dead Redemption, heavy contender for game of the generation also is a no show on PC. That game alone is reason enough not to go for PC. Who knows what PC is going to be missing out on in the future. Also waiting for GTA V on PC just for some freaking mods is lame. You get the game what a freaking year after console release? You freaking need mods at that point just to make the game interesting.

            You went off the wall there with many of your comments. WTFE on patches faster on PC or whatever you were trying to say. You make no sense.

            UI for console is far better than PC in the living room. Can’t fucking see where you even are with a PC on a big screen TV from my couch. It’s a big freaking deal. Big boxes are needed when you got a 55″ TV.

            Mods only mean something to certain people. Mods have basically ruined skyrim on PC.

            You can’t even freaking name off some of your glorious PC exclusives nor give me any other examples of PC benefits.

            You can fucking have your PC. I personally get more out of a console these days. I use my PC as a home media server, to play some exclusive games and to burn DVD’s.

            I find myself needing a PC less and less as MMO’s and other games traditionally on PC are becoming more and more popular on consoles.


            GTA IV, one of the most popular PC modded games: 360 = 10.47 million, PS3 = 9.9 Million, PC = .78 million.

            Again LMAO @ your pathetic ass.

          • Dakan45

            Like i said you are a fucking asshole and you can go fuck yourself.

            “Show me the last game PC ran that only needed 500mb of ram.”

            Show me a pc with CELL architecute, ps3 wasnt even gonna have a gpu originally, there is nothing to compare with the pc.
            None of those games are HORROR games you dumb fuck,they are non horror games made for casuals, just like dead spac3 and resident evil 6 gone action to get more sales and DIDNT GET THEM.

            All the game i listed flopped apart from hitman absolution and tomb raider that barelly broke even.

            Still 1.5 millions on sleeping dogs on 160 million ps3/x360s shows how bad sales are on consoles on a massive scale.

            “Games on PC don’t evolve until consoles do


            Crysis 3 on x360/ps3 UNDER the lowest pc settings, Same goes for metro last light.

            bf3 and max panye on consoles= LOW pc settings.

            Remember me and the tomb raider beat the last of us on pc. But hey you wouldnt know that because you dont play on consoles.

            It was the same last gen., old ps2 had god of war 2 and black, pc had fear and far cry and doom 3 and quake iv.

            You jsut play on SHIT graphics thats all.


            It has been confirmed that they are not working on a pc version right now because they dont want to stress themselfs too thin.

            That doesnt mean that they wont do it later BUT



            That is you logic you fucking retard.

            “Red Dead Redemption, heavy contender for game of the generation also is a no show on PC.”

            Yet la noire was ported by Rockstar leads and so was bully and max payne 3. Could it fucking be that the reason red dead redemption was not on pc was that rockstar san diego who made the game, has no pc experiance and was using a modified version of gta iv egine which means the port was gonna be a fuckup?

            But ofcourse you are clueles and you didnt know that.

            ” Also waiting for GTA V on PC just for some freaking mods is lame.”

            FAR better graphics, customizable controls so i dont have to press the x button to accelarate, better sounds and TONS of mods is lame?

            Sure i could play the SHITTY last gen version right now OR i could get the definetive version and enjoy the game more. But i forgot you finished the game and dont care about it. Sorry i still have modded every car in san andreas and i intend to do it in gta v as well, so i am not gonna play gta v on pc to “finish it” but fully enjoy it which i wont with the shitty console restrictions.

            “WTFE on patches faster on PC or whatever you were trying to say. You make no sense.”

            What you dont get? Games are patched faster on pc as well as hackers are banend faster, its common knowledge, if not they you can deal it yourself without having to wait for the publisher to approve a patch reelase, you can just google the problem and try fixes other users have done. Dont say consoles have no issues. Last of us save corruption, skyrim freezing on consoles, bf4 ps4 savegame corruption, arkham origins glitches.

            “UI for console is far better than PC in the living room. Can’t fucking
            see where you even are with a PC on a big screen TV from my couch. It’s a
            big freaking deal. Big boxes are needed when you got a 55″ TV.”

            So you got a big 55″ TV in order to gt the oversized UI looking more oversized?

            ” Mods have basically ruined skyrim on PC.”

            Sorry i got 200 guns in fallout new vegas and awesome graphics, if you think mods “ruin” skyrim you mut be a RETARD, because mods made that game prettier and fixed its rpg mechanics and made it more hardcore therefore a better rpg.

            “You can’t even freaking name off some of your glorious PC exclusives nor give me any other examples of PC benefits.”

            You are not gonna like them or argree so why bother?

            I had more fun with shadowrun than any other rpgs game because it was a diffirent game, i had more fun with papers please and arma 3 and antichamber because those games are unique and diffirent and take skill and nothing like them is on consoels, games on consoles are samey shit that look and play alike to ensure sales.

            Oh look another gears of war, another god of war another killzone…if you havent gotten tired of those franchises already i feel sorry fro you.

            What you mean benefits? I get far better graphics, sound, controls, customizable controls, lower prices, more exlusives with more variety and innovation, better mp and lower pices. Also better mp and crossgames chat and mmo… OH WAIT crossgame chat and mmos are now considered “next gen” because your shitty consoles can now do what pc has been doing for decades. well done!! Fuck me for having those things a long time ago.

            ” as MMO’s and other games traditionally on PC are becoming more and more popular on consoles.”

            More popular on consoles? You got that right games like wow, l4d, counter strike, dota 2, league of legends, arma and the likes are more popular on consoles, no they are not, even crysis became less popular when it gone to consoles.

            “GTA IV, one of the most popular PC modded games:”

            it really isnt, gta iv sold badly because it was a shitty port and MODDERS had to fix that game for rockstar torronto who fucked up the port.

            What if i told you crysis gone to consoles to sell more copies and sold just as much as crysis 1 did on pc? Crysis 2 and 3 were made with crysis 1 remaining income. What if i told you ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PC GAMES like say diablo 3 or counter strike are infact selling more on pc than consoles? What if i told you alan wake made its development costs back in 24 hours? What if i told you vgchartz is not to be trusted because it doesnt include the digital steam sales that pc game revenue comes from? What if i told you pc revenue has reached 20 billion in 2012 which is higher than ms and sony ever made from their consoles, what if i told you that pc has more developers and more exlusives? BUT I FORGOT to retards liek you only console gaming exists, everything else is irrelvant because its not popular or well known enough.

          • Ritsujun


          • Dakan45

            Yes i fucking pwned him

          • bresy2

            Had to step in here. “Pc gaming sucks” come on, i may be a console player, but jesus even i know with a controller connected to a pc it is clearly the better gaming device. Thought i’d agree with you Dakan lol. The only thing consoles may have is the ability to have you’re mates over and play on the same console, FIFA games, NBA, things like that. But for sheer power and graphics come on, PS4 and X1 will give PC a good run, but in the end all they have to do is upgrade there graphics ard, GPU or RAM, whereas we have to buy a new next gen console. But i do love my consoles don’t get me wrong :D.

          • RoadShow

            Well I mean PC sucks for me. I have my gaming PC and do love it but it just doesn’t give me personally what my playstation 3 & 4 do these days. I’ve already listed why I feel this way.

            PC in reality is king. FPS better than any console can do but it also doesn’t deliver in a lot of areas. The living room isn’t a very good place for a PC. Big screen TV is hard to navigate outside of gaming and keyboard/mouse is funky in the living room.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            As if it needs to be pointed out, you lack intelligence and character. I am glad you are sticking to PC. Stay right there, with your bad case of Tourette Syndrome.

          • Dakan45

            Pathetic, pc takes far more intelligence and skill that consoletards lack by the dozens.

            But hey clueles consoleretards going around talking BULLSHIT both by being assholes and CLUELESS like Mitesh over there are proof of who has a bad case of Tourette syndrome.

          • DakansFather

            Dakan, do you really think being a lifeless felcher writing entire articles about PC gaming is really going to change anybody’s opinion or doing anything relevant other than prove you’re a lifeless faggot?

          • Dakan45

            This article wasnt even about pc gaming or sony you dumb fucks, you sony asswipes made it into that you pathetic scumfucks

            Thats why i hate you and sony fags

    • Dakan45

      “Well I mean PC sucks for me. I have my gaming PC and do love
      it but it just doesn’t give me personally what my playstation 3 & 4
      do these days. I’ve already listed why I feel this way.

      PC in reality is king. FPS better than any console can do but it also
      doesn’t deliver in a lot of areas. The living room isn’t a very good
      place for a PC. Big screen TV is hard to navigate outside of gaming and
      keyboard/mouse is funky in the living room.”

      You are either a awsome troll or a special kinda retard.

      “pc sucks for me”

      “i have amy gamign pc and i do love it”

      “PC in reality is king.”

      Yet you suck off sony and say pc sucks

      Seriously kiddo, kill yourself you dumb fucking cunt kill yourself, i wasted enough time with you you sony cocksuking faggot, sony lies and overhypes, continue sucknig them off.

      • RoadShow

        I am just laughing my ass off at you dude. Seriously, you are so fucking stupid and then the hilarious attempt to insult me.

        PC does not give me what I want. I want high power, high quality, I like the simplicity of consoles where I don’t have to upgrades parts or mess with settings. I want this powerhouse to have easy navigation for all my entertainment options, I want it to connect to my PC and utilize it for more entertainment options.

        In the end of the day my gaming PC only makes my playstation that much better.

        Seek help kid, everything will be okay.

        • Dakan45

          i am facepalmiong my ass as well.

          High power? BUHAHAHHHAA

          High quality? BUAHAHAH

          Simplicity? BUAHHAAH

          Oh please go fuck yourself steambox pwns all.

          “Seek help kid, everything will be okay.”

          Says the faggot that gone apeshit yesterday and thought i was using multiple deviced to thumb up my own comments and couldnt fucking reallize he was trolling at a xbox one article so people thumb me up for pwning you sony faggots.

          You need to seek help, so you can remove that tiny jap dick from your mouth and ass.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            “facepalmiong my ass”

            That says it all. Assface.

          • Dakan45

            i mistyped, asswipe

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            Nah, I’m certain that you got it 100% correct. And I’m not talking about the misspelling of ‘facepalming’ (my gosh, if we were to start correcting your spelling and grammar, we’d be here until the release of the the PS5). Somehow I should have known that you were not bright enough to pick up on how that sentence works.

          • Dakan45

            What are we here anyway? Seriously what are you here for?

            Obsessive compulsively replying to me…for?????????

            What for? Because its a fucking habbit of yours and you cant do shit about it.

            Too bad.

            So hows weather today?

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            Because you are great satire. And because I am hoping for your sake to see some sign that the satire is actually intentional.

          • Dakan45

            Yes the intention was to annoy the guy who thumbed you up and it works.

          • Dodge

            Yep, “faggot” used again. Hmm, starting to see a trend.

          • Dakan45

            Would you prefer sony ponys?

      • Dodge

        Again, used the word “faggot” Vented frustration regarding your homosexuality? Come out the closet. You will be fine.

  • Gamer First

    Makes sense coming from the same system that still need batteries.

    • Abba Okoro

      WTF? They didn’t go with lithium since it would prevent it from an entire controller replacement and so the Battery packs could last longer FOOL

      • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

        I’ve had my ps3 controllers for six years and used daily…your point? p.s and EVEN if they did run out, it’s not hard to open them up (normal screws) and goto ebay for a replacement battery..but nice try on the sarcastic front.

        • Abba Okoro

          Lithium doesn’t last long and battery life decreases
          +Replacing them only takes less than a min not ordering one from online+shipping costs LOOL Not to mention SIZE differences and compatibility

          • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

            Did you not read that i have NEVER replaced my PS3 controllers???

          • Abba Okoro

            YES, did you rad my comment and get my point?

          • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

            What point? that batteries are better because otherwise you have to buy a new controller, which YOU DON’T!

          • Abba Okoro

            So the power supply is defective beyond repair you don’t buy a new one or bank on warranty? LOOOOOL You’re really slow you know that?

          • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

            I have never experienced this you fucking moron, and you have the audacity to call me slow?? LOOOOOOOOL all you like, you are wrong.

          • Abba Okoro

            Then why bring this up? My point is if it breaks you buy or take out a warranty on them

          • Craig Rude-Boy Newman

            What?? your point was that having a battery pack is better than having it built in?? stop trolling me.

          • Abba Okoro

            My point is lithium has a shorter life since over the years it stores less power
            Hell rechargeable AA batteries last longer than lithium

            AND it can’t be replaced as apposed to buying a whole new one

            My point is it’s easier and better to work with AA batteries as compared to Lithium

      • Gamer First

        Your the guy selling the last buggy whip for sure…
        My Ipod battery 10+ years old charges fine
        My PS3 controllers battery 6 years old charges fine
        Oh and in case you didn’t know you can replace the battery on PS3 controllers. It’s about $8 and it 4 screws on the controller.

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    yay way to go pirates ^_^

    now give a sequel for pirates of the caribbean

    • Abba Okoro


  • chris

    It doesn’t mean anything right now, it’s an encrypted dump.

  • RandomUser2yr29387

    This is what happens when you rush a console to market.
    As if the failing disc drives and smoking weren’t bad enough.

    • Guest

      Yeah the 25+ different problems on the $0N¥ PauperStation Foul were even worse. GO F YOURSELF!

      • Dakan45

        Sony fags believe that sony never makes mistakes and will refuse to admit it that sony lies and overhypes and screws them over, they are trully pathetic.

        • Dodge

          Are you a homosexual still in the closet Dakan45? You use the word “fag” an awful lot. This tends to because people like yourself are frustrated with their sexuality.

      • harriskatz

        LOL… You MS guys are seriously deluded.

        • Dakan45

          how so? ps4 had ton of problems appearing on launch, but the sony fags are not gonan admit that sony can make mistakes.

          • bresy2

            I can’t even begin to criticize you for that awful attempt at spelling or grammar. However first off, Sony fags, is that really what it’s come down too. What age are you 10, you even hit puberty yet you spotty little “fag”. First off i can admit that sony have made mistakes, there consoles have had issues just like every new console or device that comes out they’re are always hiccups, but to diss this guy because he pointed out the obvious, clearly the Xbox was rushed, I was an xbox 360 guy all the way never bought a ps3, but how can you stand to defend a company and console who would like to make you check in online every 24 hours, can’t trade in games(which for a lot of people is how they’re able to buy new games) and just in general the whole 180 sh!t. I could go on but i know from myself any longer and you’ll stop reading. I’ve made my point.

          • Dakan45

            Allow me to make my point.

            Where did i defend ms?

          • bresy2

            Apologies it seemed from you’re blatant attack on sony and there consumers that you were a microsoft fanboy. My mistake

          • Dakan45

            Sonyfags came here to bash xbox.

            Then they drag pc on this. Is it not clear the superiority elitism belongs to sony fags and not pc gamers anymore?

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            PC homo-type-sexuals will never lose the arrogance to the point that they can realise that brute force on a PC is different from brute force on a console.

          • Dakan45

            Aside from that sounding like a complete asshole ( pc-homo-type sexcuals) when mittesh calls all pc gamers “pc fags” what exactly is the point you are making?

            Wanna play on consoles FINE, But the sonyfags coming here, bashing xbox and then dragging pc on this is pathetic.

          • bd

            murican tard right?

          • Dakan45

            nope european pc master race

          • MYNAMEBORAT

            im just tired of these fucking ignorant people from different countries talkin shit bout AMERICA. yeah so what our government is a little bit corrupt. what makes you better than us. i am a single person just like you. think about what country you are talkin shit to. cuz we have invaded for less BITCH .

          • der

            Playstation came first not xbox. Microsoft tried to bash sony Der…

          • M1K3YD33

            bresy2 it is laughable when people like you try to humiliate and slate others on their grammar mistakes when you should be more focused on your own mistakes by learnin the difference between to, too, there, their and they’re.

          • M1K3YD33

            Before you try pointing out or slating my previous post at the fact i made a typo with the word “learning” then don’t bother as i already know so before you type some smart ass reply just remember that at least my error wasn’t down to lack of knowledge

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            How so? If he believes that the PS4 had widespread problems outside of normal launch defects, he is deluded. If he has convinced himself that a lower price is a terrible thing (“PauperStation”), he is deluded. I only see people talking about the smoking and disc-eating of the Xbox One as rubbing Xbot noses in the fact that they bet all of their chips attacking PlayStation’s launch day issues, only to have equal or worse issues.

          • Dakan45

            So you are a sonyfaggot that forgot the issues ps4 had a launch.


            See this is what i am talkign about, you are lying delusional assholes, go suck sony some more and defend them.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            You are extremely unintelligent and you lack reading comprehension. I would wager that you go through a lot of keyboards with the drool that you slobber all over them.

          • Dakan45

            Is “unintelligent” even a world you dumbfuck?
            By the way you got a ps4 in your facebook acount. Look another BUTTHURT sonfaggot, go cry some more about it dipshit.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            “Is “unintelligent” even a world you dumbfuck?”

            Best. Sentence. Ever.

            I had suspicions that you were just a parody, but this confirms it.

          • Dakan45

            says the gigantic joker that use “unintelligent” when there are far better words to use.

            But hey i am talking to a sony faggot, so who cares what they think.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice


            “Is “unintelligent” even a world you dumbfuck?”

            Sorry, that really is the greatest comment ever to grace the internet.

          • Dakan45

            tell me more!!!

            I would love to hear more.

            You really think that is a proper word? Who says “unintelligent” No one because its not even an actual word, its made up world that barelly made it to internet dictionaries.

            Not that a pretentious twat like you would know that. So allow me to user some REAL words.

            You are a pathetic ecxuse of a pretentious moron with far less understanding of what he is believing himself to be in his little dellusion of intelligence.

            Now that quote should go to the official best sentances anyone has ever told along the facepalm worthy

            “i dunno what i am talking about but DA GLORIOUS POWAAA OF GDDR5 BRAH”

          • Gunslinger

            unintelligent: adjective

            not having or showing an ability to absorb ideas readily.

            It’s not a made up word. Stop embarrassing yourself kid.

          • Dakan45

            If you didnt have shit for brains you would reallize that this one of the world that was made up and then put in the dictionaries, however if you check old non internet dictionaries its not there. No ne says “untilligent” Stop being a retarded faggot

          • Gunslinger

            Every word in existence has been made up , you pathetic child. Humans used to grunt and use gestures to communicate (maybe you should try it, who needs hard words that make your head go bu-bu?). Did you know that in old dictionaries the word “internet” doesn’t show? Can you UN-DER-STAN-D why?

            You should keep facepalming your ass genius.

          • Dakan45

            Yes i will keep proving how pathetic you are. Seriously you are a complete joke.

          • RoadShow

            Dakan45 is a complete fucking idiot, I’ve been going back and forth with him the last couple days and can say I’ve wasted my time.

            Don’t feed the troll.

          • Falcon D. Stormvoice

            But man, if I hadn’t, I never would have seen that sentence. I have seen the blood red sunrise after a squall on the sea, I have seen twisters mere feet away from me, I have seen lightning in a snowstorm. But “Is “unintelligent” even a world you dumbfuck?” may be the most amazing thing I have ever seen.

          • MYNAMEBORAT

            you just mad cuz a sony faggot fucked ur dad and made ur parents get a divorce . id rather be a sony faggot than a mind less xbot with drm built it and a motherbord built buy chinese people in a building with suicide nets to catc the workers from killing themselves cuz deep down they know they arebuilding a pos system wasting their lives on some worthless cable box that barely plays games at 720p lol you have fun with your “quality games”you fuckin xbot drones. Oh and turn your camera around when beatin of to pics of ps4 games in 1080p cuz microsoft might not like that . Im going to enjoy playing in full 1080p 60fps consistently on my PS4 its all about them specs but yall dont know dat -_- UR FACE -_-

          • Lee Urquhart

            “So you are a sonyfaggot that forgot the issues ps4 had a launch.


            See this is what i am talkign about, you are lying delusional assholes, go suck sony some more and defend them.”

            You can’t lie about something if you forgot it.
            You most certainly can’t lie about something if you never knew it in the first place.

          • Dodge

            Are you obsessed with “fags?” You do like that word which could mean you are projecting your own sexuality onto others.

          • Dakan45

            NO i just hate you sonyy faggots.

  • teufel

    Congratulations, you spent more, got less, and are rewarded with a very hackable box that will likely echo the pains ans soars of its predecessor and the annoying hacker community that made some online experiences unbearable.

    The XBone, the future of gaming….for MS fanboys at least.

    • Abba Okoro

      How old are you? I’m guessing 12?

  • dirkradke

    Even with piracy Microsoft made a lot of profit off the X-Box in terms of licensing for video games and eventually selling the console at a profit. Without the piracy they would of course make a lot more. The 1 surefire thing that can break that profitability is if they even mention trying to turn the 24-hour check-in and other anti-piracy measures back on. Every one knows hackers and pirates in terms of keeping there word is questionable. Microsoft’s problem is there word is just as questionable in a lot of minds. Do this anti-piracy measures and they lose credibility not just with the x-box, but other areas of there business as well. I think that could kill the Microsoft brand for good.

    • Guest

      Only in a $0N¥ Pauper’s mind.

      • FU


      • dirkradke

        This is why you seem like an idiot. If they didn’t make money they wouldn’t be in the business. If nothing else losing money would eventually put them completely out of business. Unlike you they don’t seem to be that stupid. Whether Sony or Microsoft.

        • ConsumersRStupid

          Um…actually the Xbox division which includes game licence looses 2 million every year. They make up for that loss with the 2 million a year they get from Android. Read up on it.

    • Abba Okoro

      Dumbest bullshit ever
      Microsoft makes 2 billion dollars in android licensing ALONE

      Not to mention the fact that there revenue for every quarter increased by 14%(21 billion dollars)

      On top of that they broke records by making almost 77 billion dollars last year

      • dirkradke

        Well you certainly have your opinion.

        • Abba Okoro

          I mention facts not opinions but your happy to post links to prove me wrong anytime

          • dirkradke

            So when you comment “Dumbest bullshit ever” that is a fact or opinion and what facts are being stated or what exactly does it refer to? I do know if there was no profit in video games Microsoft wouldn’t most likely NOT be involved. Nothing you commented invalidates that as far as I can tell.

          • Abba Okoro

            The company as a whole and the xbox division was profitable ever since kenict was released in 2011.

            Admit it your WRONG
            Notice:You didn’t provide any links to prove me wrong LOLOL Typical fanboy response

          • dirkradke

            English is obviously NOT your first language because otherwise why would have to admit I’m wrong to someone with whom I agree?

          • Abba Okoro


  • John Titus

    Just because you have the NAND dump means nothing if you can’t modify and redeliver to the box. I hope MS turn back on 24hr check and DRM because of these fools. If they do, don’t blame MS for protecting their product.

    • Clate

      No blame MS for knowing nothing about security

      • jroc74

        Exactly. Look how long it took for the PS3 to get hacked.

  • No

    Hackers can go ahead and die anytime soon, they exist for nothing but piracy, and ruining online games.

    • RandomUser2yr29387

      I don’t like hackers any more than you do, but it is pathetic to wish death on someone.

      • sad

        No it’s not. They are just weird nerds no-one gives a shit about them

        • 2/10 try again

          Hackers are just the innovators who get bored. If it wasn’t for innovators, you wouldn’t be coming on this page and being able to anonymously post an ignorant comment.


      • waspy

        haha fuck you cunt

      • Guest

        I wish death on paupers, like YOU!

    • James Bauer

      Actually, piracy is not ruining anything, it’s how the industry responds
      to it – the steps they take and protocols they put in place to combat
      it, that is.

      • Clate

        Defending piracy? That has got to be the dumbest comment I have ever read

        • James Bauer

          Please, enlighten me how piracy itself is a bad thing. Perhaps you are among the many that confuses piracy with theft. Piracy is not stealing anything – it is making a copy while leaving the original intact. In this regard, the only ones it hurts are the companies with money to lose, not the consumers. If I had a game or a movie or a CD and offered to copy it and share among the community for free, how is this a bad thing?

          • Adrian Torres Mora

            Finally someone who actually knows what he’s talking about

          • Mitesh Ghanekar

            sure because you deserve to get games for free, like i worked to finish my hw and u be an ass and just copy it. the difference between offering to copy a cd is that ur willing, u twat

          • Dakan45

            Meh, resident evil 6 sold 5 millin wanted 7, so it was a failure, dead space 3 wanted 5 millions, didnt get them.

            Basicly nearly every franchise the last 2 years sold badly.

            If games dont sell on 160 millions of ps3/x360s despite they keep making them alike in order to “appeal to a larger audience” as they say and in effect they kill innovation, then perhaps the problem is not piracy but SHITTY BAD freaking games.

          • RIP good games

            Exactly. It’s not piracy that’s ruining the industry, it’s crappy games. Piracy has always been part of the industry and it was much easier to pirate games than it is now, and the industry couldn’t sell as many games back then as it could now, but piracy didn’t affect it. However, a lot of people nowadays (including myself) refrain from buying games not because they’re complete crap, but because of their DLC. I’ve bought way less games in the last two years than I’ve bought eight years ago. Even the very few games that were worth buying in the last two years weren’t free of on-disc DLC or some sort of online that unlocks the rest of the game.

            The industry is dying slowly, not because of piracy, but because of what it became.

    • jroc74

      Hackers who use their talents for good help companies find holes, exploits in their software. Read up on the Black Hat conventions…

      Open your mid a lil and understand hackers exists outside of gaming.

  • Anon

    Hackers gonna hack.

    • KiLLaMaNiLLa

      Yup and ruin gaming experiences for everyone. Which is why i was excited for the always online feature And daily checks.

      • Anon

        ^Typical idiot who enjoys DRM.

        • KiLLaMaNiLLa

          something a typical wannabe hacker would say or someone with either no internet or someone whom is leeching off the local coffee shop wifi.

          • Trevor

            most people just hack system for free games, idiot

          • s

            plese die u tard

          • you suck dks

            You are a 100% gay….

        • KiLLaMaNiLLa

          And i enjoy safety and these days and if thats what it take to stop cellar dwellers from ruining everyone’s time to enjoy playing online without worrying about f**king loser hackers modding shit because they completely suck at games then yes i prefer DRM.

          • z

            i wish i could slap you in your retard face right now….u fucking idiot! go suck corporate cock and die!

          • PIRATE or NINJA

            even if they pull this off it has nothing to do with anyone elses experience, these guys arent hacking for cheats they are hacking for piracy. 2 completely diff things. you cant be that dumb

          • liam

            modding a console doesn’t bother you, you’re just jealous that other people are smarter than you.

          • Rich Pingint

            you just went full retarted dont ever go full retard DRM is the worst

        • aliquis

          Maybe he enjoys no cheater and better content or lower prices because more people pay?

          • VG786


            More people paying does not reduce the price.
            In fact, if things were unhackable, the DEMAND for games would rise (More people buying games), and the prices would increase.

            Please don’t talk about economics when you clearly have no idea what the hell you are saying.

          • s

            thank you

          • albatrosMyster

            Yes, that’s why Taylor swift’s latest album cost 500$ and the next indie band that only their mom will buy cost 3$!

            Demand my friend, it explains the price of EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!

          • s

            another fucking moron…just shut up u tard

          • Darren


        • %DRM

          LOL I hate DRM more than anyone, but if games like Destiny and The Crew feature an always-online DRM (even in single-player) yet every retard who claims he don’t like DRM is fooled by these companies’ bullsh*t goes out and buy these games, then I don’t see a reason for the backlash against microsoft’s policies or why they should reverse them.

      • TI_21

        They still have to go online to ruin your experience…

        • Joe

          Honestly me being a JTAG and PS3 CFW user I’ve never gone online to hack or exploit the community. Well going online to grab updates was the most. A lot of JTAG or CFW users only exploited their consoles to play nostalgic games or try mods offline.

      • Falcon D. Stormvoice

        Restricting your ownership was not going to be a gift from heaven, no matter what Microsoft said.

      • Mangraviti

        Why do hackers ruin gaming experience? Why does that affect you so much? Is it because you’re uncapable of hacking your console and really wanted to be capable of doing so?
        You do realize that not everyone have as much cash as your daddy gives to you, doncha? Perhaps people can’t afford buying 100 dollars games a few times a month.

        • SolidSnape

          If hackers don’t have the money to buy the game, then they don’t have to buy the fucking game. If they can’t afford gaming, then they should not try gaming. They need to get a real job.

          • db

            level of ignorance in this retard is of the charts……he must me ‘murican LOL

        • Sulli

          Get a fucking job if u can’t buy your own games, ppl like this ruin the gaming industry.

        • Batman

          If they cannot afford buying games, how did they afford buying consoles???
          Mind boggled.

        • der

          If someone did not have enough money to buy games then they wouldn’t have an Xbox one+ a computer needed the hack it

        • 888min2

          He makes a point. Get enough for the console and do full piracy with the games. Motivates me more to pirate with the amount of garbage the console has been spewing such as the Halo:MC edition.

      • Frank Fontaine

        have you seen the original xbox hacks. Those were boss. imagine if that was on xbox one

      • db

        u are a typical american moron! fucking idiot….

      • dc

        typical american retard……fucking idiot!

  • Nick TwinkleToes Setzer

    Ohh no … piracy on a pc structured console … what a surprise … let me know when this actually matters at all … all this says to me is people are going to start getting banned for hacked xbox ones (just like on xb360) … also tells me this site is hungry for news, so just glorifying anything they can find … also this isn’t hacking (again another prop for hits with this site) it’s called modding.

  • Fyber

    “This means that Xbox One is not far from being completely hacked and running homebrew on the system.”

    lol ridiculous statement, by dumping nand you basically are still as far away from enabling homebrew as you can get

    • Adrian Torres Mora

      Writers aren’t as smart as one may think nowadays…

  • Trim Dose

    No shit is a MS afterall.

  • caBooOm

    that was fast