Xbox Live Cloud Support Guarantees Connection For Everyone, Says Respawn

Respawn Entertainment is currently working on releasing TitanFall for the Xbox One . Xbox Live Cloud support is a feature that is prominently advertized for many Xbox One games, claiming to lead to better match making and better online A.I. Respawn Entertainment shares the same opinion about Cloud support for TitanFall on Xbox One.

In an interview to OXM, Respawn Entertainment’s Jon Shiring gives further insight on how they think Xbox Live Cloud will help with better match making and A.I for TitanFall.

He explains how integration of the Xbox Live cloud guarantees connection for everyone, which is normally not possible without dedicated cloud support.

“Certainly if you’ve played other games, and you’re trying to make a party and not everyone can connect to the same people, so you have to negotiate which one is going to do the party and invite everyone in – all of these things to get around the fact that it’s hard to connect from player to player.

By having this stuff on the cloud, you can guarantee that everyone will be able to connect, It’s like loading a web page: you don’t have to worry about whether you can load a web page, it just works.”

TitanFall is scheduled to launch on the Xbox One on March 11, 2014. It will be also released on PC and Xbox 360 although there is no info given yet about these two versions. An Alpha trial is currently open for sign-ups for users on the Xbox One.

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