Xbox One Adaptive A.I and Game DVR support restricted to selected games

As the new Xbox One release date draws near, Microsoft is getting aggressive in their marketing for Xbox One. People might have thought that since the Game DVR and Adaptive A.I feature is so prominently featured on the main ad, it might be included in every game. As it turns out, the support for both features depends on the games and its developers.

Both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One feature the ability to record and share videos of your games to others. Xbox One has a 5 minutes limit on recording while PlayStation 4 can record upto 15 minutes of a clip.  Game DVR on Xbox One also requires a Gold subscription, which really sounds strange but since the clip is uploaded to the cloud, maybe, they are charging for storage on cloud?

As much as Microsoft is trying to push out Adaptive A.I, we think it will mostly be limited to first party games. The disclaimer on the official Microsoft site has also somehow confirmed this. It reads: “Adaptive AI and Game DVR available in supported games”. So you want to find out if a game supports this “Adaptive A.I” or not, take a look at the back of the box to see if it does.

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  • joe

    You need to fix the part of your article that says the Xbox one can only record for 5 mins and the PS4 can only record for 15mins. The xbox is always recording the last 5 mins of gameplay, similarly the PS4 is always recording the last 15mins of gameplay. But both consoles can actually record for as much space is on your hard drive.

  • Jack Slater

    Skype, man, SKYPE… needs a live gold subscription.
    That fucking app is free everywhere, every PC, smartphone, tablet, dishwasher, microwave, everything.

    Only microsoft would dare charging cash for something that is free.

    And then, the stupid fanboys will still applaude it with their hands and feet, and will say Skype will be better on the xbox one because it’s a paid service, and paid services are always better, bla bla.

    I don’t care about the blind xbots that are aware of all this, but still pay and say ‘Amen’. But I think about all the parents, grandparents, young people that will buy the xbox one based on all the advertised ‘amazing’ features it has out of the box, but as soon as they start clicking the dashboard and opening this and that app, only at that moment those fooled buyers will get popups saying ‘ sorry, for being able to use this feature, you need to spend another 60$ on an xbox live gold subscription. And this app, too. And this. And this. And that one. And also those ones.

    Laws should forbid these kind of practices. All these xbox ones features should be advertised as ‘paid options’,since you have to spend cash for using them.

    Imagine an ad for a car, on the TV, where they show the car with 19″ tires, a high end GPS, a mat color, leather seats, double xenon, etc etc, for only $9999.
    Your order your car, and when you receive it, you have to pay 100$ for the GPS app and access, you have to pay 500$ for installing the 19″ tires, you have to pay for everything. After all, it was all options, extras, that you need to pay if you want to have them.

    The xbox one is exactly that. You get it for the amazing features you saw on an ad, and once you want to use them, you have to pay extra money.

    This should be forbidden. Announce all those features, like Skype, as PAID OPTIONS, and not as ‘available and usable features with the paid 499$ without any extra fee’


    • Phil George

      I think they should be forced to to mention in their ads that they can’t function without the internet, by this I mean the required day one update to remove the drm bs.

      People without the internet should be aware it won’t work for them initially. I worry about all the peeps on christmas morning who will be sorely disappointed by a non working $500 doorstop

      • Jack Slater

        Yeah, imagine the 13yo kid, the 25th of December, he unboxes all the stuff, plugs all the devices, cables, etc, turns it on, and like an iPad asking to be connected to itunes before being usable,
        The kid will have a popup saying the system needs an update, of course, it will ask for a windows live/hotmail account, for linking that first installation and the IP address to a microsoft account, of course, before proceeding, he will have to tick dozens of check boxes, user agreements, etc, that will give microsoft full rights on the system, with tiny clauses displayed with a 3px arial font where the user authorises microsoft to provide captured voice/video/audio/content usage/viewed websites/everything to the NSA or under any request from security agencies/government/advertising , and many other clauses, of course, all the security settings will be set to ‘allow’ as default, it’s up to the user to modify and block all privacy settings.
        After ticking all those check boxes, the 5-10 gigas update will start. Even with the 300’000 servers, it will take 20 hours to finish. Of course, just like 50% of the users, during the update, the kid will notice he forgot to pass the kinekt cable behind his TV, and will power off his brand new console, who just turned into a roman brick.

        And for those who won’t turn off their xbox one during the huge firmware/os/drivers update, we all know microsoft well enough to know the console and everything was rushed, and all those critical ‘core’ changes , all the 180° flipflops, 3-4 months before the console hit the market, will be just lethal. Still today, they are fixing things, updating drivers, working with studios and their developers to try to find solutions, workarounds, fixes, optimizations of all kinds on the system drivers, OS, hypervisor, etc, we all know the first buyers will be beta-testers.

        And while hundreds thousands of Xbox ones will be sleeping at the repair centers, instead of the gamer’s living-room or bedroom, guys like alberto penello , from microsoft, will just comment on tweeter and say:
        “OK, guys, until your brand new 499$ future-proof, 10-years-24/7-always-on-and-playing-games console is fixed, you can play on your xbox360.
        And for thanking you for being so faithful ( and really stupids), we will offer you the first 10 levels of angry birds and cut the rope.all the other levels will only cost you 9.99$.we love you.truly yours. Microsoft.”

        The question is: after setting a guiness-book record for the most unreliable device ever built, with a 54% failure rate, with the xbox360, will microsoft be able to beat his own record, with the xbox one?

        Bets are open. I say ‘YES’

    • HalfBlackCanadian

      You’re example is flawed. Car ads ALWAYS show the full model and then tell you it’s “starting at…”. Yes, they show small print, but so does MS in this case.
      That said, I agree that the paywall thing needs to go. The value proposition is looked at in the reverse way it should be. The idea is that you’re paying for certain features (Online play, cross chat, opload studio etc.) and getting more value in Skype, Netflix etc. What it should be is the user getting the normally free (Skype) or additional cost (Hulu, Netflix) stuff outside of the paywall and get additional perks inside of it (maybe long distance deals in Skype?).
      MS assumes (somewhat rightfully) that people will pay for the services and if they aren’t it’s because they do not have reliable/available service…in which case they have no need for these services anyway. Again, not reight necessarily but that’s where this comes from (I would think)

    • Dennis Crosby

      Does it really matter if you pay for it or not when your going to use gold for multiplayer its not that big of a deal when one gold account give access to everyone using it

      • Jack Slater

        I’m a PS+ user, mainly because of the insane amount of games we get with it, for free. I spent 60 bucks 3 months ago, for far cry 3, and the game is already free, in PS Europe. It’s just insane.
        I don’t play online, only played killzone 3 a couple of hours, online. The ps4 requiring PS+ for online playing, well, in don’t care, since I already pay for it, for other reasons.

        But about skype…that thing is free, everywhere.the guy that just bought an xbox one and wanna call his cousin via Skype, for telling him about his new purchase, hell, without a gold subscription, it won’t work.

  • xkingxnitemare

    this isnt really “news” per say. it kind of will always fall on the developer weather they want to use it or not. its not really MS fault. I imagine Ps4 will suffer the same fate when it comes to its DVR as well. not every developer wants their game shared on the internet.

    • developer

      DVR is part of the PS4 OS and developers need not worry

      • Daniel Lawson

        you think they wont have the option to disable it?

      • HalfBlackCanadian

        I think the article is misinformed. The adaptive AI is based on the cloud so that will have to be optioned as a thing (devs using the servers) but I think the DVR thing is speaking more to the automatic aspect of it. There have been recent interviews stating that achievment auto-record has to be set by the developer individually. Voive activated DVR across the board should still function.