Xbox One Beta Firmware Update Now Online: Improves Friends List, Allows Controller Update Through USB And More

Those who are in the Xbox One Beta firmware update should have started receiving the new update soon. This new update introduces a lot of nifty improvements and features, along with introducing new ones like Twitch streaming(Not working now though).

The new features in the update are as follow, courtesy of reddit user da13thninja.

  1. You can update controller through USB
  2. You now have an option under Kinect that says ” Turn hand cursor off while watching video
  3. Tutorials about gestures and voice commands are in the settings menu
  4. A ” show all other notifications” option under NOTIFICATIONS (hopefully this means we will be able to see if friends come online)
  5. Everything just seems FASTER!
  6. OPTICAL and HDMI audio settings have an option for “BITSTREAM OUT” (no idea what it is. IIT gives you an option between DTS Digital Surround and Dolby Digital
  7. Friends APP is much improved. Can see online friends first, recent players and a FAVORITES option. Pretty much everything you saw in that video on XBOX’s YOUTUBE CHANNEL. Loads a lot faster too.
  8. I tried saying “XBOX, BROADCAST” for shits and giggles and it opened TWITCH! don’t think I can broadcast anything though. YET!

Overall, the whole system seems to be a lot snappier. Its definitely a lot more refined. I might be spending more time with my xbox after this.

Here is a picture of the new friends app, which looks really neat and organized now (Source).

In case you are wondering how a controller update might look like, you can take a look at this picture below.

Are you a participant of the Beta update? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

  • zeemonkeyman

    What does updating the controller do?

    • junior

      allows for stereo headsets

      • zeemonkeyman

        Oh okay, thanks.

  • Jack

    Got the update at 11:30 pm on the 28 Feb in the UK. All seems o.k, shame i can’t now talk to my friends in the overall subtly improved party interface. The friends app is much more streamlined and useful. Looking forward to the Twitch broadcasting input. Unsure what the controller update is for, but hey, I went for it. Other updates including the sound have no relevance to me, but could be really helpful to some users. The subtle updates such as the ‘no gestures’ whilst watching a video are very welcomed – as that did piss me off from time to time. The overall system seems to be a lot quicker, more responsive. All around an overhyped but warmly welcomed update by Microsoft, glad they’re listening to their consumers.

    • jefe

      is there a way you could get me the beta?
      gt EL JEFE l817lm

  • David Whitbeck

    Got the Update last night. The friends list is def a plus. The broadcast setting will be interesting once you can actual broadcast. But I do agree the console seems a ton snappier.

  • tonyrsan

    Actually the controller update is for the upcoming Xbox One Microsoft headset. It needs to updse the comtroller for the stereo audio out

  • JoeGee

    I got the update tonight…I’m glad to see they’ve improved the friends list and party invite functions as well as party chat turned on by default. The only issue so far is actually not being able to join a party or have a friend join after I’ve invited them. Hopefully that gets resolved soon!

    Terdfergguson -Xbox one

    • Kirk Daniel Hendricks

      If the person you are inviting doesn’t have the update, they can not join until the update is released.

  • BANE

    Whats that mean? Update to the controller? Sorry for my ignorance but what issues does the pad have?

    • xkingxnitemare

      it updates the controller software for response time etc for the buttons and it makes changes to the chat port.

      • Kirk Daniel Hendricks

        Also it tunes the joysticks.

  • Steph

    Good news and it’s great they listen to fan feedback and implement it so fast. Some of these changes should have been this way at release but it’s rad they’re working so fast on it. The new twitch streaming will rock.