Xbox One Can Also Calibrate Your HDTV For You, Also Works With Universal Remote [Update]

We know that Xbox One is an all-in-one box solution from Microsoft that besides being a games console also offers you to do stuff that you would normally do with your set-top box or an entertainment hub, watch TV or stream content.

Early users of Xbox One who have received the next-generation console from Microsoft earlier than the official launch date have been providing the internet with a lot of information. One early user, cjcool804, informed us that Xbox One can also calibrate your own TV for you. This means that Xbox One can calibrate your TV automatically manually, taking you step by step to set it for optimal viewing experience.

He also stated that it was very easy to set up the universal remote or a harmony remote with the Xbox One to use with it. We do know that Kinect 2.0 comes packed with an IR blaster.

Xbox One’s UI is really snappy and neat and works as fast as it was advertised. We have seen a comprehensive demo of the UI by Yusuf Mehdi and Marc Whitten a few days before.

Xbox One is scheduled to be launched on November 22nd in 13 key countries as identified my Microsoft.

UPDATE: Albet Penello, Director of Product Planning at Microsoft, has confirmed that the calibration of the TV is not automatic but is manual. The option features step by step instructions to help you get the correct contrast, brightness and colour settings to get the optimum viewing on your TV.

What are you thoughts on Xbox One’s all-in one entertainment features? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • badboodah

    The Xbox One can’t “calibrate” your TV for you because it can’t communicate with the TV to change the picture settings within the TV. I assume it has some test patterns and instructions for the user to use in order to manually change the TV’s picture settings.

    • dmeador

      I doubt when you hit the “calibrate TV” button it will come up with a list for you to pick your tv, and then a list of instructions on how to navigate menus of your tv

    • wormywyrm

      Kinect can’t ‘communicate with a TV’? Have you read the article or any other article about Xbox One?

    • ThtJstHapnd

      “it can’t communicate with the TV to change the picture settings within the TV”
      It could. We don’t know for sure. My harmony remote can go through all the settings on my tv macro style. Once it knows what tv you have it will know the menus through coding.

      Now I don’t BELIEVE it will. Just saying it could. I think you are correct in it just bringing up a menu to help you calibrate. If it does it for you, then my jaw will drop.

    • CaptinKirk

      It can through HDMI CEC. There is a lot that HDMI CEC can do that people don’t know about.

    • bigshynepo

      You’re right, it will adjust video settings within the xbox to reflect on the display but it won’t have access to the technical service menu that calibrators use to adjust every setting of the TV.

      For everyone below…the Xbox DOES NOT make technical calibration adjustments within the TV set. If you disconnected the TV and used it with another setup, the TV would run on it’s factory calibration settings, not the ones imposed through the Xbox one.

    • trogdor20x6

      It prob. does it like the channel changing stuff: it sends an IR blast.

    • Kat

      This is exactly what it does. Late to the party but I came here because thief is way too dark and there’s no in game adjustment- and I use a universal remote that won’t let me change the brightness– and this article is really misleading. >.<

  • Gabrielsp85

    So i can say “Xbox turn everything on” and my X1, TV and Home Theater turn all at once without the need of a remote?? awesome

    • Ox

      Yea, but more like “Xbox On”.

    • Minecraft Greek

      I believe “Xbox On” will actually turn on everything it’s programmed to. “Xbox off” will do the opposite and turn off all the components.

      MY question is, I have a lot of HDMI components that I also use a switcher to route to the TV, but I want to route it through the HDMI in on the Xbox One first so Xbox can be at the center of everything I do. I wonder if Xbox One can control my switcher?

      • JayD

        Yep that would be nice. I doubt it will be ready at launch but it is something that can come as a patch later.

      • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

        very interesting idea. Would cut back time spent doing that so I have more spent on my games, haha. Maybe if fans are vocal enough, it will happen.

  • bigshynepo

    This is the thing I hate about the Playstation, for 2 generations, they refuse to include an IR receiver?!
    The system has stand-by so why no IR? For PS3, you had to buy a logitech dongle to allow harmony remotes to work and as well as it worked, it seemed stupid to not build it in.

    • Minecraft Greek

      Now you don’t need an IR receiver or a remote. Just Voice Commands.

      • bigshynepo

        Yeah but I want to control my movies with a remote, adjust the volume of my receiver and navigate the XMB (whats the new interface called?) all with one remote. The Sony remote did that but it’s not compatible with PS4. The harmony remotes do it as long as you buy the extra attachment.

        The PS4 voice commands are extremely simple and don’t allow me to ditch my multiple remotes/dualshock.