Xbox One Cold Boot Takes 1 Minute and 8 Seconds, Runs Hotter, Consumes More Power In Standby Than PS4

Xbox One review embargo has been lifted and we are getting reviews from various technology websites. As details are pouring in, we are knowing more about the underlying hardware and can compare it to its competitor PlayStation 4.

Digital Foundry have also gotten their hands on an Xbox One and according to their measurement, the console will take a total of 1 minute and 8 seconds to start from a cold boot. Standby is much more convenient though and will only take 18 seconds.

1 minutes and 8 seconds is a lot of time and likely relates to the system loading the various operating systems in its memory. Digital Foundry also did a temperature test for Xbox One just like they did for PlayStation 4. This test really came as a surprise since the Xbox One produced more heat, despite having a bigger cooler and a more spacious design. The console produces less heat in idle mode and while playing a blu-ray movie but once we start gaming and multitasking, the temperature can shoot up far more than what we get on PlayStation 4. Gaming and multitasking leads to 45 Celsius(113 Fahrenheit) temperature on PlayStation 4, similar activity on Xbox One can bump the temperature up to 49 Celsius(120 Fahrenheit).

AnandTech also tried their hand on testing the standby power usage for Xbox One and compared it to PlayStation 4. While Xbox One had lower power consumption when it was actually turned on, it required almost double the power in standby mode, likely relating to the Kinect commands available in standby mode. If we put both of them side by side, Xbox One consumed 15.3W in standby compared to 8.59W of PlayStation 4.

What do you think of this difference between PlayStation 4 and Xbox One? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Savingstone

    f*ck you microsoft

    I always hated annoying PS fanboys, but xbox one is a piece of sh!t
    constant game crashing and freezing , the browser is worse than the one on 10 year old smart phones
    few interesting titles, constant xbox live issues and booting

    why am I paying them for this… I bought a video game console to have easy worry free gaming , if I wanted to deal all this sort of shit, I’d be playing games on PC

    learn what your f*cking market is microsoft

  • Your Huckleberry

    Wow, this guy can’t even get his article title factually accurate; placate the Playstation fanbois, lose respect.

  • Reality Check

    You fucking people. Seriously, you’re defending this shit and immediately kneejerking to imply that any criticism is out of bias for the other product? You know your laughter is forced and you have your own doubts when you’re making up stupid shit retorts like “PAUPER STATION.”

    You morons deserve this shitty status of an industry, you morons deserve the publishers and hardware manufacturers sticking it up your ass without lube. You’re all asking for it.

    And, when the industry crashes (which it will) it’ll be your fault. You’ll have no one to blame but yourselves, you fucking imbeciles.

  • PCgamernerd

    You’re all cunts

  • john

    “This test really came as a surprise since the Xbox One produced more heat” uhh are you dumb!? I expect nothing less than shit hard ware from a money grabbing software company!! When did Microsoft ever great a great hardware product! Of course its gonna be hotter AND consume way more energy! Did you expect anything less?

  • bigshynepo

    If I want to charge my controller, I plug it into a wall charger. Leaving your console in standby just to charge a controller uses a lot more power than necessary.

  • jaskdavis

    Xbox One Cold boot does NOT take that long. There are plenty of videos showing around a 30-40 second window, I think they meant when you FIRST turn the system on… EVER lol

    • Tea_Addict

      Does your computer still boot as fast as it did when you first switched it on?

  • dirkradke

    It seems like a lot of articles this one is short on actual details. Okay, they mentioned how hot it runs. How was it tested? Are we talking this is the heat when you touch the box or did you put a sensor on the CPU, etc? What was the standby level without KINECT connected? Supposedly, Microsoft said KINECT can be turned off so what is the standby power then? I only ask because an assumption in the article was made about why the standby power is higher and assumed it was KINECT causing it. When turning on were you connecting to the Internet or was it isolated?

    • Assassin

      just get a PS4, lol.

      • dirkradke

        Well, that is certainly one way to go.

      • spideynut71

        Yeah, rush out and buy the console that was ….rushed out to market…and take a roll of the dice on whether or not your $400 investment will even boot up.

        • cozomel

          stfu fanboy, and go play your xbox 720, with its 1 minute plus booting time and its hotter running games, with its complicated mess of a UI

          • Your Huckleberry

            The stupid is strong in you.

      • Guest

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        • JohnJairo68

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        • cozomel

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    • spideynut71

      dirkadke, it’s really apples & oranges….a pointless comparison. What these tools at Gearnuke failed to include in their little fanboy snippet is the fact that Digital Foundry actually finds no fault with the slightly longer boot time:

      “Functionality over form, then, and the Xbox One certainly has the heft
      of functionality all over it. To all intents and purposes, this is a
      full-fledged PC in a box: an Xbox One cold boot takes a remarkable one
      minute, eight seconds to complete (power-up from standby is a rather
      more sane 18 seconds), and during this time a refined, console version
      of the Windows 8 interface is loaded into memory. The machine wastes no
      time integrating itself into your system, either. Plug your set-top box
      into the console’s HDMI input, tell Xbox One what TV (and optionally
      what receiver) you have and the console seamlessly takes control of the
      living room.”

      The PS4 has far less going on inside, so it stands to reason it will not only boot quicker, but also run a bit cooler (yes, a bit…5° IS NOT “far more” as Gearnuke put it). Hell, 5° isn’t even worth mentioning, unless you’re talking about temps at the source.

      • Your Huckleberry

        Holy crap, a rational comment! My XBOne takes two seconds from standby and 35 seconds on cold boot; the times they’re getting are clearly before the Day 1 patch. Other than that, your comment is still applicable and a fresh breeze of sanity.

  • Jessenia Lopez

    MS is doommmmed

    • spideynut71

      Just like last gen, eh? Oh wait….

    • Guest

      only if you’re a low IQ pauperwhore such as yourself.

      • Stb Hernández

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  • ytman

    Assuming that each console will be meant to be placed in an always on (standby mode) I can see the cold boot times not being much of an issue. Since both system’s standby are so cheap, and offer their own benefits (ie remote download etc etc), it’d be almost no problem keeping it on.

    For reference if you leave both systems on standby for an entire year you’ll see

    X1 $10.05
    PS4 $5.65

    Before any fan boy tries to say anything about a five dollar difference over an entire year . . . just stop. Be happy with what you got and stay on standby.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    I know MS wants to play hardware closer to their collective chest these days, but it’s a wonder that the less-intensive components, no internal power, more space and larger fan still add up to a hotter system.
    Whatever, day one for me still (for the record I have a PS4 in the house right now, still trying to justify opening it though)

  • PlayStation4

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    • Guest

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  • PlayStation4

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  • Xbone720p

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  • Xbone720p

    Well.. the Xbone 720p is a turd.

    • dave

      yet the anti-Sony nazis at Polygon (who have given the lowest meatacritic scores to PS4 games) have given Xbox1 console a higher rating that PS4 console….

      • Ossi Eastborn

        And at every single other Magazine the same. Its not just about Polygon. Every Magazine that rated the One rated it better than the PS4

    • Guest

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      • JohnJairo68

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  • Kevin Malone

    I didn’t think PS4 had standby at launch??

    • ryan dungey

      Yeah standy mode on ps4 is there it just doesn’t have suspend and resume yet

      • Kevin Malone

        ah, tanks.

    • spideynut71

      The PS4’s entire launch IS in standby.

      • Kieran

        funniest line i have heard all day lol

      • Dion Abbott

        Yet it is setting records MS has no chance of breaking..hmm MS launch lineup has not exactly been well received..

        • spideynut71

          LOL….yeah, they’re setting records MS doesn’t WANT to break. To think Sony had the 360’s RROD fiasco AND their own YLOD as warnings, and they still managed to rush a broken POS(4) to market.

          • johnjairo68

            That is still selling better than Xbox One will…

          • fggt

            Funny thing, social media shared so many broken PS4’s, but in reality it was actually super rare. Check the stats and stop speaking from your ass. Both consoles are within reasonable failure rates.

  • Kevin Malone

    I didn’t think PS4 had standby at launch??