Xbox One controller input lag shown in a new video, doesn’t look good

A new video has appeared that shows the input lag of Battlefield 4 Beta on Xbox One. Since Battlefiled 4 is 60 fps, it is a pretty good measure for checking out the lag. You can see the video below or additionally you can check it out in the form of an Animated GIF, which is slowed down to show the lag.

The video can be seen below courtesy of NeoGAF user Timurse, where he shows us the input lag of Xbox One controller.

We have made it into an animated gif, which you can see below:

While we don’t claim to be an expert on the latency, the gif above clearly shows that the input lag is —– not good. Additionally, it could also depend on the TV, maybe the TV had a higher input lag and hence it is clearly visible in this video.

The worrying thing here is though that Battlefield 4 is a 60 fps game. Even with 60 fps, it is showning a higher input lag. This certainly doesn’t bode well for the Xbox One controller, which has reportedly cost Microsoft $100 million.

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  • OptionalLemon

    More likely your TV.

  • Matthew Carson

    I can tell he is full of cheap because he is wearing a turtleneck.

  • Guest

    Wow this test is flawed in so many ways. What a moron

  • Angry Voter

    Classic 8 and 16 bit computers were 60Hz synchronized to the CRT with hardwired controllers.

    Many arcade action games were 72Hz.

    Modern consoles on LCD TVs are totally unresponsive pigs. There’s lag in the controllers, lag in the wireless, rendering lag, LCD lag. It’s torture for any kind of action other than the auto-aim assisted press button A to win this fight that games have devolved into.

    Today you have to get a $1500 computer with a $500 144Hz monitor to come close to the classic feel and even then it isn’t cycle synchronized – just to compare to a classic setup.

  • Jeremiah Enrile

    Xbox defense force Unite!! XD

    • Josh Cervera

      PS4 defensive force is in overdrive right now! rofl!! bbbbbbbbrick…

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Epic Fail of a vid and it bunch of BS

  • benbenkr

    Okay first things first, the TV.

    On 0:20 in the video, the camera can be seen moving down and I caught a glimpse of the brand — LG. The lip around the LG branding suggests either one of the 2 LG TVs design this year; the LA6200 and LN5700.
    I’m willing to bet it is the former.

    Now, the LA6200 has 40ms of input lag under Game Mode with all post-process disabled. The LN5700 on the other hand has 42ms of input lag. Many gamers can only perceive input lag on TVs above 40ms and cannot tell the difference between 40ms and even down to 20ms. Understand that even in high-level SF4/Blazblue tournaments, TVs with input lag of up to 30ms were used before.

    In an ideal setup, you do not want any more than 15ms for a FPS title. This is why many tournaments use monitors instead of HDTVs as many monitors have less than 10ms.

    On the video and gif, yes the lag is very noticeable even if the test is done on analog sticks (which may attribute to deadzones instead of actual input lag) and it is a concern IF the action buttons has the same amount of input lag.

    So, bad news for MS? Based on the short 20sec video and a gif? No, we cannot absolutely confirm that. The only thing the footage suggests is possible bad input lag, but more variable tests must be done instead as there many other factors to take into account.

  • Joseph Lan

    This guy is using the movement stick (left analog), which is a TERRIBLE way to test input lag.

    The proper method has always been to test input lag by moving the aiming stick (right analog), or to press the fire button. This is because the delay you see in your character’s movement may just be an intentional developer implementation to add more weight and physicality to the animations of your character and his movements.

  • Daniel Lawson

    Until we see more evidence I’m going to have to go with settings in the game… this is WiFi direct with 150 meg pipeline so I seriously doubt that the lag is from the controller unless it’s faulty… you should have recorded the use of the other analog stick as well as menus

    • You’re right, it likely has more to do with the display. There’s no reason why MS would release a controller with this much input lag. It’s frankly unthinkable. They simply wouldn’t. CoD gamers are there biggest market and their competitive nature would simply not allow this.

    • SwappingFrom360toPS4

      latency is different to bandwidth, just sayin’ =)

      • Daniel Lawson

        Ping your wifi router some time

        • Marcus2012

          Yeah, Wifi has a latency of between 20 and 60 milliseconds, which is between 1 and 3 frames, in 60fps ofc.

          what’s being shown here, is FAR longer than 1-3 frames worth.

  • Jack Slater

    Yeah, and they say they did 40 optimizations and there’s a new connectivity tech, which speeds up the latency by 15%.

    Once again, huge BS. While people could have used the old controllers, since the new one is 99% like the old one, no, they want people to spend 60 bucks on new controllers, and more 15-30$ on a battery charger. The paywall becomes bigger and bigger. But the worse is the kinekt 2 lag. When you scratch your left testicule, when kinekt finally displays it, you are already scratching the right one.

    Yeah, go on, cod kids, go buy an xbox one day will be so happy, you can’t imagine.

  • spideynut71

    This guy likely doesn’t have the x-axis sensitivity set right. A lot of games have ridiculously low default settings for x & y sensitivity. There’s no way that’s controller lag…it would have never gotten past testing like that.

    • sensitivity is NOT input lag. Sensitivity Is the aiming speed. response time (input lag) is how long it takes the game to respond to your movements. That is, the delay between input, and on screen action.

      • spideynut71

        Yes, but if the sensitivity is too low, the slow acceleration of the aim can have a similar effect to input lag. Couple that with poor display calibration and response time (9ms or higher), and it would explain what we’re seeing here.

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