Xbox One “Day One” Edition Is Still Available For Purchase From Microsoft’s Ebay Webstore [Update]

Microsoft launched Xbox One with limited quantity “Day One” editions. It was originally assumed that these Day One  editions will be sold out at launch but it doesn’t seem to be the case now.

As per the listing on Microsoft’s Ebay store, these Day One editions are still available for purchase and and are still being sold to the customers. As per the writing of this article, 600 of them were sold to the customers within the last hour.

This begs the question why Microsoft even bothered with such a lame marketing attempt in the first place. Sony never released any of these Day One editions so it is hard to gouge the interest on the other side for such “limited” type of console bundles but PlayStation 4’s regular edition has repeatedly gone out of stock several times in the past, even after its launch.

Update: This was quick. The listing appeared and then quickly went out of stock within an hour with approximately 800 consoles sold. It is a bit strange to see them selling again. From what we can tell, Microsoft might have stock left and decided to sell it again.

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  • ShowanW

    Is the writer of this post not getting it.

    Microsoft has stock of Xbox Ones. The have stock of “Day One boxes & controllers”. And can print up the Day One achievement in no time flat.

    Both Microsoft and Sony will not do the “shortages”thing of yesteryear.
    They are simply controlling supply this time around. They both have stock and are releasing it as needed.

    And to also have replacements on hand just in case, of failures.

    Learn to connect the dots

    • Henry

      good point