Forza 5 Deals With Gold Discounted Price Potentially Revealed

When Phil Spencer originally announced Games with Gold coming to the Xbox One, he also mentioned that Xbox One games will be now offered with some big discount in Deals with Gold, starting with Forza 5 and Ryse: Son of Rome. We can now have a guess on what type of discount these games might get for the Xbox One Deals with Gold.

Xbox One Games with Gold were recently revealed and along with them, it appears that the Deals with Gold prices were also accidentally revealed for its games. We know that two games will be offered in this month’s Deals with Gold, and one of them, Forza 5, can be seen for $39.99 down from the original price of $59.99. Of course, this is not an official announcement or listing about the price, so consider it a rumor for now.


The Deals with Gold program offers 50% off to 75% off on games, but this price seems to be less than these advertised discount. Hopefully this is cleared in an official update soon, since $39.99 still seems rather disappointing.

What do you have to say to this discount for Forza 5? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • milwaukee

    I just got Ryse for 25 from ebay

  • chris

    how is 20 bucks off the actual price disappointing, do you expect them for free??

    • A digital copy of Forza 5 can be brought from Ebay for $30.

  • HalfBlackCanuck

    A steeper discount would be nice but the game is still under a year old.
    Also, it says “up to 50-75% off”. Kind of sly, really only saying that, at time of writing, games won’t exceed 75% off and might not even be s high as 50%

  • bigshynepo

    Weak, many stores have offered Forza at that price already or thrown it in free with an XB1