Xbox One DVR records gameplay every time an achievement is unlocked

In a interview conducted with Xbox Australia product manager Adam Pollington via YouTuber ChampChong at EB Games Expo, it was revealed that, in addition to recording around five minutes of game footage, the Xbox One’s DVR will seamlessly record any achievement that you unlock. This, of course, is in addition to the 5 minutes of gameplay footage you can record at will.

Adam also mentioned that it’s possible for developers to use the Kinect camera to record a live reaction feed of the player at the time of an achievement unlock. These are just some of the many exciting social features Microsoft is looking to offer for its upcoming next-gen console.

You can watch the full interview below.

The Xbox One will be available at a store near you starting November 22 this year. Stay tuned for further updates on the console’s social features as they become available.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • X1ultimateGamer

    Sony Failstation 4 where garbage is at it’s best

    • Feocart

      What purpose does this shitflinging do?
      Let people enjoy their gaming platform of choice.

  • neko working

    it’s not like game devs on PS4 can’t do the same.
    just add extra few lines of code in Trophy unlock Callback to capture video from PS camera ..
    as simple as that. LOL

    • Randall Johnson

      It can be done with the Kinect because Microsoft knows everyone will at least have one. Sony has to hope everyone buys the Eye for that to work on the PS4.

    • TBalt

      It’s not like MS can’t tweak the DVR to record more than 5 minutes of gameplay footage.

    • spideynut71

      This is true….just like Sony copied Achievements from MS, I have no doubt they’ll copy this as well.

    • X1ultimateGamer

      Who cares about PS4 FFS go to your own article your console is a joke

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