Xbox One Error Code 0X87DE0017 Issues Related To Security Certificate Breach – Report

Earlier today, many users were facing issues with Xbox One including issues with launching games that they owned digitally on the Xbox One. It turns out that this might be related to the Security Certificate breach on the Xbox One, as reported by XboxOneUK website.

If you had tried to launch an Xbox One game that you own digitally today, you could have encountered an error code X87DE0017. As reported by XboxOneUK, this issue might be related to a security certificate breach. Keep in mind that this is just a rumor for now so take it with a grain of salt. This issue affected digital games for the most part and if you own a retail copy, or a DLC, you shouldn’t have faced any issues in accessing and playing them on your Xbox One.


Microsoft also acknowledged this issue on their website and have managed to fix it now. The official Xbox Live status page lists all services working as intended, so if you want to play your digital collection of games, you can do so now.

Xbox One recently received a new major firmware update in November called “New Xbox One Experience” along with the addition of Backwards Compatibility for playing Xbox 360 games on the Xbox One.

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  • The Night’s Queen

    Just happened to me. If you have a hard copy of the game you can “go offline” under network settings as a workaround until its fixed.

  • Chris Catalano

    Still not working for me… This is a joke… It seems like I get this error at least once a month… I don’t know why I continue to stay loyal to Xbox after over a decade of garbage service and maintenance of Xbox live… I’m done tho… Maybe it’s finally time to join the “master race” and get a gaming pc…

  • wow so many errors, I read so far for the xbox one.

  • S-L Million

    That was so annoying even Netflix didn’t work. Or vudu