Xbox One Gets New System Software Update Weighing In At 263 MB [Update]

Microsoft has released a brand new system software update for the Xbox One. This system software update is not exclusive to the Xbox One Preview Members and it is available to all the regular users.

If you still haven’t received the update, you should get the prompt soon as it is slowly being made available across all regions. This update weighs in at 263 MB but there is still no official changelog available for it yet. We will update the article once a changelog is made available.

Update: You can check out the update number and changelog below.

OS version: 6.2.13329.0 (xb_rel_1508.150825-1633) fre

Release date


New or updated features

Stability and performance update

The update provides a few minor fixes that address an in game audio issue.

Phir Spencer Announces Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Feature

Microsoft are planning to release a major firmware update for the Xbox One in November so this latest update could be in preparation for the upcoming firmware update.

Let us know if you have updated to the latest version of Xbox One in the comments below.


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  • MKGilbertX

    My update is not :
    6.2.13329.0 (xb_rel_1508.150825-1633) fre
    it is : 6.2.133332.0 (xb_rel_1508.150903-2141)fre

  • Daniel Craig

    If it gets the youtube app to work i will be happy,hasn’t worked for months.

    • Nick

      Youtube app is all I use mostly for my content and has worked for me for months, I would check your network or wire you console in really solves alot of those issues!

      • Daniel Craig

        Thanks for reply Nick,when i start the app it hangs for about 1 second then closes,thats all i get from it.

  • rick

    I got the update and now my ex hdd is not recognized as a system drive

    • Jay Lewis

      Same here! What the hell! Like how things get worst not better for your experience.

      • rick

        I hope i dont have to format it and reload all my games to get it working again

  • Guest

    Another update that does nothing! Its been like this for like 3-4 months now. Sick of all these “stability” equivalent updates on these systems.

    • David

      It’s perpetration for the major update. Which is rolling out for select preview members probably within the next week or two

      • Luke Perry Glover

        It better be. They said “early” September for the preview and it’s already no longer early (I want it already! …before my bday at least). lol

        • David

          Yeah I’ve been waiting on it too lol I’ll be in the last wave sadly because I’ve provided very little feedback in the past

          • Luke Perry Glover

            yeah. Oh, that sucks. I always do the surveys…I wonder if that counts 😛

          • David

            I believe it does

          • Luke Perry Glover

            Cool, and good luck!

    • kenny holderman

      “Does nothing”. This is why you arent a programmer or anything of such nature.

      • Guest

        Oh stfu stupid, neither are you. I know it “preparing” for the future update but in the here and now, its doing nothing. Now deal with it and stop being so defensive towards the system.

        • kenny holderman

          that was towards you, reeeetwawdd