Xbox One Gets “New Xbox Experience” Update For Preview Members; Full Patch Notes Inside

Microsoft has released a brand new update today for the Xbox One offering the “New Xbox Experience” or NXE for short. This update should be available to a select few members of the Xbox Preview Program, as confirmed by Mike Ybara. This update will be gradually made available to other users, as the current plan is to slowly release it to more users.


This new update (th2_xbox_rel_1510.151003-2016) has a long list of changes. You can read the full set of patch notes below, courtesy of reddit user pizzatarian.


  • WiFi with External HD: Some users had reported WiFi would stop working with an external hard drive connected. This issue has been resolved.
  • System Update failing: Users reported slow or failing system updates will notice this issue is not present with this update.
  • Sign-in: Previously, international accounts may have had issues signing in. This has been resolved.
  • Upload Studio: A new version is available for New Xbox One Experience Preview members. This will update separately from the system update, and will be available after 6PM PT.
  • Performance and UI Improvements: Various performance and UI tweaks have been made in the update to fit and finish.


  • Please carefully review the known issues below for details on all currently known issues.
  • Remember to report any issues you discover via the Report a problem feature or in the forums!


We have seen great response to our new quests so far! If you are just joining the New Xbox One Experience Preview, or you haven’t taken them yet, be sure to give them a spin. Be sure to check out the Preview Dashboard app for more details on these quests:

  • Can You See It? This quest will ask you to try out the new guide and let us know if it appears properly on your TV.
  • OneGuide on NXOE: All about the new OneGuide area on the New Xbox One Experience Dashboard. Tell us what you think!
  • Quest available in the following locales: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Mexico, Brazil


General System Issues:

Black screen upon boot:

  • Your console may start up with just a black screen.
    • Workaround: Hard reset the console.

Sign in:

  • You may be unable to sign in to Xbox Live.
    • Workaround: Hard reset the console.

Snap Center:

  • When YouTube is snapped, it may share input with the home screen.

Voice Commands:

  • Global speech overlay is missing suggestions
  • Global speech overlay is missing contextual commands
  • Voice commands will not currently work for Guide tabs (Party, Messages, Friends, Notifications, etc)


  • You may experience a black screen when using a device via HDMI-in, even if this device is not a cable or set-top box.
    • Workaround: Run through the initial TV set-up and configure for a TV provider even if you don’t have a TV provider.

My Games & Apps:

  • My games & apps collection may crash if switching quickly between Apps and Queue or Games and Queue.

Automatic Downloads:

  • Content purchased from will not automatically download to the Xbox One console. This feature is planned to come later.


  • Friends may not receive game toast notifications.

Season passes:

  • In a small number of cases, users with season passes may find that they aren’t recognized by the game.
    • Workaround: Uninstall your other season passes and re-install the season pass you wish to use.

Community Twist:

  • Currently this area is not fully populated with content and is missing large sections of the user experience. Activity feed content also may not be actionable and items on the trending items second level screen have not been fully tuned. As Preview moves forward content and features in this area will light up.

Xbox One Media Remote:

  • When resuming from connected standby the Xbox One media remote may fail to send commands; a hard reset resolves this.
  • The buttons for media playback will not work (rewind, play, pause, fast forward, skip back, stop, skip forward). The directional and center “select” button will function as normal.

USB TV Tuner:

  • If you have a USB TV Tuner plugged into your Xbox One console, Windows and Windows Phone SmartGlass devices will crash when attempting to connect to the console. To avoid this, you can switch to the Xbox App on Windows 10 or reset your TV settings and avoid setting up the USB TV Tuner.

Racing Wheels:

  • Racing wheels cannot be used to navigate home or system dialogs.

Game and App Issues:

  • Titanfall: Titanfall may fail to connect to Xbox Live.
    • Workaround: Hard reset the console.


  • Skype currently will not function if used in the background.

NFL Live App:

  • When playing videos in the NFL Live App, the screen may dim after a short period of time.

Apps not launching: Certain apps may fail to launch.

  • WWE
  • Showtime Anytime
  • Every Street United
  • Overdog
  • BlinkBox
  • TWC TV
  • Upload Studio
  • UPlay

Apps with video issues: The following apps will launch but videos or streams will not play.

  • SyFy
  • USA Now
  • Bravo Now
  • MLB

Games not launching: Certain games may fail to launch.

  • Xbox Fitness
  • Pinball FX2
  • The Crew
  • Monopoly

Live TV Issues:

Cable/Satellite STBs:

  • Cable/Satellite set top box compatibility is not yet at parity with the Xbox One Previous experience. Please continue to report video playback and audio issues using the Feedback app to help us improve the experience. HDMI troubleshooting steps:
    • Go Home and press the menu button on the OneGuide app to quit, then restart it.
    • Unplug and re-plug the HDMI-in cable from the Xbox, ensuring it’s seated securely in the port.
    • With the Xbox One turned on, pull the power cord on the cable/satellite box, wait a few seconds, and plug it back in.
    • Press and hold the power button on the front of the Xbox One to perform a hard reboot of the console.
  • Dolby Digital surround sound will not work for Live TV.
  • Favoriting is not currently supported for App channels.
  • The “Xbox Snap TV” voice command does not work. You can snap TV via voice command by saying “Xbox Snap OneGuide” or choosing OneGuide from the Snap Center.
  • The OneGuide pin doesn’t function. You can launch OneGuide using the app, voice commands, or from the OneGuide twist.
  • You may experience a stuck frame streaming TV to the Xbox App. You can enter OneGuide or resize your window to restore video playback.
  • The media transport controls do not work when streaming TV to SmartGlass and Xbox app clients.
  • When resuming from connected standby the Xbox One media remote may fail to send commands; a hard reset resolves this.
  • You may be unable to use voice commands to navigate in Live TV.

Xbox App/SmartGlass Issues

SmartGlass and Xbox App Live TV/OneGuide:

  • You may experience issues connecting to Live TV or OneGuide when connecting to the console with SmartGlass.
    • Workaround: Set your SmartGlass connection to auto connect, quit the app, and restart. If the issue persists, hard reset the console.

SmartGlass Functionality:

  • Basic SmartGlass functionality is now available including gamepad navigation, touch navigation, remote text entry, media playback control, and companions for apps and games. Other features such as two-finger touch panning, media companions, and power on/off will not function in this build.

Let us know if you have updated to this new version of Xbox One system update in the comments below.

  • Louis Johnson

    I got the update on Tuesday night at around 9:30pm; I was so excited… But, the update has made my system totally unplayable due to the fact that I cannot sign into my live account and no live account access means no opting out via the preview dashboard app, so I’m pretty much screwed until a new build comes out that solves this issue 🙁

  • Sarah Ball

    Had new update & dashboard, can’t install newest update as says error. consoles starts up black and switches its self off now & again losing game progress will bot connect to xbox live! Anyway of removing this

  • Jamie Baldock

    Its a great setup and works alot quicker, ive gotten a few lil updates aswell like 400mb every now and then so their working on fine tuning now…. even destiny works.

    • Sak Hus

      whats your version mine’s buggy as hell.

      • Jamie Baldock

        My current OS version is the:
        (Th2_xbox_rel_1510.151003-2016) fre. The only thing ive found is i cant have achievement backgrounds only jpegs or snapshots and sometimes it doesnt connect to net, just offline/online again fix and rare occasion an app or game might crash to the home screen but thats about it for me.

        • Sak Hus

          Im’ on same however my experience is not fine. Gonna opt out of the NXE preivew.

          • Jamie Baldock

            Dont know why its different around the world ?? but everyones gonna get it in about a month, they might not even change your opt out till then.??

  • gshs

    If you’re one of the very few people that need an invite to the xbox one preview program add me on xbox and then message me saying “Preview”. The program has been filling up but people have still been getting accepted. Everyone I invited last week was accepted within 5 days.  My Gamertag is xDirty Rat

  • ColoMark

    I like the layout of the dashboard, but it is buggy at best. I use Windows media center through a Linksys DMA2100 Media center extender and it is useless through through the Xbox. Lots of HDCP errors and audio drop outs. I have had to route directly through my AV receiver. Previews in the past have tended to be more cooked than this version.

  • Henry Gallego

    im getting the update right now,… soo excited!

  • The Geminii23

    Downloaded last night. Basically has made my XB1 useless. WiFi works intermittently and but won’t connect to LIVE at all. System is sluggish doing anything. Several games are terribly slow to load. Kill Instinct and DOA5 sat checking for DLC for over 5 mins each. The one time I got LIVE to work, and thus have my pins load back up …I noticed something funny. If you select any tile and Move to Front the GUI randomly jumps to a different tab like Community or Store. Overall a pretty disappointing experience. How do I roll back?

  • Nath Ferris

    can someone plz invite me to the preview program gamertag is

  • Drivel2787

    I still haven’t got it yet.. Hopefully soon.

  • Ash

    Everything is slow even moving across the screen and Internet don’t work on mine and can’t play games now but could early in the day

  • Andrew

    I have it! Nice surprise to see it this morning. Works great. None of the issues reported (so far) way better UI than before. Just have to teach my wife how to use it….. She’s not as big a fan of change as I am.

    • Louis Johnson

      Lucky you… I can’t even get signed in to play my games or opt out of the program to revert back.

      • Sak Hus

        I lost all the friends on xbox one can’t see any of them. I still can see friends on my 360 though. Also first time i’ve been witnessing xbox one crashing in games. Also manual sign in required even with kinect sign in option enabled. My TV doesn’t switch on when box is turned on however it does switch it off. Lots of other issues.

        My question is can i revert back to old UI ? I don’t want to change my preview program status till I know i can go back to UI

        • Louis Johnson

          Open the preview dashboard app, select registration then opt out… You will always have the option to opt back in as you are already a preview member. Be advised that this will factory reset your console.

          • Sak Hus

            Thanks for the TIP. Will do it as I can’t stand it in it’s current state.