Xbox One Head: “In the long run our console will win”

Remember Yusuf Mehdi from Microsoft’s E3 keynote? Well he’s the man responsible for the Xbox One at Microsoft and he firmly believes that with the help of Kinect, Skype and their other services they will win the upcoming generation of gaming in the long run.


Translated from Spanish site El Pais:

Which at E3 is not won or lost, but it will only play. We unveiled 20 titles for Xbox One, of which 17 are exclusive to this console. I do not think Sony can say the same. What I hear is that output, we are better positioned, with a complete value proposition. With the installed Skype voice service and Kinect motion sensor included. No use to me win a show, because the test will be the consumer. In the long run our console wins.

Microsoft has been hard at work trying to control the consumer backlash they’ve been facing after announcing strict DRM. a debatable used games policy and daily online checks for the Xbox One. They’ve also failed to match Sony’s performance at E3 whom they threatened to kill at the conference but who knows? Maybe the guys at Redmond can turn things around like they did with the Xbox 360 and it’s whole red ring fiasco.

Who do you think will end up on top this coming generation? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ray

    Microsoft really thinks Skype and Kinect are going to be their key to victory? Skype and Microsoft both have revealed cooperation with NSA. As if letting NSA monitor us isn’t enough. Why not give them a camera in every home? Clearly it’s possible. Do they think Americans won’t make the connection? Oh we’re just being paranoid right?

    This is just one of maaaaaaaanny reasons I don’t see xbox one ever taking off, no matter how many “exclusive titles” they hold. PS4 and PC for me. Was even going to buy a new laptop, but enough with the Microsoft control. I hate Windows 8. Everybody does. Stop “attempting” to force your will on us Microsoft!

  • locsphere

    Umm no, here is the deal with Skype, like the lan line its got a wire and a limited view. When and if I ever do use skype its on my phone where I can move with it. Like the Wii’s new remote. Its a nice thing to show off to your friends, but not useful. The other services are offered by every other device out there and soon my refrigerator. There is nothing innovative about the “Services,

    No serious gamer uses or will ever use the kinect. The games are awful and the only useful feature was the voice option to command things, if it wasn’t alway confusing my TV audio for voice commands and giving me the red mic signal. There is no way I can ever use it for an FPS or a RPG, Its a nice hands free device useful for slow interactive features which you offered. But for those who are too lazy to grab their controller and deal with the kinect to see if thats the right app you wanted.

    Another thing. Cockiness has always made me dig in my heals to prove the cocky doughbag wrong. It has served you no purpose with Windows 8 and it will serve you no purpose here. So by all means don’t listen to the consumer. Dig in Microsoft, because we’ll be by to bury you with grave you dug for yourselves.

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