Xbox One Price Officially Dropped To $299

Microsoft has dropped the official price of the Xbox One to $299 ahead of their E3 2016 conference. This makes Xbox One the cheapest current generation console when compared to the PlayStation 4, which currently retails at an official price of $349.

This news was revealed on the official Xbox website, you can check it out in the image below.


The new price for the console is now set at $299 in North America, 299€ in Europe and £279 in UK.

The console originally launched with a price tag of $499 that included the Kinect camera along with the full console. Microsoft later dropped Kinect altogether from the bundle and reduced the price to $399. The price was then dropped to $349 at last year’s E3. This is the third time the console will get a price drop after launching on November 2013.

Let us know what you think about this new price in the comments below.

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  • crizz1066

    Gota find someway to shift ’em. No one seems to want M$ VCR

  • El_R5

    The price has been like that for some retailers. I can’t believe their not selling. Amazon had 1tn Xbox one with 3 games plus halo 5 plus a gift card. Crazy. They want those things out.

  • Hvd

    who is going to by one knowing a slim is coming maybe for cheaper.i bet the slim will be $250-$300.also who would buy the slim with the new xbox next year coming.

  • KashIsKlay

    I thought this was the price since Q4 2015