The Xbox One seems to be a capable 900p machine, but will it ever reach 1080p?

“Support for 1080p/60fps for Cinematic Realism” This is what is being said in the official ad for Xbox One. The question here is, will it truly reach this target resolution and frame rate? So far, every sign points to the exact opposite.

The matter of the fact is that the Xbox One has barely any 1080p confirmed resolution games compared to PlayStation 4, where almost every first party game is confirmed 1080p. Why is this happening? More importantly, if Xbox One can’t even reach native 1080p let alone 60 fps, why is Microsoft using this as bullet-point for their ad?

The evidence so far is overwhelming. Digital Foundry even went out of their usual articles to make one exclusively for 900p vs 1080p resolution difference after it was officially confirmed that Xbox One’s exclusive Ryse will run at native 900p.


Is 900p really the sweet spot for display resolution?

Even if Microsoft has the world’s best upscaler, there will be always slight loss of quality. Normal people might have no problem with it but those who pay more attention can find it distracting while PC Gamers, who are used to playing games on their native resolution, can  easily spot the difference between a upscaled image and a native image.

Fact of the matter is that current displays are mostly native 1080p these days. If the resolution is a match pixel by pixel, the image will appear far more sharper and detailed on the screen than a upscaled image. It will also result in less jaggies. Hence Sony, who also manufactures TVs, are strongly focusing on 1080p resolution for their games. Microsoft, on the other hand, advertizes this resolution but fails to actually implement them in their games.

Xbox One is losing in the 1080p titles race

Let’s take a look at the resolution of Xbox One games so far (Thanks to GAF user artist for compiling them in one place)

  • Killer Instinct = 1280×720 (60fps)
  • Ryse: Son of Rome = 1600×900
  • Forza 5 = 1920×1080 (60fps)
  • Call of Duty: GHOSTS = 1920×1080
  • Dead Rising 3 = ??? (30fps)

The only confirmed native 1080p first party game with 60 fps so far is Forza Motorsport 5 for Xbox One. This is pretty baffling situation for us. More so because of how it is advertized in Microsoft’s official Xbox One ad.

Compare this to PlayStation 4

  • The Order: 1886 = 1920×800
  • KillZone: Shadow Fall = 1920×1080 (MP=60fps, SP=30fps)
  • Infamous: Second Son = 1920×1080
  • DriveClub = 1920×1080
  • Resogun = 1920×1080
  • Knack = 1920×1080
  • Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag = 1920×1080
  • Thief = 1920×1080
  • Blacklight: Retribution = 1920×1080
  • Warframe = 1920×1080
  • Call of Duty: GHOSTS = 1920×1080

Most titles are confirmed running at native 1080p and this situation doesn’t exactly favor Microsoft. The exception to the rule here is “The Order: 1886”, which won’t be native 1080p but won’t be upscaling the image as well. Which means it will look as sharp and clear as a native 1080p game. Although, there will be black border on the top and bottom, which might be distracting for some users. But the developers themselves have said that they wanted to focus on creating a cinematic like effect and hence their chosen resolution reflects it.

What lies ahead for Xbox One?

After the recent rumors, CBOAT from NeoGAF, who is a insider with ties to Microsoft has confirmed again that Xbox One won’t be able to pull native 1080p for most of its titles and we should expect 900p as the standard for most titles going forward. His latest message clearly said that Forza 5 being 1080p was just exception to the rule and going forward, 720p or 900p resolution will be the norm for Xbox One.

The resolution debacle doesn’t matter for most of the users but it sure gives PlayStation 4 an edge over Xbox One, when it comes to technical discussions on its titles. Considering 720p as the norm for previous generation, seeing someone stick to it on their latest hardware doesn’t really paint a positive picture of the hardware.

What do you think of this article? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Guwapo77

    Naught Dog does not make Killzone. Guerrilla makes Killzone just for you so you can hae your facts straight in the future.

  • Sony4life

    All bow down and suck the mighty sony dick microsucks can’t compete with ps4 it’s more powerfull than PC all hail the mighty Sony dick.

  • Sony 4 life

    All bow down and suck the mighty sony dick microsucks can’t compete with ps4 it’s more powerfull than PC all hail the mighty Sony dick.

  • jack

    yea before reading this I didn’t even consider the ps4. if xbox developers can’t get their games running at 1080p, it’s not a next gen console as far as I’m concerned. we live in an age of 10,000 ppi phones that cost $25 and you’re telling me this $500 ultimate gaming experience machine can’t even fill the pixels on a 10 year old TV? yeah, fuck off Microsoft. il pick up an xbox one when I can get one used for $150.

  • Wanderlei


    Throughout the the years, Sony has lied to its consumers about EVERYTHING, released consoles that were nothing else than all of the best tech jammed into a box, thinking it’d be enough when it actually doesn’t, and overall never understood what they were supposed to do to make consumers happy.

  • Megaman

    If the 360 did why wouldn’t the Xbox One???

  • Guest

    What a shocker, another $0N¥ PauperStation “I have to defend my worthless pauperbrand” article. N4Gtards and NeoFAGs are all the same low IQ cumdumpsters.

    • YnotNDalton

      and your post really shows great intelligence

  • BadCompany3

    Geez, another PS4 fanboy article. Too many PS4 retards out there. The fact is that MS confirmed Xbox one is capable of native 1080p and 60 fps games. Most of Xbox one games are confirmed native 1080P. The list of this fanboy author is from NeoGAF who is known for anti MS and a Sony sucker. They keep telling lies about Xbox one while creating good stories for PS4. And this site picked this up, gearnuke is a trash site.

    • Oscar Portillo

      Well look at the knight in shining armor to the rescue , just riding the Microsucks horse.
      OH Please give me a break,keep in mind Sony is all about next gen so get ready to be proven wrong on release day.

      • Chris Adamson

        why does the article only list 5 xbox one games? 2 of which are 1080p … this comparison is no comparison at all

        • Agent_Blade

          The only one thats 1080 is Forza 5. Ghost is 720p upscaled to 1080p. And it looks like crap compared to the PS4 and yes i do know i have done comparisons.

  • Is_Mort

    There is no place for sub 1080p in the new generation. Look at Wii U, it sells like crap because its a 720 only machine.

    • Aaron

      It can achieve 1080p, and don’t sound like a graphics whore.

  • Rocco-117

    Graphics were never an issue to most, good games and smooth gameplay are where it’s at. If it were all about graphics the dreamcast would have decimated the competition back in the day. Just so I won’t miss out on anything I will get both.

  • datdude

    What a shock..Microsoft comes up short in power, reliability, and graphical capability. Where have we seen this b4? Oh, that’s right…that’s the way it’s always been. My bad.

  • agro

    just buy the superior glorious PS4 (may god bless you)

  • Milan

    Just wanna know where did you get the information of Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Thief, Infamous Second Son being Native 1080p on the PS4. I think its just the start of the generation as not all games will be 1080p 60FPS, i think we will hit that in probably year or 2 after launch…..

    • Agent_Blade

      It has been comfirmed that these games will be running in 1080p on PS4.

  • Joseph Lan

    I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if Call of Duty: Ghosts runs at less than 1080p on the Xbone. So far, all footage of the game we’ve seen has been running on PC. The fact that the game is targeting 60fps might put a massive strain on the somewhat weak graphics hardware of the Xbone. Hitting a 60fps target is an extremely demanding and difficult goal to achieve.

    The Titanfall developers have also hinted in an interview with Digital Foundry that their game will run at less than 1080p on the Xbone also, in order to “maintain the 60fps goal.”

    • guest

      Mind has just been officially blown, just read in Game Informer that the PS4 exclusive game “The Order: 1886” has the best game graphics and visuals they have EVER seen in any game on any platform.

      Guess this proves the power of console optimisation and that the PS4 is much more powerful than we ever imagined when game developers fully optimise for it.

    • BadCompany3

      For your ignorant mind, COD has been locked at 60fps since COD 4. And Activision has confirmed COD Ghosts will run at 1080p resolution and 60fps on both Xbox one and PS4.

      • Agent_Blade

        720p upscaled. Try again.

  • X1ultimateGamer

    Fuck off with this bullshit info get your facts straight none of the Ps4 games are near 1080p you dam fanboy this story sucks and so do you here -1

    • Joseph Lan

      ^Proof of Xbox fanboy’s level intelligence and maturity.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Knack is 1080p, Drive Club is 1080p, Killzone is 1080p. Only 1080p Xbone game is Forza 5 and that was achieved by making it look like an upressed Forza 4.

    • X1ultimateGame

      Fuck off with this bullshit info get your facts straight none of the Xbone games are near 1080p you dam idiot this story sucks and so do you here -9000

      • agro

        look another murican loser yelling at the cloud..

      • extermin8or2

        lol most of them are actually…. hahahaha

    • Oscar Portillo

      I guess you finally realized you are being screwed by Microsucks so you are angry like the Hulk.
      A newage systems requires 1080p and nothing less as in 2 years 720p will not be an option.
      Final conclusion is Sony will dominate so get with the program or just get a Wi-U!

  • SwappingFrom360toPS4

    just to clear things up… 1920×800 is the exact same quality as 1920×1080.. it just has black bars above and below like a movie… most movie’s are 1920×800