The Xbox One UI might be similar to Metro UI but its “Welcome Screen” looks great!

While we haven’t gotten a proper look at the PlayStation 4 boot-up and Welcome Screen, we have seen plenty of them for Xbox One UI. In a recent Xbox One ad, Microsoft showed the neat looking Welcome Back screen that will grace our presence every time we boot our console. It looked neat and definitely showed an improvement over Xbox 360’s boot up.

What caught my eye here was how elegant and sleek it all looked. The console boot-up was perfect and smooth and there was no hitch or slowdown. People might remember the Xbox 360 boot-up, it usually took a while after the Xbox 360 logo flashed to boot to the console.


From the picture above, it looks gorgeous. Compare it to the old Xbox 360 boot up and it definitely seems like a well made improvement over the old one.

If you wanna see the both Xbox 360 and Xbox One Boot up side by side, look below.

What do you think of this new boot-up? Let us know in the comments below.

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Khurram Imtiaz

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  • Ilovegoogleglass

    Whats next mouse and keyboard support?

    • Benjamin Anson ツ

      Actually, it has been confirmed that, depending on the developers, keyboard and mouse can be supported 😀

  • avi

    sleek, very nice.

  • Lewis

    When the Xbox One turns on your living room changes into a completely different one!!!!


      LOL and even the TV gets an upgrade!

      • Joephus

        Funny thing is, that ‘upgrade’ is a Sony television!
        The logo is gone but I’ve seen that particular Sony television before.

  • HalfBlackCanadian

    Looks seriously slick. No wonder they don’t want to allow 360 gaer pics to cross over

  • tom

    Awesome! XBO FTW !!!

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