Xbox One Users Reportedly Facing Issues With Voice Commands After The Latest System Update

The Xbox One was always prominently advertized as being used with Kinect voice commands for ease of use. These voice commands worked well for the most part but it seems like the latest update might have broken something, as they aren’t working properly for some users now.

A whole thread appeared on reddit, where people started complaining about the voice commands, confirming that it was not some isolated case and affected a variety of users. The only way to fix this issue(for now) is to fully reboot the Xbox One but it appears that this might be a temporary solution as the issue crops up again after a while.

The most affected voice command seems to be “Xbox, Turn Off” but it appears that even “Xbox On” is not working for some users either. Hopefully Microsoft can fix this issue in the upcoming March 2014 system update.

Are you one of the people affected with this issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • ColoMark

    I found that unplugging the power for a couple of minutes clears the cache and the voice commands work better. My problem is that once or twice a week, I will say “Xbox on” and the console will light up for a second or two and turn off. Then a complete reboot has to be done.

  • Fudge Master

    I turned my kinect off. What an annoying piece of expensive garbage. If they ever come out with another Fruit Ninja game, then I’ll turn it back on. Who wants to sit in front of the TV yelling at their Xbox telling it to turn on?

  • Jbentley

    Mine recognizes turn on but then doesn’t take any other commands after

  • Joe Davis

    For me it has gotten progressively worse over the says since the update to the point that no voice command works any longer. I have just now switched the xbox to energy-saving mode (to do a full shutdown) and it is fortunately working again, but from what I have read it will only get worse once more…


    The “One” voice command that actually worked flawlessly every time on my Xbox One was the “turn off command” and now they even jacked that up with the last update. For a console that was touted and sold to everyone on the merits of voice commands, the Xbox One is a big disappointment. When it works it’s a beautiful thing. Problem is it rarely works. So far I say “Epic Fail” for Microsoft. At least my PS4 does exactly what it was advertised to do. Update the voice commands so they actually function as advertised Microsoft or else you’ll lose this console war for sure!!!


    Update broke mine. Turn Off command is useless now!! Way to go Microsoft!!

  • You are flat out wrong

    Xbone games running at sub-1080p. What now, Demetre? The Xbone sucks!