Xbox One Not A Windows Certified Device, Can Play MKV Files

Xbox One if the next-generation console by Microsoft. Dubbed by Microsoft as the one-solution to all entertainment device, Xbox One does do a good job of bringing everything one place. Ironically however, if you connect Xbox One with the Windows OS, it connects and works but shows that Xbox One is not a Windows certified device. We’re guessing Microsoft forgot to update its Windows’ library in the heat of the launch of the Xbox One.

Check out the image below (courtesy of @GoldenTao):


But Xbox One works well even if it is not certified so not that of an issue. What’s more interesting is that Xbox One can play .mkv format files. Matroska or MKV is an ever growing popular format for videos that has great compression whilst not losing any quality. This is great news for those who stream content to their Xbox. Xbox 360 didn’t support .mkv streaming using PlayTo. Reddit user, spencep92, was able to successfully stream .mkv video using a Windows 8.1 laptop and the video opened automatically in Xbox Video on Xbox One.

With the PlayTo app supporting .mkv streaming, there’s no need for other 3rd party apps or software now to stream or convert your videos to stream them to you Xbox.

What do you think about streaming mkv files? Still wish Xbox One would support it natively? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • pressurehold

    Method 1: If you are using Windows computer, you can use a
    media server called TVersity to stream files from your computer to your Xbox
    360. It can play .mkv files along with many others. Simply scan your chosen
    libraries with TVersity and then select it from the Xbox dashboard. It’s very
    simple and easy to use.

    Method 2: If you are using Windows or Mac computer, you may
    use a third party software like iDealshare VideoGo to convert MKV to Xbox 360
    supported video format.

  • eurorootz

    The xbox 360 once supported mkv. I remember plugging in an external flash or HDD and being able to play everything, until they removed that feature via an update. What I am getting at is don’t count on native mkv support instead you will have to transcode the file on another source like your PC and stream it to the xbox one which will then play it via an app like plex. They would be hurting their media partners by adding native mkv. The fact that Sony and Microsoft are downplaying it tells you how big of an issue it is. Let’s not kid ourselves, people aren’t looking to stream their home made movies. They know exactly what’s going on.

  • xander

    How are you playing mkv or any video files from Mac with plex to xb one? Dlna via an app?

  • Necro

    Wait a second so the xbox one can play video files? How?

  • dirkradke

    Hmm… I wonder if Patch Tuesday will fix the “not certified” device message at some point?

  • Daniel Jassé

    Eh? My xbox 360 plays mkv fine from plex via dlna

    • Sik Beni

      What is Plex?

      • Justin

        Something you should know about! haha It’s amazing.

      • disqus_d85ULs0u9e

        Plex is a media server that you will need to run on a Linux, iOS, Android, or Win machine. From there you can stream to any client e.g xbox 360, Android, iOS, etc

    • Samu

      How can I stream mkv videos from plex to my xbox one?

      • Vino

        Twonky Server is better than Plex also works with MAC and PC

    • disqus_d85ULs0u9e

      so you need two devices to play mkv. The purpose of this article is that it natively plays mkv on xbox one – NO NEED FOR ANOTHER MACHINE to run as a Server. You should ask Santa for an Xbox One. Xbox 360 is outdated.

      • ratchetrandy

        Uh…you are 100% WRONG. This article is streaming video from a laptop to xbox one via PlayTo.

        Which is the exact same thing as streaming video from a laptop to xbox 360 via Plex. Or, streaming video from a laptop to xbox one via Plex.

        Get your foot out of your mouth. I know you won’t come back to this page either, idiot.

        • disqus_d85ULs0u9e

          NO…its is not the same. Plex transcode the mkv files before streaming, which is why the xbox 360 works. So does the PS3, you can use PS3muxer or PLEX for transcoding. The question is does XBOX ONE transcode mkv natively. Do your research and stop being a regular Gallagher. AGAIN this article is talking about streaming video from your windows OS which does not transcode mkvs unless you manually install the proper codec (H264). What do you think PLEX, VLC and PS3muxer do; they transcode containers in software, which means you need to install apps with codec such as PLEX or VLC or PS3muxer. IGNORANCE IS BLISS RANDY

          • ratchetrandy

            You are babbling on about nothing. HAHA you got caught looking foolish and now wish to change your tune.. I always streamed mkvs to my 360 through media center with no problems. Now I use plex to stream mkvs to my xbox one with no problems.There is no transcribing because its a passive player. mp4s work best on both systems regardless.

            You talk about installing apps with codecs NOW, but previous post your ignorant self said “so you need 2 decides to play mkv” which is exactly how it is right now. STREAMING from ONE DEVICE to the xbox one is the EXACT same as streaming from ONE DEVICE to xbox 360. Stop being a foolish moron, its 100% exactly the same thing.

            THE PURPOSE of this article is specifically about STREAMING. You are WRONG about the purpose of this article, you know it, and you came back to still look foolish. I laugh in your face at your ability to look so ridiculous.

          • disqus_d85ULs0u9e

            The article reads ”
            “Xbox One Not A Windows Certified Device, Can Play MKV Files”
            There is no mention of PLEX ” With the PlayTo app supporting .mkv streaming, there’s no need for other 3rd party apps or software now to stream or convert your videos to stream them to you Xbox.”

            Articles point is simple, but I guess simplicity is too difficult for you. Again you are clueless and maybe on the wrong board. Go to the PLEX board. This article is about #XBOXONE, #MKV, #WINDOWS OS, #PlayTo——SIMPLE