Xenoblade Chronicles X features a truly seamless open world; no loading times outside of fast travel

During Xenoblade Chronicles X demonstration at Eurogamer Expo 2015, a Nintendo representative confirmed that the Monolith Soft developed Wii U exclusive will feature a truly seamless open world, with no loading times to interrupt your traversal. The only time you will witness a loading screen is when you choose to teleport or fast travel from one location to another.


Given that fast travel is entirely optional, you won’t ever encounter any loading times during your playthrough if you stick to traveling via your Skell.

The Eurogamer Expo demonstration videos can be seen below.

The game features an overhauled version of the battle system found in Xenoblade Chronicles. The biggest element differentiating the two is the addition of Skells (mechs) in Xenoblade Chronicles X. In addition, the flow of combat is quicker and more involving than it was in its predecessor. According to the Nintendo representative, players will be able to recruit a total of 16 different characters in their party, with any four being playable at a time.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will be available exclusively for the Wii U on December 4 in the US, Europe, and Australia. The game has been available in Japan since April 29. The game is playable this week at Nintendo’s EGX booth.

If you don’t already own a Wii U, let us know if Xenoblade Chronicles X has convinced you to pick up the console this holiday in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

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  • Ke Passo

    Field/Basic Data Pack: 2 GB
    Enemy Data Pack: 2,7 GB
    Player Data Pack: 3,6 GB
    Doll Data Pack: 1,7 GB
    Nothing more to say.

    • TheChosen

      If you install the WHOLE game (about 20 Gbytes, not just a few files to help in loading-time)- because you chose the Download-Version not the Disc-version-
      on your WiiU 32 GB internal memory (which is usable 25 Gbytes and readable with over 150 Mbyte/s) then you have no loading-times like they said above.
      But if you don`t have the 32 GB-model (e.g. just the 8 GB cheap one) you will have more noticable loading-times and you will not have the same fluid game, see down under these lines.
      These files are just there to help a bit with loading-times if you do not have a 32 GB one and wish for faster loading-times.

      And btw: These files are also there to help with no popping-in characters/textures/Persons/Monsters etc.
      The more of the game is in your fast WiiUs memory (over 150 Mbyte/s read-speed)- the faster and less problematic the game will run.
      The less memory you use- and the more data is on your disc, the more stuttering you will have, or popping in characters/Textures/persons/monsters and the more loading-times.