Yakuza Ishin PS3 vs PS4 Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison Shows The Power Difference Between Both

Khurram Imtiaz

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  • BlenderChief

    It’s just improved resolution and maybe some anti-aliasing and that’s it. No effort whatsoever.

  • NeonPriest

    I love the ps4 and the yakuza series but man does this game look bad, I mean it looks barely better then the ps3 version. Seems like they just did a quick port, big disappointment graphics-wise, but if it ever comes here I’m buying it day one 🙂

  • Sǯdi Sǻymeh

    is it just me or this game looks like last gen , PS3 have many games that looks way better than this …

  • Kamille

    is there supposed to be a difference?

  • No Fans Land

    I like comparison but I think that the PS3 version actually has better color depth than the PS4 version. Inside the apartment, all the colours are greyed in the PS4 version, not enough contrast as opposed to the PS3 version’s apartment. Unless the HDMI settings for the PS4 weren’t optimised?

    • Yes, it has got more to do with the HDMI settings instead of the graphics. The colors won’t be as greyed on your TV :).

      • No Fans Land

        Anyway I’m still going to import the game on PS4 🙂