This YouTube user claims he already has retail Xbox One; shows unboxing video [Update]

Apparently a wild YouTube user has appeared. Not only he has managed to find himself with Xbox One, a retail version devkit to be exact; he also claims to own some of the games and says that he will upload the videos soon. The video does seem legit for sure.

The description on his video reads

Hey guys got xbox one so i thought i would upload a video of me unboxing it hope you enjoy. If you have any question just ask me in the comments or if there is anything in particular you would like me to do. Stay awesome and see more cool stuff SUBSRCRIBE

You can check out his unboxing video below

Seems like YouTube account has been taken down. We have updated the links with the Dailymotion backup.

He has posted another video in which he shows the Xbox One Headset and Controller close-up. Check it out below

So how exactly he got his hands on the retail console devkit? We have no idea for now. We will update this story once we know more.

Stay tuned to GearNuke for latest news and info on Xbox One.

Update: Sorry for the earlier misconception of calling this a retail unit. This one seems to be a dev kit and is certainly not a retail unit. But the stuff he showed is definitely close to what we will get in retail version.

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  • Tyrone_83

    What a dumbass to even attempt to upload footage to Youtube. It won’t be long until Microsoft tells Dailymotion to remove his channel and take down those videos also.

  • Xbone is here

    No day one edition on the controller ..

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  • Jim Neerland

    Xbox One unboxing = already out of box and set up so you can’t see that it’s a beta unit his parents probably got.

    Xbox One Day One edition box is black and the regular edition is green. Also the Kinect power cable looks to be covering up what looks like a QR code on the front of the console.

  • Jack Slater

    I just hope there is no ‘open’ WiFi connection around him. If the console is turned on, detects an unprotected WiFi network, and if the setup is cable/WiFi/whatever is available, it will connect automatically to the internet, and microsoft servers will see it, with his IP address. Then, at microsoft, they just call their buddies at the NSA, and in 10 minutes they know where the guy(or WiFi owner) is.

    With his 13-16 yo voice, and not a single hair on his arms(OK, not everybody is a bigfoot…), I’m sure he will be caught in no time, specially with the WiFi…

    I’m a Sony guy, but I’d really love to see some actual gameplay from whatever games he has. Even if the games will surely receive a massive patch on day one, I really want to see it for real, no computers running the games, no microsoft stunts, no microsoft engineers and PR guys telling olympic swimming-pools full of shit from 10000 bulls, or a third hidden graphic chip secretly soldered under a secret second graphic chip, located under the 5 billion transistor APU, that even microsoft engineers didn’t know about it, and they have 600Gb of bandwidth, 3 times more than the ps4.
    No more shit like that.
    Just real gameplay.

    The worse is, the guy looks so young and irresponsible ( YouTube channel shutdown, didn’t he see it coming?), he is so f+king proud of his system, I wouldn’t be surprised if he plays some xbox one exclusive games, and start posting huge spoilers, who is who, what happens, where, when, with whom, the bosses, the missions, everything.

    If he really has some boxed games and can play/finish them, this kid is like a neutron bomb,for microsoft. Worse than the most horrible nightmares microsoft ceo’s could ever have.

    6 weeks before the official launch, where each little detail, feature, option, secret, can have a tremendous impact, positive or negative, on sales, on global perception, on people’s opinions, where each manufacturer is keeping some last cards under the sleeves, for the right moment, anything this guy can say will be worse than Hiroshima bomb.

    Just imagine he plays a game, and says X game is slow, lots of screen tearing, ugly textures, not impressive, etc, or if he says its amazing, incredible, etc, well, it can make some people run and preorder one, while they were hesitants, so far, or the guy will definitely drop microsoft, and will order a ps4.each of his videos/comments will be followed like miss universe, or Pope speech live, or eurosong. And a few guys at microsoft, too.

    Hope he doesn’t get caught, at least,leave him 2 or 3 days, so he can upload a few nice videos 😉

    Finally, some fresh news. Since 2 weeks, 9 articles /10, in all gaming websites, are 5/5,100%,10/10 gta5 reviews. This kid will bring Christmas before Christmas.
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    So lucky. This guy should watch some videos about the controller as it seems he may not know much about it.

  • Sheldon Prescott

    Awwww I’m jealous. I want one ;_;

  • Daniel Lawson

    it’s not retail… likely just test kit that MS gives to test the system out

  • z

    go to youtube type “xbox one unboxing” and filter by last hour, as of now the first two results are it, reuploaded by two other users.

  • andy

    Annnnnd its gone. Can he even play it without the Day One patch lol?

  • Stereotypical_White_Fella

    someone got a mirror for this?

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