Zelda: Breath of the Wild Looks Gorgeous Running At 4K On PC, Comparison With Nintendo Switch

Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been out for more than a week and it has already claimed the crown of the highest rated game on review aggregate websites Metacritic and Opencritic. The game has also received the most number of perfect 10/10 review scores compared to any other game this generation.

Since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is exclusive to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Wii U, some developers are working on making it playable via emulation on PC. This is possible thanks to the Nintendo Wii U version which already has an emulator available for it. The emulator is called CEMU and the developers of this emulator appear to have made some crazy progress in the past few days. The progress can be seen in the form of screenshots from users showing Zelda: Breath of the Wild running at 4K on PC and even though it is not possible to play the whole game this way, it does show that the game might hit playable state on PC sooner than we think.

You can check out some gameplay screenshots from Zelda: Breath of the Wild below, running at 4K resolution, courtesy of NeoGAF user jediyoshi.

Another screenshot comparison was shared on reddit that compared the Nintendo Switch version of the game running against the PC emulated version at 4K resolution.

Keep in mind that while the game appears to be improved in visuals and the textures are now crisper and look better without any aliasing along the edges thanks to the higher resolution, there are a lot of bugs like the grass not being able to render or the water showing no textures or physics being wonky, so this won’t make the game playable and requires months of development to actually get it to work, if at all.

Still as an emulated version of the game, it is nice to see how Zelda: Breath of the Wild manages to scaled to 4K resolution on PC and hopefully it might also be playable in this resolution some day.

Note: GearNuke strongly discourages any piracy related discussion. If you are interested in emulation, we recommend to purchase a Wii U along with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild so you can rip your own copy of the game to PC.

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  • AnonFlow

    pc is great!

  • Hvd

    fyi using an emulator is illegal….

    • CraftyInstigator

      No, it isn’t. It’s perfectly legal if you own the game.

    • Jason Mounce

      The tl;dr is Emulators are Legal. ROMS are the field of questionable illegality – but then it can go back to: “But do you own the original?” and circular debates. Emulators? Can’t be illegal though.

    • Using an emulator is perfectly legal.
      Sony lost in court 4 times to prove it.

    • AnonFlow


    • It’s not illegal, but if it was it doesn’t matter… these outdated companies need to stop doing exclusives and work together to open up their games for everyone to play, opposed to making people spend thousands of dollars to play everything they want. It’s a giant scam and a waste buying outdated hardware non-upgrade-able, people only do this for the exclusives which is imposed on them by the companies running the scam – catch 22. Keep in mind that controllers etc. are now all easily emulated or brought over to PC (even recreated), so no one get hitched up on the narrow-minded idea that you “have a preference” and it can “only be met on a specific platform”.

      If people as a majority knew (and they don’t just yet) how easy it is to build your own rig and that they could spend the same amount of money for a machine that can run everything at 1080p minimum with incredible visual enhancements, hardware upgrade at will, edit videos, watch any movie, run their online businesses, play any game with any controller, and do all of that at the same exact time as gaming, then no one would purchase these silly segregation money-grubbing machines. Until this changes and people get more fair options, then emulators and/or pirating will remain at an all-time high and rightfully so. Disagree or agree, it is inevitable that typical consoles will end based purely on their inefficiency and PC’s continuing ease of accessibility – people want to play together regardless of platform, it’s going to happen and will create such a better and more creative community for gamers.

  • heavenshitman1

    Granted i looked at the comparison image on my phone. But it’s silly I’m squinting at the screen to struggle to find ultimate differences.
    This helps prove how inept ppl are looking for more performance in games.
    BOTW got critically far higher reviews than Horizon with multiple times the graphic performance.
    Game design is everything, graphics is just the surface polish.

    • Bilal Prince-Ali

      if you cant see the difference its because you’re on your phone on my laptop the difference is amazing!!!!

      • freelancepimp .


        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          loool… if your eyes cant see antialiasing and 4k resolution vs 720 then you’re a fucking idiot looool simple.

          • Thadeus Tortellini

            I have a 4k monitor and the difference isn’t that great because the game doesn’t have good graphics (the artstyle is good but the graphics aren’t impressive). 4k only makes a big difference when a game has good graphics like crysis, at least imo

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            that’s certainly in your opinion…. but the point im trying to get at there’s deffo a noticeable difference.

      • heavenshitman1

        I might try that soon. But I’d honestly wonder how much more fun it’d make the game to play. To run 4k you’re talking about 4x the hardware requirements for what, 10% boost in enjoyment factor (not to mention running that kinda hardware would eliminate the portability factor, which I have loved for Zelda).

        I’m sure 4k is great, but when you look at comparisons like BOTW vs Horizon on PS4. BOTW wild constantly wins critical reviews.

        Purely from Nintendo’s point of business, I think they’re making a smart call with a focus on versatility over GPU power

        • Bilal Prince-Ali

          firstly BoTW already has garbage performance so having similar performance but in 4k would and should be welcomed tbh…

          And Zelda vs any game is unfair because Zelda will ALWAYS win reviews because of it’s Nostalgia factor.. the fact its Zelda alone makes it a review darling! but the difference between the two is the fact that Horizon is a MINIMUM 9/10 AND has incredible performance AND graphics not just the art style which is Zelda’s graphical saving grace.. the art style is fantastic but it looks horrible from a technical standing with its horrible non existent anti aliasing.. shimmering pixels and such.

          And you say that but when it has NO 3rd party support you’ll only make new excuses as to why the system can succeed.. People need to remember that systems DO NOT survive on exclusives alone!

          • heavenshitman1

            You’re an idiot.
            First stop with the “It reviews higher cause its ‘Zelda’

          • Iagainsti120

            You know there are 19 iterations of Zelda right? And how may Mario games are there? Your argument is invalid.

          • heavenshitman1

            Everyone claims not to give Zelda a pass because its an old franchise. It works both ways, the fact that Horizon is that devs first outing doesn’t make it any better a game. It is what it is.
            In terms of following Nintendo, i meant more the software side of things, there are great AAA games out there, but there are piles and piles of trite no matter how much effort they put into the visual tech. It’s an old story now of how many devs crumbled or individual games failing cause they’re all chasing the shiniest visual tech.

            (How man dead beat iterations of NFS do we need, even the oldest ones are still better games by todays standards, How poorly has Assassins Creed be critiqued, some current games can’t outmatch games from eons ago, how is Mortal Kombat 10 still nigh on almost the EXACT same game as what I played on arcades as a child decades ago. They can afford DX12 4k rendering and every other trick in the GPU book and its still complete trite.)

            Nintendo has rarely had the best in tech, but they lasted longer than any single company today, for a reason.

          • Aashawn Goode

            Lmao XD Calm yall tits.

          • heavenshitman1

            ‘Pecks’. You mean calm my pecks 😊

          • Lufaris

            That works too o.o

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            AHHAHA YOU HAVE NOT PLAYED HORIZON IF YOU BELIEVE ALL OF THATTT!!!!!! AHAHAH you idiot!!! Did i not call Zelda a masterpiece! there is no denying that you dumbass! but A LOT of what you’ve said is simply not true minus the obvious facts such as the climbing.. you do know you can hunt animals such as fish too right..? loool so please.. play a game instead of watching and thinking you know what you’re talking about

            Lol Horizon didn’t score 9’s it’s sitting on 89% on metcratic for a new IP thats fantastic versus a popular 20+ year franchise..

            Zelda has amazingly varied gameplay thats not what i’ve discussed at all!!!! But if you really dont think Zelda gets a free pass because it’s a zelda game and Nostalgia then you’re just a bit of a fool than i now think!

            ahahah what 3rd party support!!!???? loool from where!!? Indies!!!? you idiot! you think indies is what drives sales!? you fool!!! Without the Fifas, 2k’s the gta’s, CoDs Assassins creeds a console WILL not achieve huge numbers it’s as simple as that! Mass Effect releases end of this month, For Honour has come and gone, Ghost Recon Wildlands, FGS Red Dead Redemption is coming out at the end of this year! A game your Switch AND PC wont be able to play!!! hahahahah so you can go fuck yourself dumbass! loool…

            3rd party support is the life blood of ALL consoles! and the Switch simply doesn’t have it.. it’ll do well of course but how well remains to be seen so next time you try to reply to me come correct and be smart because right now you look like a dumbass!

          • heavenshitman1

            Actually Switch has got FIFA and 2K games on the way, and unlike PS4pro, XB1 etc, they can multi anywhere, a great feature for multiplayer centric games.
            And no Zelda doesn’t get a free pass, cause some iterations do score lower, and playing BOTW first hand, I can attest to its meta score (I wouldn’t give it a 10/10, I’d be hard pressed to give anything that, but BOTW close). This is coming from someone who’s played FarCry’s, Mass Effect 3, Vive $1300 VR, etc..
            Irrispective of the fact you can hunt animals in Horizon, when you look at the games side by side, the pretty factor of Horizon fades quick when the environment goes horridly static and non-interactive.
            And that’s fine for Horizon, but it proves the point that if devs would focus more on interactivity instead of pouring millions if dollars into texture resolutions, they’d end up with the better game.

          • Bilal Prince-Ali

            ahahahha yeah a ‘Taylor made’ fifa that’s reportedly NOT the ps4/xbox One fifa that runs on the Frostbite engine but the ps3 port version of fifa! JUST like how the Wii version of fifa wasn’t the ps3 and 360 version but the ps2 version! that fifa is going to be GARBAGE!! and that goes same with the 2k basketball… you fools REALLY need to stop over estimating the multiplayer potential ove the Switch.. NO ONE is going to be playing these games on those garbage joycons! and i am yet to see someone bring out their pro controller or joy con grip when using the switch in tabletop mode.. so yeah that’s gonna be terribleeee and i cant see like no one else can see these 2 franchises moving significant units on the Switch.. Fifa 19 and 2k19 MAY release on the Switch too but after that i bet you anything that’d be the LAST of the franchises on the system lool… and FYI those are the only real multiplat multiplayer games people buy in large quantities
            You’re a retard.. when you look at the two worlds side by side and you see one bustling with life with PHOTREALISTIC vistas with machine robots running around as well as real life animals.. it leaves you in Awe.. BoTW has incredible arty style.. but the anti aliasing.. horrendous draw distance lack of volumetric lighting.. no and FPS that drops down as low as 10 just ruins the games presentation.. You nintendo fans give this a pass when on any other platform would be considered unacceptable.. You Nintendo fans can say it ALL YOU WANT but the simple fact is Nintendo DOES get a lot of free passes it’s the simple truth and the evidence is in the business practices.. they get judged with a different brush than other games and game s companies its just the simple truth…

  • NeeNeeCO

    So how did you get the same thing on the switch as you do an emulater.. pretty fishy..

    • FlameWater

      its running off the wiiU emulator named cemu. WiiU and Switch versions are basically same version. The emulator has graphic settings to improve on the downgraded console version

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