#1 Ploy To Protect Your Gaming Gear

What is gamer’s biggest fear? Waking up in the morning, starting favorite game we all pray for all our gear to be right where we left it. Today, eBay and similar websites are stuffed with equipment hackers have stolen from gamers. And you do know how much some items can cost. Is it even fair that some people have to spend hours playing in order to receive rare artifacts and the others just break into their accounts and steal everything they like?

This is so much wrong and there is a nice way to protect accounts in browser or online games.

Have you ever heard of a VPN – nice software that makes gamers invisible for hackers and other internet criminals? These programs were highly rated by amateur and professional players for their:

  • efficiency,
  • convenience,
  • user-friendly interface,
  • virtual freedom they guarantee.

However, among numerous reviews it is hard to identify an app that meets all our needs, as they should be picked individually considering device type and basic functions, therefore best VPN rating is the only fast way to find all best options in one place.

This short review will help you make your choice.

How does a VPN work?

It is easier than one might think. A VPN is that secret agent that works as a kind of shield. It creates another network within our global one. This new small network is a shield for that computer which runs this VPN. Nobody else within the world wide web is unable to see it. So, it is literary invisible for everyone else.

If gamers start their accounts at fully protected computers – the other players see only their characters within gaming field, being unable to detect location or any other data. It happens because VPNs change our IP addresses. Any signal from computer does not reach requested web page directly. It reaches remote virtual server first and only after that it gets redirected according to the request.

How does it change the game?

It does not. Gamers continue enjoying their activities as they did. There are rumors that VPNs lower connection speed, but Bestvpnrating.com proves they are not true. In fact, there are applications that boost it up. Which is good for those who prefer action games.

What types of VPNs exist?

There are a lot of various options when it comes to choosing an app. First of all, they are divided according to OS:

  • Windows,
  • MacOS,
  • Android,
  • iOS,
  • Other

Users also separate free VPNs from those that require monthly fees. The last ones usually offer additional options, like traffic control, etc. There are about few dozens additional functions, and more info about them can be found.

There also exist separate VPN applications. Users have to start them everytime after they turn on their computers. Or they can adjust autorun. Another type is VPNs built into browsers. They are offered by Opera and Tor.

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