1080p/60fps Are Game Changers For PlayStation 4, Says Shahid Kamal Ahmad

It is no secret now that many of the multi-platform titles as well as exclusives on the Xbox One aren’t native 1080p in resolution, and are upscaled to 1080p by the upscaler found on the Xbox One. This led to some serious rage from the gamers and it was equally seen that many developers and Microsoft PR executives were controlling the damage by calming down many of the gamers with their own opinions. However, many of these opinions and interviews also backfired and added more to the already going chaos.

Sony, on the other hand, is not leaving anything at the expense of the internet and neither are the developers and publishers who have published, or are going to publish, for the PlayStation 4. We saw Activision clearly listing “Offline Mode Enabled” as a feature on the back cover of Call of Duty: Ghosts for the PlayStation 4. We also saw the official twitter account of PlayStation Europe tweeting an image citing that PlayStation 4 is the only next-generation console that can play Call of Duty: Ghosts at native 1080p resolution.


PlayStation officials like Adam Boyes, Shuhei Yoshida and Shahid Kamal Ahmad, are very active on twitter and interact with their fans a lot. They also give out some information in the form of teasers and what not. Recently, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, Senior Business Development Manager at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, tweeted some bold claims that native 1080p resolution and 60 frames per second on the PlayStation 4 will certainly change the game.

As if that confidence of his wasn’t enough, next he tweeted to give him either ‘death’ (metaphorically) or give him ’60fps’

We do know that many of the launch titles might not see 60fps, but later in the lifecycle of PlayStation 4, we can count on developers to be accustomed with the hardware a lot better and deliver the full 1080p/60fps experience.

PlayStation 4 is just four days away from launching into the wild on November 15 in North America.

What do you think about the native resolution and the frames per second delivered with a game? Do both of these factors matter a lot for you? Are you willing to trade off one or the other in favour of your preferred choice? Let us know in the comments below.

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