2K Disables Steam User Reviews For NBA 2K19 After Overwhelming Negative Feedback

In a move that should surprise no one, the user reviews of NBA 2K19 on Steam were disabled by 2K Games.

NBA 2K19 is another yearly basketball game from 2K that has received a healthy dose of criticism from fans. This year is no exception but the user reviews are barely positive at all. According to SteamSpy sales estimate, NBA 2K19 has sold more than 100k copies on Steam placing its sales between 100k to 200k.

The main criticism against NBA 2K19 revolves around the My Career mode and the way 2K Games keep tweaking the in-game algorithms to force the players in spending real money on microtransactions just to make progress on their character. They make it extra harder to grind which ends up ruining the overall experience.

This has resulted in just 75% negative feedback for NBA 2K19 on Steam, which means it is overwhelming negative so far. This was the case with the user reviews score before they disabled it however it can still be seen on SteamSpy.

2K Games are also facing a lot of criticism about bugs and glitches that affect the progress of players in the My Career mode. They have only released one major update for the game on September 13th and most support since then has been for in-game specific changes. This has further increased the frustration fo fans who have continued to file support tickets in order to get their issues resolved.

NBA 2K19 is available now on the PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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