2K Games had increased NBA 2K19 player progression before release to skew reviews and hype

2K Games was found to have made level progression “faster” in the pre-release version of NBA 2K19. Fans are in an outrage claiming the developer did this to skew reviews and early impressions of the game.

As you can see in the screenshot below, with the above being pre-release and below and post-release, the points earned have been greatly changed.

On average there’s a 30% decrease in points earned after release of the game:

  • Tireless Shots: Was 40, now 80 (100% increase)
  • Assists: Was 70, now 50 (29% decrease)
  • Pick & Roll Success: Was 160, now 110 (31.25% decrease)
  • Alley Oop: Was 225, now 160 (29% decrease)
  • Flashy Assist: Was 315, now 220 (30% decrease)
  • Fastbreak Score: Was 160, now 110 (31.25% decrease)
  • Acrobatic Layups: Was 250, now 175 (30% decrease)
  • Strong Finishes: Was 110, now 75 (32% decrease)
  • Takeover Meter: Was 200, now 140 (30% decrease)

Having such a huge change pre-release lead many to believe that 2K are being deceptive about the game, essentially making the game more “enjoyable” for pre-release players who hyped the game up for others to buy. Several YouTubers and Reviews who got the game early mentioned the “grind” not being crazy hard this year, leading many to purchase the game.

Its getting harder and harder to progress in 2K Sports games like NBA and WWE. Fans have reported the grind being harder year on year to get to the goal of reaching a 99 Rating in MyCareer. It has gotten to the point where you grind crazy hours or pay for VC (Virtual Currency) to progress any decent amount.

The game’s producer Zach “Choops” Timmerman commented on the issues claiming that the change in points was to “balance” the game.

Timmerman also promised that they’re working on a future patch to fix things like problems with badge progression and fouls not being called in MyPark.

NBA 2K19 is available now on the Xbox One, PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch.

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