3 New Wii U Hardware Bundles Coming To Europe, Release Dates Coincide With Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Launch Window

Nintendo recently announced that it will be bringing three new Wii U hardware bundles to Europe just in time for Christmas. Wii U has been struggling behind in sales ever since its launch last year to be the first entry in the eight-generation consoles. The device, by many developers, has been cited as weak and isn’t seeing much development from third-party developers.

First of the bundles to be released is “Mario & Luigi Premium Pack”. It is set to be released on November 8 and will include a black premium Wii U with 32GB storage with a black Wii U gamepad along with Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U packaged together in a single disc as “2 in 1”.

The second bundle is called Wii Party U Basic Pack which is a family-focused bundle and is due to release on November 15. This bundle will include a white Wii U with 8GB of storage with a white Wii U gamepad along with Wii Remote Plus and a Sensor Bar with disc versions of the games Wii Party U and Nintendo Land. Wii Party U itself is due out on October 25.

The last bundle announced by Nintendo to be released is Just Dance 2014 Basic Pack bundle to be released on November 22. This bundle is the same as Wii Party U Basic Pack with the difference of games; including a white Wii U with 8GB, a white Wii U gamepad along with Wii Remote Plus and Sensor bar and disc versions of Just Dance 2014 and Nintendo Land.


However no retail price has been announced by Nintendo for the new bundles. The bundles’ release dates cross paths with the anticipated titans of eight-generation consoles; Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Although PlayStation 4 comes on November 29 in Europe, Xbox One however releases on November 22 in 13 key countries.

Can this move from Nintendo be counted as a re-launch of the Wii U system to coincide with the rest of the eight-generation consoles?

Stay tuned with us as we bring you more information about this topic.

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