3 things Watch_Dogs “borrowed” from Person Of Interest

So you can’t wait to play as Aiden Pearce in the brand new IP Watch_Dogs by Ubisoft eh? Can’t wait to control all the traffic signals and cameras, hack into that central system and do all crazy sorts of stuff? There are certain elements that have been borrowed from and are pretty similar to a TV Show called Person Of Interest, which airs on CBS and had its original run in September 2011. The show is created by Jonathan Nolan, brother of Christopher Nolan, who also wrote/co-wrote and assisted Christopher Nolan in a lot of movies directed by him.

We bring you our top three list in which we believe the elements have been borrowed/have similarities from the TV show itself.

3) Rebellious Protagonist

In Person Of Interest we have our main protagonist John Reese (Jim Caviezel‎), who used to be former military and CIA agent. Who turned against the government when they tried to kill him. Now he acts against the government with the help of his partner while saving lives of the people as well as bringing guilty parties to justice by using his wits and brains to evade the local authorities and tackle the challenges faced.

Watch_Dogs has the same kind of protagonist, an accomplished hacker who is in the hiding from the government while using his fists and wits to evade the police and local authorities. Aiden Pearce is set to bring wrong doers to justice.

2) Anti-government plot

Watch_Dogs takes the player against the government using help from hacking systems, cameras, cellphones, atm, signals, roadblocks etc to help achieve the goal of Aiden Pearce and his vendetta against the government. We have already seen Aiden Pearce evading the police, hacking roadblocks to stall the authorities to make his escape, hacking into government systems to get information so that he can better use the information provided to either help or destroy the people in the alternative reality version of Chicago, Illinois.

Person Of Interest features the same concept and plots. The characters are hunted by the authorities and must work in secret to achieve their goals as well. This means hacking into government systems, creating fake profiles and IDs to bypass securities, obtaining confidential and sensitive information. Harold Finch (Michael Emerson) is the brains among the duo and Reese provides the brawns. This doesn’t mean Reese isn’t well informed or doesn’t have a head to act on his own or to obtain information his way.

1) A Supercomputer/Central Operating System (CtOS)

This is perhaps the most common entity among both titles.

In Person of Interest, a supercomputer was developed by Harold Finch and Nathan Ingram for the government to detect acts of terror country-wide. Dubbed as “The Machine”, it not only detects acts of terror being planned on a global/nation-wide scale but also detects smaller acts deemed “unworthy” by the government such as bank heists, murders among the people of the country, plotting of said acts etc. However there was a way developed to “report” such instances (deemed unworthy) to the developer which started an act of saving lives on a smaller scale.

Watch_Dogs feature a supercomputer as well and focuses on Central Operation System (CtOS) based in the city of Chicago, Illinois. CtOS monitors, reports, documents everything via cameras placed all around. Has info on every individual living in the city. In short everything is operated and law and order is maintained by CtOS.

The art, style, animation is eerily similar to one being used in Person Of Interest. They say imitation is the best form of flattery, maybe Ubisoft started watching Person Of Interest and added much of the stuff later on after getting wind of the show?

Watch_Dogs releases on November 22nd 2013 for PC, Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. The PlayStation 4 version is slated for release on November 29th 2013 in Europe.

What do you guys think? Have a say and let us know in the comments below.

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